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[Winston,the G4S driver,and Ronda discuss how many squares will fit in the KASvan]    

Look at the space!  

               There’s room for 9,250 squares.  Let’s help Ronda fill it.

Over the next 16 weeks we will be running a drive [pun intended] to pack the KASvan with squares.

As you finish a square(s), even those for other challenges, add the number to the tally in this challenge.  Also, Plain Janes won’t go amiss!   The more squares we make the happier Ronda will be, as she drives the KASvan, taking warm blankets to the children.

Squares will be recorded until 16 September.  6 October 

The KASvan was filled on September 12 

Want to do more?

Don’t have time to make squares for the KASvan but would still like to help? 

Visit The Square Shop and purchase fuel for the KASvan.


We filled the KASvan for the 1st time after only 9 weeks of counting.

 Now we are gathering squares for a second filling.  The KASvan is now full for a second time !   Thank you to everyone who participated.

Sharon(Aus) has provided us with a beautiful representation of our achieved goal. Her crocheted version of the graph is a perfect way to represent the challenge.  Thanks Sharon !

To thank you for your generous participation, I purchased fuel for the KASvan.  With the KASvan full of blankets, its fuel tank needs to be full of petrol/gasoline to get those blankets to the needy children.  We don’t want Ronda stuck on the side of the road…again !!  

Mary(UK) has purchased snacks to be given to the children when they receive their blankets. Thanks Mary !


NOTE:  Although we will stop recording squares when the drive is over, we will continue to make and send squares.   Millions of children in South Africa need blankets.  With our squares, Ronda and team continue to fulfill the KAS mission to provide warmth and hope to vulnerable and orphaned children.


                                          Click here to read about G4S Cash Solutions’ generous donation.

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Total number of squares:  



Oh good - I've just packed 270 (and have lots more) !

Total number of squares: 270

Great start Christine :-)

I have 290 waiting to be packed

Total number of squares - 560

Only another 8,690 needed!

Are they all yours?

Cherry, both Christine and Anne have many wonderful knitters and crocheters who donate the squares.  Then Christine and Anne will post the squares to Ronda in South Africa.

Oh okay, I thought maybe, somehow, they averaged, oh you know 50 squares a day! Lol :)

No, but it feels like it sometimes!

Especially when we are butterflying all those loose tails, Christine.  This week I got 3 5x6" squares and had to add edges.  They are made with chunky yarn rather tightly knit,  and my hands hurt so much after the first two, I gave up on the third.

Sounds rather like you were making chain mail there Anne...wow.  And you're another one of the many KAS angels that gather in squares and talk up KAS a lot and spread the word. 

LOL!  I love it when KAS angels like you two are able to gather squares from many loving contributors and send in bulk--I putter away making 1-2 squares a day when health permits and it always lifts my heart to hear of larger amounts being sent. :)



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