Hello all,

I could use some advice.  I knit left-handed, yes, truly left-handed.  I would like to knit a sweater but was wondering if I need to reverse the pattern? And if so, how???  Usually I make socks and hats in simple patterns, but the sweater I want to try is a gorgeous cabled baby sweater.  I know that if I follow the stitch pattern as written it will be in reverse - but it is a repeating pattern so I think it will be ok.  My biggest concern is shaping.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I will be so interested to hear what the others think. I can't quite visualize this (as a left hander who knits conventionally; that is not using the Continental method, so the yarn is on the right and the stitches are worked from left-hand needle to right-hand.) I can't see that your method would make any difference to the finished garment but I'm looking forward to comments from others.
Unfortunately when I started knitting I had no idea that knitting left-handed could create problems.  I taught myself to knit, and just assumed that I should knit left-handed.  Every pattern I have ever used I have followed exactly with no ill effects, except if it is something with an irregular stitch pattern, then the pattern is reversed but I don't think anyone but me notices.

Hi Heather, I"m not a knitter so can't give specifics but as Christine said it shouldn't make any difference.  If I'm understanding correctly, the shaping will just mean when you are making the right front it will actually turn out to be the left front ?  Of course the button holes will be on the opposite side (which wouldn't be hard to remedy ).

I was intrigued about this and went searching.....as you have probably already done :-)  I found this interesting article.


I prefer to crochet but haven't really tried LH knitting.  Perhaps I might enjoy knitting if I were to try it that way.  Hmmm, I shall give it a go.

Hi Heather, I am another "truly left-handed knitter".  I tend to follow patterns exactly and they work out fine, just a mirror image of the original.  Shaping will be fine so just follow instructions as written.  Your cables will also twist in the opposite direction to the pattern.  I've knitted many sweaters using this method and its never been a problem so far!

Hi Cathy, do you "reverse" the cables in your patterns?  The pattern I chose is for a simple cardigan but has a rather elaborate celtic looking cable pattern running up the middle of the back and on each side of the zipper in the front.  I am thinking that I will have to make some adjustments so the cable ends up in the right place for the front,  but am wondering if I need to reverse the cable pattern? This is the most elaborate intertwining cable pattern that I have tried.

Thanks ladies for all of your input!

I don't think you need to worry about the cable ending up in the "right place" on the front, it will be in the right place.  However, I think if its an intricate one, reverse whether they are front or back cables and they should then "twist" is the right direction to make the pattern right.  Are you working from a chart or written instructions.  My memory of doing cable patterns is that from written instructions do them as written but if you are working from a chart reverse, so for example, if it says CB4 do CF4 and vice versa.  Also, if its from a chart, do you read left to right or right to left?


If I was doing this, I would probably do a small swatch with the start of the cabling pattern first to work out how it is going to look rather than getting it wrong in the garment!


Shaping and placement is not a worry - This will be fine as long as you remember that you will be knitting the left side when following the instructions for the rights side etc.  The only thing you might want to think about is the button band & button holes as these will end up on the wrong side.


Just when I think I have this figured out something new comes to mind!  :)  I didn't even think about which way I should read the chart!  I have actually never used one before, I have always used written instructions.  Thank you for mentioning that.  I am going to knit up a swatch with the cable pattern and see how it goes.  :)



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