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Thank you Amy for this extensive description of distributions in the Soweto area.  It must be so difficult to see the suffering the children and adults are exposed to everyday.  However we can help with blankets, hats, hand-warmers and toys must bring some joy.

Seeing again the photo of the girl wearing the go-over I crocheted [Maleboho Day Care] brought back memories of how pleased I felt knowing it was keeping someone warm.

Time to go KAS shopping....

oh my goodness KAS has come so far but such need! I will look out more squares this weekend - they fall behind the sofa and down beside beds! I crochet in bed a lot.... I took 35 squares and a glorious giraffe to my mom to be posted on Wed so crossing paws will arrive before SA winter.

Amy, thank you!  What a lot of work you have been doing to collect and present this information :)  Just when we think we know all about it, you come along with more interesting history for us to delve into.  Your efforts are really appreciated.

I have printed each chapter to take with me to RJ.  When we set up a table to sell our 'boutique' items for postage money, I will lay out your chapters for people to look at.  Everyone is always so interested in knowing about Knit-a-Square, and we are always eager to share information with them.  Your monthly chapters are a fabulous tool for spreading the word.  

Whenever someone supports our endeavor by purchasing one of our items or making a donation to our postage fund, they are helping to support KAS and they love to know all about it ... xo

Thank you so much, Amy. This must have taken many hours and a lot of research, but...... What a fabulous read!!! It was very interesting to read of how/why Soweto is named and to get a 'feel' of the challenges that some face.

LOVED the trip down memory lane.....from the photos of Thembalihle, (I can remember thinking at the time, how lucky we are) the photo of Joseph receiving his Superman bear (it even inspired me to make one, back then) and I remember the photo of the ladies with their trolleys, dragging them up the street....funny how certain things just stay in your memory.  :))

Amy and Ronda thank you so much. It brought a few tears to my eyes remembering past distributions and KAS news at the time. So many things we will not forget , our Joseph being one, and the first blanket for Jamey, but memories do tend to get hazy on detail. Super job Amy 

Amy, thank you so much for putting together this amazing account - I laughed and cried over some of the stories, and I feel both proud and humble (if that's not too contradictory!) to be part of the miracle that is KAS.

Amy, I look forward each month to the next chapter in the KAS story; the way you have drawn the information together and made is so readable is quite remarkable! I am learning so much from these chapters, and I love the Soweto map this month! I too enjoy the monthly trip down memory lane, and I very much appreciate the enormous amount of work that you have done, to enable us all to share the KAS story in such an interesting way.

Thank you Amy.

A tremendous read that I saw on Facebook. I'd seen it on the Forum but not gotten to it yet.  Thank you so much for such an in depth informative read. I plan to put this out there on Facebook to help spread the word and the info.  The contrast couldn't be greater than between this and a video I just saw on custom made celebrity shoes and boots.  Wow, what a world we live in! Thank you for this, wonderful reading!  It took me back in time to our beginnings and reminded me I have some squares to mail off.

Thank you Amy for capturing the KAS history and achievements over the years - we always knew this was going to be a 'job' for the long haul, and, it is all too easy to forget how much warmth and love has been distributed to the children from the kind-hearted people of all nations. Your journal will provide us with even more inspiration for the future!

Amy, Like the former chapters, this one looks stunning too. You did a big and great job! Thank you so much!

Thanks for this great chapter, Amy. I enjoyed being reminded that a few years ago, Ronda did a very important thing when she introduced the JAM program to some of the creches on Soweto. This enterprising group feeds millions of children one nourishing meal each day and it is gratifying to hear Ronda say that they now see the 'red bowls' almost everywhere they do distributions.

I agree that it is wonderful to travel through the successes of KAS through the chapters of the KAS Story.  I also enjoy seeing those bright red bowls in some of the photos ... a reminder that along with a warm blanket, many of these dear ones are receiving a tummy-full of warmth and goodness.



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