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WISH LIST - URGENT SUPPLEMENT - singlets & socks! Plus knickers & panties.



Hi all

Just a thought – we are promised SUCH a cold winter here, if people want to pop just one undervest (singlet ?) and one pair of sox in each parcel they would be very welcome indeed.

I have about 6 vests in stock, but of course they sit here waiting for sufficient numbers to gather before I can distribute them.

The sox are flying out – they are extremely popular !

Again, sizes 3 – 10 yrs in all items are the most useful just now.

Just a little reminder for the kind people who purchase them please to remove any price tags or plastic clips - as Customs regards these a saleable products, and, therefore subject to Duty!

Thank you for any help you can provide Ronda.

Following a distribution to a rural area Ronda has added a request for children's knickers to this appeal.



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This is fun buying socks and singlets. I sympathise with the colours, boys are apparently are always dressed in black,grey or white ! However after much ferreting I have found navy blue singlets but only 2.

Hi Sue

I don't know if you have 'Best and Less' in NZ but I got some burnt orange and sky blue singlets for boys from there the other day. Didn't get many as I had already bought some dreary grey ones from K-Mart....but did get some gorgeous coloured ones from K-Mart for girls.....purple, turquoise-blue, hot and light pinks, lemon, mauve. 

Bev those brighter colors might end up on some boys too.  Can't wait to go find some this week myself!  If a singlet really looks boring a little crochet cotton edging round the neck in a bright color might make all the difference...just a simple single row edging?  A thought anyways. :)

today I purchased 5 thermal long sleeve tops with bottoms in a size 12 and one in size 14 from a store going out of business. Another store had a full  bolt fleece in a lovely purple and in a out line of sorts features Hannah Montana as  white child Disney star who's fame is short lived so the fleece did not sell...they gave me the bolt...(tons of fabrid)...I did make some mittens today from it and the child smiling face is ok on the mitten and mellows a bit.... but if I use it to make fleece pants the pattern is going to show more and what I need to know is what to do and will doing some things with a white smiling long haired girl in white out line silhouette on lovely purple go over in SA. The bolt was given for this mission (:o)...I had an angel day!

Bev and Pauline you are doing well ! They probaby know Hannah Montana's fame but I guess someone will be able to say what to do. Warm pants will go down well !  Someone once made fleece hats that were very popular with Ronda and the children One of the early ezines I think shows some of them. It was a simple pattern but I am not sure if we still have it.

 No we don't have Best and Less in NZ It sounds like a fun place ! I did manage two more pink singlets today for $4 for the two of them. I can't find any faults on them though they do look a  bit small for size 4-6 and would fit more like a 3 -4year old  I would think. Someone will wear them !

Oooo clever thinking having a picture Pam! Thanks for this. I'll add it to the wish list proper x x x

I knit socks all the time.  Do you just need store bought socks

I am sure they would love knitted socks !!  Yes !!  It's just that most of us aren't too good at that. Children aged 3-10 are the ages are the focus although older and younger children are helped too and we get special requests for them.

Absolutely CL58!  Knitted socks will be lovely, but as Sue mentions not everyone is skilled in this particular area!  So please bring on the knitted socks!

Hi everybody!

   How are you?  I hope you're well and doing fine!

   I see that Paulette is going to sew some fleece pants for the kids!  That's GREAT!  And she just gave me an idea!  I have tons and tons of flannel cloth; could I sew some pants for KAS with it?  If so, what sizes should I make them?  Do I send them in a package altogether or do I slip them into packages with squares?  Could somebody please answer me as quickly as possible so I could get started working on these?!  Thanks for all your help!  I've only been a member of this group for a little over a month and have already knit over 60 squares and that's all I want to do! Thanks! Cindy

Cindy I did some flannel bottoms with a easy top...for bedtime or however they wear them...I found easy and fitable patterns that work quick...do you need any patterns for bottom and top? Leave me a private message with your mailing info and I will do copy for you...also leave note of what you sew on the sewing site!!!! HUG

My goodness Cindy, 60 squares in a month - are you doing it in your sleep!  

If you do make pants (we call them trousers in UK) then use them as slip-ins with the squares. Our mandate is for charity squares and possibly sending too many pants in one package might come to the attention of Customs and therefore KAS could incur duty costs.  I'll check with Ronda for you.



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