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I was feeling a little disappointed with my 'big' shopping trip this week.  On Monday my mother and I went to Canberra (Capital City of Australia) shopping.  I was literally chomping at the bit to get in to Big W and buy some of their lovely yarns.  Well, was I sad!  They only had plain colours left!  None of the lovely varigated and pretty self patterning yarns to be had in the whole shop!

Anyway, I thought oh well, I will take a look at the singlets and socks while I am here and fill up my basket there.  Again, disappointment awaited.  All they had were Bonds brand and a pack of 2 was $15!

So home we came with almost as much money as we had when we left!

Now comes the triumphs!  The next day we got a bunch of catalogues and Go Lo (discount store) here had 40 percent off their knitting yarns!  So off I went and filled up my basket there.  Then on the way past Dimmey's (another discount store in the same block) I thought hmm, may as well go in here and have a look at the singlets and socks.  Imagine my delight to find a pack of 3 girls singlets for just $3 (last pack in the shop)!  I also snapped up the last bright yellow boys singlet for just $2!

Then today (Thursday) I went into K Mart and toddled down to the singlets and their singlets which are normally $4 for a pack of 2 were down to $2 for a pack of 2!  Not a lot left in sizes or colours, but I snapped up what I could find (I think I got 4 packs).

LOL, could have saved my train fare to Canberra and bought everything here! I do just ADORE shopping bargains!

So, anyway those of you in Australia might also want to check K Mart and Go Lo stores if you have them nearby for some bargains of your own!

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Ha ha Wendy, doesn't your tale just prove the old adage : the grass is not always greener !

Still, nothing like a bargain to gladden the heart - well done !

Oh, so well done, Wendy!!!!!! I think the singlets sound like the ones that I bought a couple of weeks back in KMart...I .too. was surprised how cheap they were so collected a few. I have noticed on the tv that there seems to be a bit of a price war going on between BigW, KMart and Target...YAY!!!! Bargains to be had if you are in the right place at the right time, as you obviously were. Well done spotting the bargains...don't it make you feel good????...lol.

I love your shopping story !You did really well in the end.

Well...I got much more than I bargained for today. I raced in just before noon to my local yarn/fabric/haberdashery store to see if they still had some gorgeous deep purple, hot pink and soft grey acrylic mohair yarn left that they had had out at a reduced price about 6 weeks ago. (I was seriously in need of some yarn therapy!!) Well I was able to pick up some plus some fun fur yarn in bright green going cheap....when I went to the counter I was asking the lady what people had been knitting from the mohair as it is very thin. She then went on to ask me what I thought I would knit with it...hadn't really thought about it..just WANTED it. So without thinking I answered 'squares'. With that she went to her storeroom and brought back a box that didn't appear overly big, of squares, and asked if I would like them. Someone had left them at the doorstep of the shop, no name or anything. Silly me thought, well there can't be that many there. There are 30 already sewn together as a blanket and fifty-four squares. They are not all 8" square...some are quite thin and none have the tail for sewing up with. Bargains come in all guises, I guess.

Bev what a day! i  am sure that size won't matter.

Bev that's a great find!   Wendy I hear you loud and clear.  Last time I visited my daughter in the USA I was thinking, "Yarn bargains here I come!" and every store I visited had nothing I wanted, all dull and drab colors.  What a let down!  I nearly had the same experience at a Michael's craft store in Winnipeg MB, I went up and down the aisles in vain, all plain or VERY expensive yarns, like $15 a ball and up.  I don't think so.   But as luck would have it, at nearly the last bin, I found 3 skeins of house brand yarn in the most fabulous variegated colors, all bright and cheery and so KAS, for $3.49 each.  I came home grinning.  It definitely pays to keep your eyes open, you just never know when a bargain will show up!



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