Ever wonder what happens with all that mail that arrives in South Africa?  It goes to the KAS Barn where many volunteers SORT everything out to eventually be distributed to local children.

   Please check in here on a regular basis to see photos from all the activity in the KAS Barn during 2020.

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All so beautiful and colourful! Love the one with the bear and the ones with the hearts too.

I am really sad that at the moment I can't even send any parcels. According to the Australian Post Office, South Africa is not currently accepting any mail items. I do hope this will change soon. I have 6 blankets, plus a lot of handwarmers and hats ready to go!

Yes, I checked also. I have 13 blankets all ready to post, and 2 more nearing completion.  Unfortunately Winter will be over by the time they get to South Africa.

Here is a very newsy update from Ronda with this touching photo.

   Here is a pic that Vivienne sent us - this boy was born 17th Sept 2017 when
his mother was 6 months pregnant !
He weighed 1 Kg ... look at him today at just under 3 !!
His name is Molemo Matabele and this pic shows him wearing a KAS top.
He lives in Protea Glen and his mum's name is Segametsi - Wandi also knows
the family and was delighted to see the pic.
   We had a great and very productive morning in the barn this morning - with
15 - 16 "visitors" coming to collect and/or deliver items, as follows:
   Jean came to collect blankets, beanies and soft toys for her Mandela Day
project (she came last year also).  She is a friend of Leigh Ann Tonkin - a
friend of mine from church and one of the founders of the first
"not-a-square" group with Barb and Wendy several years
back. She is distributing 50 blankets, 15 of which she took from us this
morning and the other 35 she will get from Leigh Ann and Barb before Mandela
Day... and she took many beanies and soft toys as well.
   Sphiwe - from the "100percentfoundation" a new KASfriend, came from his
project in Benoni on the East Rand - armed with a magnificent food hamper
for us - to collect 250 beanies and soft toys and 50 blankets for their
Mandela Day project.  We would love to work with them again next year.  He
was over the moon with delight.
   Sunel Botes came in with 12 or 15 absolutely magnificent blankets which
Athele swooped on for her Clarens distribution - hopefully to take place as
soon as Lockdown 2 comes into being.  (Athele now has a collection of more
than 150 blankets towards her distributions - Clarens and hopefully
Maritzburg Mama Ntombi's - in due course).
   Wendy came in to help us for an hour or so which was wonderful. 
   Hanlie Smith came in with two big bags of magnificent squares  - Stelle and
Athele counted and bundled them and will be stitching them together in due
   Trish Henry from JAM sent in 25 blankets she had stitched together (Joint
Action Management is the incredible feeding scheme which feeds MILLIONS of
children daily in Africa with nutritious porridge.  We have introduced them
to many of our distribution areas including Mama Ntombi's in Maritzburg,
with ongoing success ).  Sadly we are unable to give blanket packs out in
the normal way as our ladies are stitching together in their own groups
virtually every square that arrives.
   Carmen from Waterval village brought 16 magnificent blankets made by Jill
Hill and her "team".
   My local residential area (Little Fourways Village) WA group called for baby
beanies and other items for children in desperate need and have just
collected 2 bags full of beanies, tops and small blankets for toddlers - to
distribute this week.
It's COLD in the middle of a Johannesburg winter.
   Sr Sue WAS coming in to collect her items for Baragwanath but has been
barred from entering the hospital as she is no longer full time staff - our
hospitals are in a lot of trouble with Covid-19 so her distribution will be
delayed for a while.
   My friend Mandy from Gracepoint Methodist Church was meant to come and
collect 10 bags of blankets plus 400 beanies for a desperate situation in
Soweto that she and her friends are serving with food (when allowed by
government) and items of warmth.  With almost 50% of our workforce no longer
at work, there is great deprivation and suffering this year.
   Wilma of Spoor and Fischer has explained that since they are unable to
deliver their BEAUTIFUL annual contribution, they will be distributing 20
blankets, beanies and other items they have made in the Pretoria area on
behalf of KAS,  this year. What a super gesture.
   I collected a large amount of squares, beanies, soft toys and blankets from
the La Vie Nouvelle retirement home group yesterday which were opened this
morning and sorted.  They have been faithful friends for 5 or 6 years now.
   Pam from Mpact (the company that Leanne's husband works at) came to collect
250 x beanies and soft toys, plus 50 blankets, for their Mandela Day project
this year.  We worked with them last year as well.
   Deliveries of squares have come from Karen, Corinne, Antoinette, Maureen and
Mandy - in the last few weeks, some collected by me, some delivered to the
house, some delivered to the Barn and kept by Security.

Wonderful the squares are still coming though! I am going to send you completed blankets for the next while as it looks like when you do open up there will be huge pent up demand for blankets.

Thanks for this informative update and the pictures - I love that we can tell you're smiling without actually being able to see your mouths.   Keep up the good work folk.

Thank you Amy - and Ronda - for this wonderfully newsy account.  It's sad that we aren't able to mail things yet, but it's so good to know that some things are still getting through to the children.  Molemo Matabele is just precious and so cute in his KAS top :)  That's a great picture.

And I agree with Karen - I just know you're both smiling behind those masks :))) ... xo



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