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Every child deserves a toy of their own to love and cherish.

Can you help?

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Knit-a-square needs toys to distribute to the children.

Clean, gently loved soft toys, either STORE BOUGHT or HANDMADE

  [knit, crochet, loom or sewn], are welcome.           

Charity shops sometimes have good quality yet inexpensive toys.

When filling in the customs form, declare value as $0 or $1.
Please send to Knit-a-Square using the mailing label available here:


Here are a few photos from past distributions. 

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At this distribution, a little girl wearing a pink T-shirt was chatting to her KAS Cuddlebug. She said, in perfect English: "I love my bug, I am going to take him home and keep him forever" ... as she was twisting him around her neck, kissing him and laying her face against him.

Free pattern for the KAS Cuddlebug available here:

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The KAS Cuddlebug is very popular.
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If you like to knit or crochet toys, here are links to free patterns from the KAS Pattern Book: [Scroll down the page for toys]
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Store bought and handmade toys are distributed.
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Wow Linda, this is heartwarming. Thank you so much for creating this page. I am sure it will inspire people around the globe to make or send toys to KAS.

Anneke,as you know, toys are in short supply.

The team is always delighted with the smiles on the children's faces when they receive the toys.  This may be the first time the children actually have a toy to call their own !

Yes Linda you are so right. Toys mean so much for a child, I only have to go back to my own childhood to remember the good feeling of having toys, it/they belonged to my world, the little ones in SA only can dream of it. Next time, when I prepare a parcel for SA, I will make extra space for more toys than I usually do.

Just a reminder to those sending store bought toys - please remove all labels and price tags so the toys will qualify as 'used'.

Here's a hint if you are sending Beanie Babies or other cuddly toys with plastic 'beans' inside.  Open a seam and remove the bean sack, fill the space with fibrefill.  This will reduce the weight by one third to one half and save you on postage costs.

Be sure to check out your charity shop for bargains. I am able to find excellent stuffed toys at mine for 25 or 50 cents Canadian - most of them never played with.

A useful tip Anne, thank you.

I try to send at least one charity shop toy with every blanket. I am thrilled to see the photo again of a toy that I sent in the first photo, Sergei the meerkat in the arms of a child :))

My mom is knitting teddies! but I will look out for more toys in the next few weeks.

Thanks Mary and please thank your Mom as well.  Her teddies are delightful.


I loved going through the pics of the little ones with their toys again ... they do SO love them and get very excited over receiving a toy of their own.  As Linda commented ... it is most often the first (and ONLY) item a poor African child has ever “owned” and so these toys are a huge blessing. They will offer many a child real comfort and the specialness of ownership so seldom experienced amongst really poor families. We are so very grateful that our contributors keep them coming ... in ALL shapes and forms, sizes and types ... all are a source of joy !

My Mum-in-Law really enjoys making the teddies and the comfort dolls.  I do not see her very frequently as we live at quite some distance, however she always has some toys to give me ready to go in my next parcel!

I shall have to try to make some more toys - I just worry about the faces that need sewing on.........  

For those who buy knitting magazines from time to time........ There are often little kits on them to make some little toy or other - I have recently made a little chick in a bonnet and a brightly coloured owl, neither of which caused me problems over the faces!

Thanks for the reminder about removing the manufacturers labels so that they can be classed as 'used', Linda. 

Oops, sorry Anne...thank YOU for the reminder re removing labels...reminder to self not to speed read.  :((

Yes, Anne, I have just quoted you on the KAS UK page on Facebook.  



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