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At 12:19am on November 20, 2009, Angela Garlant said…
Hi, Tina. Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow and hope that all is well with you and your Mum. Lots of good wishes. Angela xxxxx
At 9:30am on September 3, 2009, jen alves said…
Hi Tina,
I am from Quebec but have been living in BC for several years, in the Kootenay region and no, I haven't hooked up with the Canadian chapter (yet) I am still just trying to get together enough squares to send off amidst all the things I have to do. I wish days were at least 30 hours long and not only 24...more time to knit!! Where do you live?
At 1:35am on July 21, 2009, Tina (Christine) Davis said…
the picture is my strange sense of humor...slightly crazy sheep...it is animated with its eyes rolling around....Yah, it is a picture of me...LOL
I crazy in a way, that im always knitting or crocheting something!
My niece is having twins this fall so im also crocheting a bunch of stuff for her....have a good day!T
At 7:53pm on July 20, 2009, Karen said…
Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for the links and the info.
As soon as I finish my blankets I am going to try that pattern !!!
I live in Washington State by the Hood Canal , about an hour from Seattle.
I have always wanted to visit your part of Canada!!!
Is that you in the picture ??
Oh and I have to tell you I love your squares with the hearts on them...
I have admired them since I first saw them !!
At 6:24am on July 19, 2009, Laurie C. Hake said…
Thanks Tina - I'm not sure what this does for us, but friends are always a "good thing" - Laurie
At 4:37am on July 19, 2009, Laurie C. Hake said…
If you think you might be short, pick a "neutral color" like white, and fill in some rows with that as you go - good luck - can't wait to see the result - Laurie
At 11:54am on July 18, 2009, Laurie C. Hake said…
Hi Tina:

All I did was use up all those little balls of yarn that I couldn't throw out - I used the basic "dishcloth" pattern - size 7 nnedles, cast on 3 stitches, then increase 1 stitch at the beginning of every row up to 135 stitches (using worsted weight yarn). Then, decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of every row down to 3 stitches and bind off. I just knitted until the little balls ran out, and once in a while put in a couple of rows of white. Then, bordered the whole with the white. Simple. Laurie
At 9:05am on July 16, 2009, Lydia A Lafferty said…
hi Cousin, would love to join the canadian group, I am a bit slow due to the heat in Texas and my volunteering at the animal shelter, just starting my 5th sqare this month, mailed 10 on July 2 hope they get there--love Lydia
At 3:58am on July 12, 2009, P. Jeanne Haessler said…
I watched the Weather Channel this morning. Ear Falls had a tornado and it destroyed a bunch of tourist cabins and one cabin was found in the lake. The two deceased persons were American tourists, their bodies were pulled from the lake and one person remains missing. They had video of the tornado, quite impressive. We rarely get tornadoes up here but it does happen. I've seen them and heard them. Now I'll quit snowing you under with comments! Sorry about that! You prob. already know this but had to tell you.
At 1:40pm on July 11, 2009, P. Jeanne Haessler said…
Might I add to batten down the hatches and hang on through the bad weather, Tina. I watch the weather channel and you guys down there get clobbered way more than we do up here, a LOT more. I mean the weather from the US midwest goes straight east and right at you. I guess if you've got a candle nearby you can still knit eh? Hope you are okay, in turn.
At 7:39am on July 11, 2009, P. Jeanne Haessler said…
Hi Tina, yes my husband confirmed, when I drove him to work this afternoon, that the storm was in Ear Falls. I guess it's less than 2 hours from here, I've been there. I'm presuming, no details yet, that the 2 people killed and 1 other is missing, were out in a boat. These lakes can be dangerous, particularly the shallower ones, when storms whip up out of nowhere. Thanks, though, for your concern. My heart goes out to their families.---Jeanne :)
At 2:45am on July 11, 2009, P. Jeanne Haessler said…
Criminy where was the storm exactly? I haven't listened to the radio news today. We did get some high winds and abit of rain. What exact location was it?
At 2:16am on July 11, 2009, Valeria Marsans said…
thank you Tina... yes it was a lot of work.
But this blanket was made to donate !!
Nice to meet you!
At 7:02pm on June 2, 2009, Sandy McDonald said…
Hi Tina

Lovely to have you're here. So you are responsible for these gorgeous heart embroidered squares - thank you! I think I did write to you before about these. Anyway, they are in my presentation. Very special.

I am just getting around to finding you all to welcome you to the KAS community. Hope you enjoy this forum and will join your regions' group.

There is a section to help you navigate the forum and which welcomes your feedback.


Hope you received the recent ezine, Issue No 10. If not you can find it here:


Look forward to chatting to you in the forum.

At 3:26am on May 25, 2009, kyla said…
The group for Canadian stitchers is up, and we only have three members, are on the lookout for more. Come check it out.


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