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A few days ago I contacted all of the yarn shops in my area asking if they'd like a flyer to put on their bulletin board, and all the little shops said yes, but the big chain stores like michaels and Joann's said no. Some of them didn't have a bulletin board so I'm going to post it on their window. I also sent a letter to alot of my relatives asking if they or anyone the knew knitted or crocheted and, if so please tell them about KAS. I also told anyone else I knew who looked like they might knit about KAS. I'm not telling this to brag, but I thought it might give you guys some ideas for who might be interested in KAS/who to tell. I got a yes for a flyer from a coffee shop, who said knitters often gather there, and a knitting teacher said she'd tell her class about it.

I would suggest you call people and write letters. Facebook is good, but a lot of people "like" things and it doesn't always mean much.

But I bet you all already know all this :), I'm just a newby to KAS.

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Spreading-the-word Cherry, is vital!  There are so many parentless & vulnerable children, and, our wonderful knitters & crocheters make a difference to their lives by providing some comfort.  We greatly appreciate what you are doing, especially if a group forms - team working and sharing ideas makes such a difference!  Keep up the great work!  Do let us know what responses you receive - Valerie in France had a struggle at first, but she kept plugging away and things are chugging along quite nicely!

Hi Cherry, I just want to second what Pam has said.  Your enthusiasm is great!

We do have some good promotional downloads available that might help you if you haven't discovered them already.

  Here's a list

Introductory letter


KAS on a page




Business Cards


Christmas cards


The rulers and business cards make great handouts.

I use the Christmas cards - I get them printed on card stock, and I have found the perfect size envelopes at my local print shop.  Hopefully, we will have some more versions in the future.

If you go to the Square Shop you will find notecards there which can be downloaded for a fee, I have not used these, but my impression is that there is a message on the back which indicates you are making a cash donation to KAS as a gift to the person you are sending the card to.

We used to have a set of  12 plain notecards available for download. These are no longer on the site.  It is a rather large file, but if you want it, message me with your email (I still have the pdf on my computer)and I will send it.  I use these a lot - they are great for thank you notes to square donors etc.  Hopefully, sometime soon we can get these back on the site.


Well done, Cherry.......you are certainly 'on to it'. I hope you get a great response.  :))

Thanks, but I'd already made up some of my own, as you'll see below. Nice of you to find them for me though :).
Okay, here's a pic of the flyer I made up
Here ( sorry having technical problems)

Well done Cherry!

Hey, that's a GREAT flyer, Cherry. Clear, concise and with all the relevant info. WELL DONE!

Dear  Cherry  it's  George  Roe  again.  Most  people  struggle  with  diagonal  knitting  if  they  aren't  given  a  pattern  of

a  few  instructions.  Start  by  casting  on  three  stitches.  It's  too  fiddley  otherwise.  Knit  one  row.  Increase  at  the 

beginning  of  each  row  until  your  work  measures  desired  length.  Work  one  row.  Decrease  at  the  beginning  of 

each  row  till  you  only  have  three  stitches  left.  Cast  off. 

My  Daughter  is  a  left ~ handed  knitter  too.  God  Bless  You.  I'm  sure  you  left ~ handers  have  special  angels. 

Cherry - Just a postscript to George's message above - not sure where you were asking about diagonal squares - but you can find a pattern for one in our KAS Pattern Book at


These are easy and fun to knit - one of our most popular squares!



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