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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Opening day at the KNIT A SQUARE barn.

There was a lot of post from Australia today. Ann opening two great big bags filled with gorgeous goodies. The checked one is from Susanne Leverton. Thank you Susanne.

Another great big bag from Susanne. Ben is helping me open it as it’s so well packed. Susanne your golly is gorgeous and he’s sitting on your stunning blanket. Many hours of crocheting has gone into that blanket thank you and thanks for all the sewing needles and darning needles.

A parcel from Scots Memorial Mission Club Australia. Thank you for these lovely animal squares we can add to the blankets.

Athelé with a fabulous blanket from Juliet Ashwin from the UK. Thanks Juliet your blankets are amazing

Athelé brought her friend Larry to help us today. He definitely had beginners luck as every parcel he opened was fabulous and HAD A PACKING SLIP in it.

Vivienne with a fabulous blanket from Christine McColl. Thanks Christine that’s going to warm one of our precious children.

Sister Susan from Baragwanath Hospital visited us today to collect blankets and beanies for the babies at Bara. Wandi and Ben helping her load their car. Thanks for the lovely cake you brought us for our tea Sister Susan.
Cath do you recognize the bag of pastel blankets?

Lovely, lovely photos. I never get tired of seeing you all at KAS HQ. It's almost as good as being there with you.

And what a lot of beautiful blankets, squares and toys.

Woo Hoo!! Sooo many volunteers in the Barn....that is a wonderful sight!!

Congrats Sue on all your goodies arriving and being unpacked ready for sewing and/or distribution. I see that your African theme sqs have arrived in time for making Mandela Day blankets...I'm hoping mine will be there somewhere, too.

Yes Bev. Thrilled to see them. Over the past 12 months post from Australia to SAfrica seems to have slowed. My parcels are taking 5 to 6 months to arrive   Not justto KAS, but to JBAY and Little Libraries also.  Maybe boats from here to SAfrica are not very frequent, as a whole batch of parcels seem to arrive at once

Yes, I think you are right, Sue. My postal clerk even asked me one day if I knew if my parcels were getting there...I said yes they were.....so perhaps there's some sort of 'go slow' from Oz...lol. 

I sent a parcel of long-sleeved tees, etc to Jbay back in late Feb/early March and I received an email from Gitta a week or two ago to say they had arrived.

I sent my African and then my Xmas squares (separately) by airmail, so I'm hoping they may arrive a little quicker.

Your parcel of long tees arrived in the same post to Gitta at JBAY as my parcel of winter goodies( lots of girls patterned tights) Allso sent in Feb.  I wonder if Auspost waits til they have a shipping container full for South Africa.  

Sorry about the incorrect info again. Those gorgeous animals squares are from Susanne Leverton. Unfortunately I didn’t open that parcel. I’ve changed it on Facebook Susanne but wouldn’t know how to change it here. 

Bev I went around asking if a parcel had arrived from you but unfortunately not. 

We had a lot of post from Australia yesterday...I’m sure they were all shipped together. One never knows with our PO. 

Aww, thank you so much, Estelle, for taking the time to do that. I sent the African themed squares, I think, either late April or very early May. My p.o. here, said they would take 10+ working days to get there with the airmail tier option that I selected. The Xmas themed ones, I think were later in May, by airmail, too.

Never mind, I should have posted them sooner.

Thanks Estelle for the correction, unfortunately the text in posts within the comments section cannot be erased without deleting the all the pics and comments posted that day!

Single comments on their own are easy to remove, just click on the little X in the right-hand corner. Only in the headline discussion are Mods able to edit easily.

Hope Susanne will forgive me, but it would mean an awful lot of work reposting.........

Hi Pam no problem.  Just happy they have arrived.  That was my large parcel for the AFRICA Theme. 

Much appreciated Susanne!

A few pics from this weeks opening session :

Our shelves are almost bare again which is heartwarming as so many children have received blankets from KNIT A SQUARE this winter.
Thank you everyone who has contributed with squares, donations, sewing the blankets together 
and distributing them. What an amazing team. 

Wandi’s green bags ready for Thursday’s distribution in Davyton.

Some of the blankets that arrived today. 
Athelé with her own creation. 
Larry opened Sue Ferry’s parcel with this stunning blanket. 

Wandi with two of the blankets that arrived last week from Ster Kinekor. 
Thanks everyone they arrived just in time.



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