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At 4:54am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Gorgeous squares and toys! I especially love the owl!

At 4:53am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Thank you so much Valerie for your warm welcome and kind encouragement! It is a joy and a blessing to be one tiny cog in this beautiful wheel.

blessings on you and your family.

One Love


At 11:34pm on April 15, 2018, Shona D said…

Thank you Valerie : )

At 4:21am on February 15, 2018, Anneke said…

My pleasure Val, I hope they haven't recorded yet, and that is most likely the case, thinking of Holiday Seasons and Ronda having been away on holidays. xo

At 4:23am on February 14, 2018, Anneke said…

Hi Valerie, Thank you for your message.  It is correct that only the names from A to F appear. Ronda was away and she didn't have the time to complete the list. The remainder of the alphabet will be published in February. Hope this info is of help. xoxo

At 7:57pm on November 24, 2017, MILI K said…

Wow Valerie!  What a collection/inundation of squares.  You are providing such a vital service for these ladies. Keep up the good work. Hugs and hugs,

At 11:31am on November 12, 2017, Diana D said…

Thanks Valerie for generous offer. My daughter is training hard for the marathon in Paris and I'm already making plans to go to see her. And Saint Tropez next for Jennifer, that is exciting. Love that place. We have friend in Lavandu. And in the summer we go for ice cream to SaintTrop. Fingers crossed for our girls. 

At 2:55am on November 9, 2017, Diana D said…

I missed her and the marathon this year. We were away, just got back last night. I hope she finished and had a great time in NY . My daughter is in training to run the Paris Marathon in April!! Cheers. DD

At 4:30am on January 16, 2017, Anneke said…

Wish you a good recovery Val. I have been sufferng from bronchitis too. Almost better but zero energy. xo

At 8:59pm on December 28, 2016, Lesley King said…

Thanks, Valerie - I did find a pattern for the Pentagon, but it looks a bit tricky for my 'beginner' crochet skills as yet. I'm keeping it on my 'future projects'  list :))  !

At 8:12am on July 16, 2016, Anneke gave Valerie Zalewski a gift
At 8:43am on April 2, 2016, Ros Beebee said…

Hello Valerie thank you for your email. Yes l live  in Telford Shropshire a place called Muxton. I do know Jackfield but not very well.  I found the knit a square on the net so thought I would have a go. Got the pattern of the site  unfortunately my squares are a fraction bigger than 8x8 must be the way I knit l have done about 10  so far. Do you think they will be acceptable? Thanks Ros 

At 10:29pm on December 21, 2015, Mrs Danielle Robson said…

Hello Valerie!

Thank you, yes we haven't been here long only about 2 years we used to live in Stafford! However I think I would much prefer France! Im not sure how to keep up with whether we can send squares or not. I haven't made enough up to send yet can you tell me where I need to go to keep an eye on this?



At 5:06pm on November 14, 2015, Maureen (Maudie) Anne Bryan said…

I know this is not the place but the only contact I have with you. Just to let you know I am thinking of you with the sickening feeling you must all be experiencing today.

At 8:44am on October 30, 2015, Diana D said…

Hi Valerie,

How exciting!! I will try my best. I hope to see her!

At 5:05am on October 27, 2015, Diana D said…


I will take a picture of the two different places I mentioned so she could have better idea where I'll be . Fifth avenue entrance to the park at east 90th street will be the best spot. 

At east Second Avenue is more crowded always . NYC is inundated with runners from all over the world already!!! We love it!!

Best ~ diana

At 1:32pm on October 26, 2015, Diana D said…

Valerie,  is Jennifer  in NYC already?  has her bib with her number yet ? Knowing her number it could help me know if  she is getting closer to where I'll be.  It might work out. Fingers crossed!!   

At 11:27am on October 26, 2015, Diana D said…

Will do, Valerie. Our friend Nick Is running and we'll be at the marathon at Second avenue east 96th -97th  first , when they enter Manhattan and then later at 90 - 91street on Fifth where the runners enter the park to get to the finish line . I'll be there. on  the left side of the street .  

I will make a sign for Jennifer.

My friend's wife is French so we always support the Frenchies !!! Best of luck, Jennifer!!

At 1:18am on October 18, 2015, Gillian Will said…

Thank you for your email, Valerie.  I live near Bourgueil in Indre et Loire.  It is taking me a while to work out how to reply via email but details of your Facebook page in French will be very useful for my friends here.  Best wishes, Gillian.

At 1:58am on July 25, 2015, Linda Maltby said…
Thanks Valerie for translating the MMs achievement. If you look a bit further in the discussion, you will see that Bev has posted the next one.....Ronda's Birthday celebration.
This is very exciting and we hope we can surprise Ronda with a months rent as her gift. Linda xx


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