Saturday 25th August from 10:30 to 15:30

Twyford Village Hall, 15 Main Street, Twyford, Melton Mowbray LE14 2HU

A get together in the East Midlands for a knitting and crochet (and crafting) birthday party - a chance to make squares together, maybe even a birthday square or in a birthday colour, and have a bring and share lunch and lots of tea, coffee and maybe even cake!

The hall has facilities for making lots of tea and coffee, an oven, a fridge, a dishwasher, plenty of mugs, cutlery, plates and bowls….. There are loads of tables and chairs and a separate section where we can eat so we don’t have to eat off our knees (or our work).

The cost will be £5 for the hire of the hall and anything over the hire costs will be used for posting what we make that day, and anything above that will go to KAS in South Africa as a donation. .

The hall has a seating capacity of over a hundred, though I doubt we would get that many - the point is that you are welcome to invite friends along but please keep me in the loop as to how many are coming so we don’t go mad on it!

It would need people to drive to get there as it is not in a town, which I appreciate may be a problem for some of us. I am hoping that people can share lifts to help out with that.

There is a bus timetable from Melton Mowbray here:

There is a bus time table from Leicester here:

DK or Aran yarn and needles
DK or Aran yarn and hooks
The usual notions - row counters, scissors, needles etc.
Sewing fabris and threads
Spinning wheel and fleece / fibre

YOU WILL ALSO need to bring £5 for the day - and some cash for a raffle

YOU WILL ALSO need to bring with you something for the bring and share lunch - sweet or savoury, hot or cold as we have an oven and a fridge available

I do hope to see you there!

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That's a lovely idea Rebecca.  Sadly too far for me to come from the Wales/Shropshire border but here's hoping you get some support for what will be a lovely day.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your kind words........ and maybe you could have a little get together over near you as well - I am sure there are plenty of other knitters and crocheters by you even if they don't yet know about KAS!

I’m up for that. End of August or sometime in July would suit me best. I really enjoyed the meet up in York a couple of years ago (despite my broken arm!). I really hope we get plenty of people. 

It was a lovely time - and I am sure we can get enough to cover the rent of the hall........ I am sure that some of my local knitting friends (some of whom already come to my various local KAS inspired events) will be able to come along and help us get up to above a dozen, which is what we would need.  The hall can hold plenty of folks and it would be great to celebrate the 10th birthday of KAS!
Of course, it is all the more special when we can meet up with people who we mostly, or only, know from online - the icing on the cake as they say!

Unfortunately, like Pam, I am too far away to join you but I do hope others can make it and you have a fun day.  

I hope that there will be some who live close enough to visit for the day,  Thanks for letting me know, Elaine.  Maybe you could organise a get together with some of your own local knitting friends?

What a great idea, Rebecca. I wish you much success. Thanks.

Thanks - it is early days yet, but I am hoping we can get at least a dozen of us!

Bumping this up the list so I hope more people will see it - I am sure there are some in the East Midlands.......

Also, note that the details have been changed to include the date and times etc. now that I have booked the hall - gulp!

What a great idea, Rebecca - thanks for emailing to draw my attention to this, as I  haven't had chance to get onto the forum for ages!

Unfortunately, the date  clashes with our holiday in the Lakes, so I  won't be able to make it. I hope it goes really well.

Much love to you all! Xxxxx

Oh what a shame.......... Mum and I were hoping to see some of the ladies we met at your lovely day out a couple of years back.  I hope you have a great break in the Lakes and that you have some room to pack clothes as well as yarn ;)

I am still planning to go ahead with this event........ I know several of you have wished me well and explained you will not be able to be there.  I would like to invite those of you who cannot be there to consider one of these options:

Have a little get together with your knitting and crochet friends or neighbours

Make a £5 donation to KAS - perhaps buy a small bag of fruit or pay something towards the fuel fund in South Africa 

If you are near me, why not donate a small raffle prize for me to sell more raffle tickets at the event?  If you message me I can get back to you with how to get it to me.

That way you can join in with the celebration, too!



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