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Well, it is that time of year again........ Allowing for postal times and sorting for distribution, it is time to think about making teddies for the children in South Africa via Knit A Square ready for Christmas.

What to bring: 
* A pair of 3.25mm (for a teddy toy) or 4mm (for a teddy glove puppet) knitting needles, I will provide yarns, stuffing and patterns. 
* an item for a shared lunch. I will provide tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits for other breaks.
* A small donation towards the cost of postage.

Where is it:

10 Cotswold Close, Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE13 0JT

This will be at my home, but there is the garden we can use as well as the sitting room and dining room so we should be able to fit a fair number of people here. We have dogs (who will be at Doggy Daycare for the day) and cats, so please be aware if you have an allergy.


Arrive any time from 10am.  I will need to go get the dogs as soon as possible after 4pm.  Stay as long or as short a time as your own schedule for the day allows.

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oh not sure i can fit in many more trips over the summer... however just before I went to Galway I found a bag of knitted toys I had bought for KAS and have gone astray they will make their way to SA SOON!

It would be lovely to see you if you were able to come - but I understand if you are maxed out with other trips - I know the feeling!

It is great that you will be sending toys to the kids anyway.  I hope that our parcels will arrive in time for the kids to have new friends ready for the Christmas holiday!

Hi Rebecca, I won't be able to get to your teddy making day this year as on the 19th Aug hubby and I along with some friends will be walking the Clarendon Way, a Pilgrim route between Salisbury and Winchester cathedrals. Hope you have a good day and make lots of teddy's for the children. :))

I will be sorry not to see you - but your walk sounds great.  We once did a pilgrimage to Canterbury for St. Thomas Becket but I had no idea about this one you are doing - is it as a walk or as a pilgrimage?

What a lovely idea Rebecca :-)

I am too far away to come but hope you get a lot of supporters and have a great day.

Thanks for your good wishes.  I am starting to tidy up some of the squares and other stuff from the table so we will be able to see what we are all doing - not long now :)

If any of you know people in my area, I would be grateful if you could let them know about this event.  They can message me through here to let me know if they are coming - I need to have an idea so I can make enough room for folks and make enough food as well!!

It looks at the moment as though we will be a select few - but we will at least be able to create a few teddies and puppets to send off.

Here is Ted E. Bear who is hoping to have some travelling companions after Teddy Day to come on the journey to South Africa with him........

We had a great day - sorry for the late report.  Various people came and went during the day.  I was delighted to have support form my Mum and Mum in Law, my neighbours and my knitting and Tai Chi friends.  

We had some smashing biscuits from my friend Ann who was unable to be with us due to family commitments.  Everyone brought a lovely variety of food for the bring and share lunch, and my cakes all came out fine!

Sadly, I was so busy greeting people and making sure everyone had drinks and biscuits, sorting out the lunch and so on that I did not take photos - note to self for next year: deputise a photographer!  I did get photos of some of the teddies and I will post them in the thread shortly.  

Rosie and my Mum in Law arrived with teddies they had already made, and we all knitted away to get on with teddies and teddybear puppets.  A dozen of us were here at some stage of the day.

I sent everyone home with a "party bag" containing a selection of yarn and a pattern for the Comfort Doll - so I hope to have some more toys to send off later!


Many more toys for the children. Many thanks to you ALL !! /diana

You can find better quality photos on my page, my photos.  This was a screen shot because normally when I post photos they are huge - lol



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