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At 9:59pm on April 18, 2018, Anneke said…

Thank you so much Kathy for your compliments! C2C is addictive! xo

At 2:21pm on March 3, 2018, Rebecca Price said…

What a shame - we will miss you in August - however, I cannot blame you for taking a long summer break now you are able to!

At 2:26pm on February 27, 2018, Rebecca Price said…

Hi from snowy Melton Mowbray - I was wondering if you had seen my post in the UK discussion group about the KAS 10th birthday party I am organising this August.  It would be lovely if some of my local East Midlands KAS sisters were able to be there.


At 4:14pm on September 28, 2017, Diana D said…
Thank Kathy. Me too, I found more fulfilling to knit hand-warmers and hats, lately than squares when I'm not making a blanket. I tried to do a bear .its knitted but not put together yet. Embroidering the face , which make the little thing alive is intimidating, but I will finish it. Now I yet knitting handwarmers and hat sets ant finishing a blanket for August theme, and is almost October. Cheers, DD
At 7:39am on August 25, 2017, Diana D said…

Hi Kathy,

Of course, the blanket will be accepted. It is beautiful, warm, needed, and made with Love. 

Please send it. 

Kind regards,


At 9:36pm on July 25, 2017, Anneke said…

Thank you so much Kathy! Lovely pattern! xoxo

At 12:36pm on July 22, 2017, Rebecca Price said…

 Hi Cathy - I am having a Knit A Square event at my home in Melton Mowbray on 19th August.  I don't know if you would be interested or even available - but if you would like to know more please let me know.  Rebecca

At 2:56pm on June 26, 2017, Diana D said…

Hello Kathy, 

I finally did it. Did it take a third try or fourth? and definitely more rows and stitches to be a useful hat for a child. I just to thank you for all your help.  Here is the final product: Cheers, diana


At 12:42am on June 12, 2017, Diana D said…

Good Morning Kathy,

Here is the hat after my second attempt. It looks small, not wide enough with 69 stitches and #5 needles. What do you think? Third try, right?


At 11:10pm on June 10, 2017, Diana D said…

Thanks, Kathy. Here is the picture again. I send you also an email too. > Almost done with the hat. Best /diana

At 4:27am on June 10, 2017, Diana D said…

I just you a picture of my work in progress. Now I'm knitting the hat and watching Nadal play in Roland Garros the tennis semifinal. A bit hard to concentrate. 

Best. /diana

At 5:59am on June 7, 2017, Diana D said…

Thanks Kathy for your kind comment. I want to contribute with something at least but no time; just enough to pick from time to time. Hope all is well with you. 

At 9:15am on May 13, 2017, Linda Maltby said…
Kathy I'm so sorry to learn of your Mother's passing. No matter how old we are, we are left with a big hole in our hearts and lives. Linda xxx
At 11:04am on January 25, 2017, Diana D said…

Thanks Kathy.

A very beautiful blanket . Love it.

At 12:17am on October 9, 2016, Pam Antink said…

Even if you don't get to see him being hugged Kathy, at least with KAS we know he will receive many once he has arrived!

At 7:20pm on September 10, 2016, Pam Antink said…

Sparking a child's imagination can actually change their lives Kathy, so those hand teddy gloves are likely to make a wonderful difference to the children. It has inspired me to think about sewing some simple glove puppets this year! 

At 11:42pm on September 4, 2016, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Yes, a knitting dolly...I haven't heard that term in years...in Canada it's a knitting spool I think, I like knitting dolly better.  I used one a lot as a child but could never figure out what to do with the long cord...now I know!  Teddy bear scarves!

At 3:06am on August 23, 2016, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

I think you're right Kathy, most kids don't keep their toys long.  I had my teddy bear until I was in my thirties I think.  Ditto Larry Lamb until I was in my twenties...did they make them better back then or is it just that kids get bored easier and faster nowadays?  I wonder.  Regardless, I love the teddy patterns and plan to give one a go very shortly.  I too have been studying "how to do faces" diagrams and videos for teddies and dollies.  I will get it right first time yet!  At the moment it's more like "Nope, that'll scare the child half to death...redo it!"  LOL 

At 5:22am on February 29, 2016, Diana D said…

Hi Kathy,

I like what happened here. This one is for you. Thanks again for the pattern and your support. 

At 3:07am on February 17, 2016, Diana D said…

Hi Kathy,

I finished both. One is your beanie pattern, 2 strands - red & purple - and 8US needles but I added 6 more sts in my second try (Yes, I knitted it twice). I think it looks pretty good. I followed your pattern very closely to shape the crown and it works.Thanks again. 


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