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Have you visited our new KAS Shop yet?  If not, please drop in and check us out here

We have introduced several new items in the past few weeks and there are more to come in the near future.

The income from the KAS Shop goes a long way in enabling the team in South Africa to carry on the vital work of wrapping vulnerable children in snuggly blankets made by our members.

Some members prefer to sign up for an ongoing monthly donation through PayPal in order to fund our activities.  These monthly donations are vital!

However, others of us prefer to designate our donations for a specific purpose, or can only donate now and then so prefer to do it by making a shop purchase. 

The purpose of this discussion is to get your feedback and comments.  It is sort of a “customer survey” that will help us improve the shop on an ongoing basis.

We will occasionally focus on a “product of the month” and we hope to share with you a monthly overview of what is selling and what is not.  

Any good shop needs an interesting inventory that appeals to its customers, so your feedback is essential to our success. With that in mind, we hope you will chime in here and share your thoughts about what is good (and not so good) about the KAS Shop.

We also hope that you will offer suggestions for the Shop – products that you would like to see.  Remember, since this is a “Virtual Shop” all products must be downloadable.

Remember too, that we can accommodate new products that are “personal” – things you want to purchase for yourself, for your own use - like our note card series, which will soon be expanded. A previous discussion indicated there lots of possibilities in this area, so please put your thinking caps on and give us your ideas.



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Many thanks for the beautiful calendars received yesterday. All the photos are wonderful but I particularly loved July with the photo of Jacob (or was it Joseph) with his superman soft toy, he is a real sweetie.

Happy Christmas


Sharon, I just wanted to know if you received my mail with the 3 addresses for calendars and the paypal payment. they were sent on Dec 20.

Hi Val

sorry I did not acknowledge emails all received and posted  xx

Thank you so much Sharon.

I hope you had a good Christmas.  Ours was very quiet, which was good as I was tired after the Christmas Markets that I did. It was a lot of work for very little return.

One very good piece of news for me is that although our letter postal costs are going up a lot, the parcel post is only going to be 0,70€ more after January 1st. It's such a relief. 3 years ago the cost of sending more than doubled because  they abandoned the small package rate.

Have a lovely New Year

Valerie XXXXX

Hi Sharon,

Today I received the KAS Calendar in good order. It is beautiful! Thank you so much! xo 

I got my calendars too. Thank you so much Louise for sending the two beautiful calendars to my address in London. Everyone LOVES them!!  Well done Sharon!!

My calendars have also arrived safely and their recipients very pleased. Thank you for all your hard work, Sharon.

How many calendars have been sold so far? They are so nice, everyone should have one.

I'm sorry Sharon and I have been absent from the forum for a while meaning some of this information is months behind schedule but I can now reveal the KAS Shop Sales figures for 2017.

June = $316, the most popular item was Wrap a child in a blanket - 4 sales of this item

July = $202, the most popular items were Get the motor running - $10  and Wrap a child in a blanket - 10 sales of each item.

August = $205, the most popular items were Wrap a child in a blanket - 3 sales and Get the motor running $10 - 2 sales

September = $62 - only 4 items were purchased this month

October = $202 - the most popular item was Wrap a child in a blanket - 2 sales

November  = $250, the most popular items were Sponsor a child during a distribution, supply a bag of fruit - $5 and Christmas cards set 2 -  2 sales of each of these items. 

December  = $560 the most popular items were Get the motor running $30 and Christmas cards set one - 4 sales of both of these items and Pay the office rent - full day -3 sales

The total shop sales for 2017 are $5,511  Ronda also received $142 from Café Press sales.

Thanks to Andrea who works hard behind the scenes with the KAS shop products, she also collates the sales figures and organises the Café Press items.

Thank you to everyone who purchased items from the KAS shop and Café Press,  all money generated from your purchases goes to Ronda which means the KAS team are able to help more vulnerable young children.

Thank you so much for this, Louise!  A great reminder that our KAS Shop is open 24/7 and is always well stocked - all proceeds going to benefit the children through Knit-a-Square.

Thank you, Andrea, for keeping the shop windows clean, the shelves tidy, and the accounts up to date :)) ... xo

Thank you Louise for the update and Andrea for the shopkeeping :))

Great News.

Thanks so much for sharing and keeping us on track.

Thank you for this update, Louise.



The Donate button provides 2 options:

  1. One time donation
  2. Monthly subscription               [click the box]

Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



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