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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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A lovely lot of items.

Tell me where I can find patterns or guidelines for making squares. Is carin simply soft ok. I just joined but I can’t find info on what is required. I just made a square but it came out 9 inches Candace Binder

Candace if you are knitting doing a diagonal square helps with the sizing just start with two stitches and add one at the beginning of each row until your 'side' is 8 " then decrease by one stitich. If you crochet a traditional granny square can always be sized right depending on the number of rounds. 

The KAS Pattern Book is a good place to look for square ideas.  It is a the top of the page in the toolbar or here:


I couldn’t open the pattern you recommended. It said error. Thanks for the help. I tried making a basketweave square but it came out too big. I will try again maybe by doing a diagonal one or straight knit. Thank you for your help Candace

Welcome to the forum Candace.  For information on squares please look at the centre panel on the main page.  The "All about squares"  link will give you helpful hints about squares.  Also check out the other information links especially for info about sending your squares.

I don't know why you received an error message when trying the link Amy gave you.  Could you try the "KAS Pattern Book " link on the top toolbar?  This should be fine !  The Canon yarn is lovely to work with and will make soft squares so it's a good choice to use.

We would love to see photos of your work.  Please post in the Photo gallery (see link on top toolbar).

From Estelle:

There was a mountain of post at KNIT A SQUARE today. We can’t wait to start opening it.

Image may contain: one or more people

Also a note from Ronda:

We had a wonderful day in the KASbarn, visits from some old friends (such as Molly, with 9 beautiful blankets) and several others.  We managed to complete the opening of St Stithians School squares, and start in on the post … it is great to have an excess of parcels for a change.  We will also be collecting 6000 squares from the British International Prep school (I think this will be the third year in a row that they have run their square making project !!).

And we are receiving quite a few bags and boxes of items from local residents at the moment, such as La Vie Nouvelle Retirement group.

Wow, what a lovely big pile of goodies! No doubt it will be fun opening it and seeing what it all contains. Wish I could be there to help!

Me too, Wendy....how exciting to be 'wading in' to a pile of squares of infinite variety..... and handwarmers, hats and toys. 

I probably would be extremely unproductive, as I would want to stop and 'examine' them all.  :))

Me too!

This week in the KAS Barn:

Opening day at The Barn. A special cake for a special lady.

Image may contain: Ronda Lowrie, smiling, standing, food and indoor

Image may contain: 7 people, including Ronda Lowrie, people smiling, people sitting, people standing and indoor

We can’t have a Birthday celebration without our SELFIE QUEEN. Guess who...

Image may contain: 9 people, including Ronda Lowrie, people smiling, people standing

Oh my gosh!!!! I had forgotten Ronda's birthday!!! Thought of it a couple of weeks back and should have written myself a reminder.  :((

I have been busy babysitting and also away helping #2 son. I thought on the 12th that there was something I was supposed to remember, but the car registration was due on that day and I had forgotten to pay that in advance......so I thought that's what it must be.

Dear Ronda, I hope you had a LOVELY, lovely day.......and that you thoroughly enjoyed that yummy cake.  xoxo



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