In quiet times when I knit alone I find my mind wanders back into my past and folk I have spent time with.   This got me to thinking that we all share a love of crafting with wool, and how little we really know about each other in general.

I thought it would be fun to create this space on the forum for us to share a little about ourselves, as if we were sitting around a table with a hot drink, cake and biscuits creating together and chatting.

For example: - how long have you wool crafted and who inspired you to learn...?

What was the first item you completed....?

Have you any triumph or catastrophy stories...?

Where is your happy place to knit/crochet and what does time doing this mean to you....?

Share as much or as little as you feel.  I'm sure we'll have some happy and interesting stories to share.........

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My name is Karen and I'm 52.   I'm from an old steel town near Durham in the North East of England.   I'm married with a 16 year old Son.

I learned to knit when I was very young, around 5 I think.   I was born with a complicated orthopaedic condition which was diagnosed when I was about 2.   Consequently, I spent an awful lot of time/long spells in hospital on traction, or in heavy plaster casts from my armpits to ankles.   As a result of being laid up on my back I learnt to knit lying down, and to this day I cannot knit with the needles under my arms, they flail around at my sides!!

I was brought up in-and-around wool, as both my Grandmas crafted a lot, either one or both of them taught or encouraged me to learn.   The first thing I remember making was a small rectangular blanket for my dolly.   I was so pleased with myself.......

Great idea!Will be joining:-)
My name is Rachel and I am 39 years old.I live in Germany..My Mum is british and my Dad is german,so I was brought up speaking two languages. Although now I only speak german and find the englisch spelling hard.My Mum and my Grandma knitted. My Mum taught me to knit when I was in my teens, but I dident enjoy it much.I started to embroider, as my Mum(a very crafty person)also embroiderd.Then a few years later I started with knitting again.I began with a scarf for charity.Later a little jumper for my Godchild..Years later my Mum and I were searching for a charity that knits squares..So we found Knit a square. I knit and crochet now..Have stoped embroidery. I knit for KAS and for Warm baby project or for friends babys. I am married and have one daughter aged 5..I also knit hats and scarfs for her.I am pregnant and due at the end of November:-)Started a baby blanket last night. I usually only knit in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon while sitting out..

Rachel, it’s lovely to learn a little about you! Perhaps your daughter will be a crafter like her mother and grandmother. I will look forward to hearing about your new baby who I guess will be blessed with lovingly crafted clothes and blankets :))

I also find your story very interesting!Living in the countryside must be wonderful!My daughter has learned to weave and work with a french dolly:-)Yes,we are knitting a lot for the new baby...:-))

A lovely idea Karen, thank you for starting this discussion :))

My name is Christine, but known to everyone as Chris. I am 65, very soon to be 66...... wow, this sounds even older when written down! I have a son who was 40 last month during lockdown and I have a much loved dog called Jess who was 4 in May. We live in Wales, in a small country village about 10 miles from Cardiff; moving to the countryside had been a dream that I had since a child, but eventually it became a reality 18yrs ago.

When I was a little girl, I used to love staying with my grandparents who lived in a coal mining village in the South Wales valleys. My grandmother loved crafting, and I spent many hours with her helping her with different projects. When a I was about 10 yrs old she showed me how to crochet, she told me it wasn’t the correct way, but it was the only way she knew! I crocheted a poncho for my younger sister, and made bobbles for the end of the drawstring neck opening,I was so pleased to have created something and delighted with my sister’s response! I was ‘hooked’, but there are only so many ponchos you can make!

Throughout my life, I have loved working with wood, working alongside my father as a child and being given tools of my own and as a I got older, renovating old furniture and then my main craft..... wood turning. This I did for many years, I loved it, until I developed arthritis and a spinal problem which prevented me continuing with my wood turning, how I missed my lathe!
Health issues meant I needed to retire early, I had been a nurse for 42 years, 38 of them working with children the latter 12 yrs working with vulnerable children and young people who were in foster care and children’s homes. Retirement wasn’t easy,  I wondered what I was going to do, I still wanted to be able to feel I was contributing something to this world, to make a difference.

Then I looked online and found KAS, as I need to sit quite a lot of the time, crocheting was perfect, I started sending blankets about a year before I joined the forum in May 2013....... the rest is history! I love being a small link in the amazing KAS chain of love.

I'm 67 years old, and yes my photo is a few years out of date now but allow a girl some vanity! I'm married with a son aged 32 and a daughter of 28 and we live in a small rural village in Suffolk, which is in the east of England.

My Mum was a keen knitter and dressmaker and so I've been knitting for as long as I can remember - my dolls had an extensive winter wardrobe. The old lady who lived next door to us owned the most beautiful black crocheted shawl which I always admired. I think this shawl was probably the main reason I decided to teach myself to crochet in my teens. I've always loved crochet but it took a back seat for many years as I mainly made clothes for myself, and later the children, and there are far more knitting patterns out there than crochet. Chris has reminded me that I too crocheted a poncho when I was about 16 and in my hippy phase and I wore it to death. I also remember a long waistcoat I made from granny squares.

KAS has allowed me to rediscover my passion for crochet with the occasional bit of knitting to keep my hand in.

Well this is a smashing initial reponse to my suggestion of a social *getting to know you* chatting space.   I'm chuffed to bits to learn a little about a few of you so far, and thank you all to taking time to do this.   It feels to me we are all ladies who have a homely vibe going on, which is great.  

I respect Rachel being bi-lingual, amazing skill to acquire.   I wonder do you feel your daughter at 5 will be a practical girl, and show an interest in your creativity?    Also Chris and Patricia you did make me smile with your shared poncho making stories.   Billy Connolly came to mind with his story of the knitted swimming trunks he wore which stretched, flared and floated around his body when he went into the sea - Oh the 60's!    Folk were slaves to fashion for sure, ha ha.

Hi Karen!

Yes,my daughter has learned to weave and work with a french dolly:-)

Thank you for creating this's so interesting!

Great!   I can remember I used to get into trouble with my Mam for knitting in bed at night.   I used to leave my bedroom door open so I could click away with limited vision by using the light which came into the room from the hall landing.    Once, when I was around 8 years old, she checked under my pillow, and was about the tell me off for knitting, until she realised I was making a mitten for my Tiny Tears doll, but I was working on increasing and shaping to knit a thumb into it - quite a clever and intricate process for a child in the dark!!

Karen, I just enlarged the last photo of the 3 ladies, it gave me a giggle! I loved the dolly pegs clipped on the old fashioned wrap around pinny :)) Couldn't work out which one was you..... :))



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