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This summer I offered free knitting and crochet lessons on Friday mornings at the library here in River John, Nova Scotia, Canada.   I explained that I knit with a purpose ... my purpose being KAS!  I had the good fortune to meet and become friends with some terrific people. 

We were a bit slow getting started … just two the first Friday.   Ann  knew how to knit, but wanted to learn crochet.  Jean (who is 91 years young) already knew how to do both.  She is known for the beautiful crocheted table cloths she has made over the years.

The second Friday, Maureen and June joined us.

This time, Ann brought us a very clever idea.  While she wanted to contribute to KAS, she felt she would be unable to make as many squares as she would like.  She decided to sponsor another knitter.   

Her idea was to check with a senior’s residence to find someone who would like to knit or crochet but was, perhaps, unable to buy the yarn and/or pay for the postage.  She would supply the yarn, collect the finished items, and post them for the resident. 

The third Friday we had 6, including a gentleman who does the most amazing knitting and crocheting.  He brought in some of his work to show us.  Some of the ladies brought squares they had already made.


Since I had originally planned this for only three Fridays in August, I was absolutely thrilled when, on the last Friday, the ladies decided they wanted to continue to meet every Friday.   

This is what we looked like on Friday, September 5th (when, by the way, they all sang “Happy Birthday” to me :)) 

We now have Doris, Ann, Jean, Marilyn, Myrtis, Pamela, June, Maureen (who was absent this day but will be joining them when she returns from holiday), and Stan (who was absent this day but we hope he will return soon).

These incredible ladies have organized themselves and chosen to be known as the River John Square Knitters.  They will continue to meet every Friday at the library where they will knit and crochet, make plans for creating awareness, come up with ideas to raise funds for postage, and package up the many squares they hope to encourage others to donate!  

As a matter of fact, the donations (squares and postage $$) have already started to come in.  

I am extremely pleased to be associated with this wonderful group!  They have such kind hearts and a lot of talent.  I am definitely going to join them whenever I can.

Here is a sample of the lovely work these ladies produce!

Thank you, River John Square Knitters … and welcome to KAS!

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An AWSOME story. Well done Gloria and the River John Square knitters !! They are such a lovely group of people and lots of squares already !

Brilliant work Gloria, knitters/crocheters love a magnet for skills and working as a team is so rewarding!

Great work ladies and gentleman of River John Square Knitters, may you be blessed with much yarn and laughter!

Congratulations !   What a wonderful result and such a beautiful idea to sit and knit in the library.  Not only did you Spread the Word but you established a group that will keep children warm for many years !

Way to go, Gloria!  You have "birthed" a group.  It really is an example for all of us - you just never know where the next batch of KASfolk will come from.

Thank you so much, everyone!  I am so proud of the way this group has taken off! 

Just had an e-mail from Marilyn who says she has 62 squares sorted and bundled (some of her own, some from others in the group, and some donated).  She will be taking them with her on Friday to get ready for posting.  I am unable to be there with them so will have to chew my fingernails and pace until I hear how they make out ... LOL

I actually still have some squares that the ladies gave me in the first couple of weeks.  I didn't mail them as I wanted to photograph them first.  I'm going to have to get a move on if I am to keep up with the River John Square Knitters !!!

Well done Gloria what a great idea, the brilliant part is you meet new friends and together you unit to do dome good in the world. Keep going River John Square Knitters !

That's fabulous, made it happen!!!

What a caring and generous bunch of people....with a great leader!!!

Way to go, Gloria!! And big kudos to the River John Square Knitters!

The River John Square Knitters were interviewed by a couple of local newspapers.  Here is a link to one of the articles that appeared in the October 1 publication of The Advocate:

Hi Glo. Just read the article....AWESOME!! Well Done to you and your wonderful RJ ladies.  :)) 

Wow Gloria you didn't take long to go public ! That's fantastic ! Well done to RJ. You will no doubt inspire more people to knit for KAS.

Love this so much, Gloria!!  Good on you and the knitters in River John!!  Absolutely lovely. xx.



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