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Created by Linda Maltby May 2, 2018 at 8:26am. Last updated by Gloria Grandy Jan 29.

Hi KASfriends.

Well, its that time of year again; time for a new beginning, a new

Won't you share a thought or two?  

A joke...or maybe a story?

Perhaps a snippet of your day?

Or your life in all its glory......

I invite you, one and all, to visit this new 2015 discussion and share whatever is on your mind.....the good, the bad...and the not too ugly.  

Remember, you are among friends.

Even kittens like to share a yarn......

The 2014 Share A Yarn? discussion will be archived, but still available for reading and reminiscing.

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Well I'm not wearing my hat under my skirt! You know what I meant!

Thank you, Jeanne.  I don't envy your cold weather.  We had our share ... not that bad, but for us it was unusual.  Do stay warm and cozy.

Right now it's plus 5 and raining here in Dartmouth.  We have absolute MOUNDS of snow everywhere, so this rain (which has us under a rainfall warning - up to 30mm) will, I'm sure, turn our streets, yards, and sadly some basements into something that resembles this photo.  Then on top of that, we're forecasted to dip below zero overnight.  So ... I wonder what will happen to all that rain?

Boy! the weather has certainly got a lot of airplay this year ... everywhere!  I can't wait for summer so we can all complain about the heat ... LOL

May I share something my dear father, Rev. George Mallory, often (very often) quoted to people who complained about the weather?  As a matter of fact, I think I hear his voice ringing in my ears :)) xo

Psalm 118:24 - 

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

I agree with that verse Gloria, it's a really good one, I've read it before. I enjoy Psalms.  It is a windchill of -46 outside right now BUT it's a gloriously sunny day with a bright blue sky and I love that!  Just looking outside cheers me up.  We get warmer days but they are often overcast and that lowers my spirits some. I enjoy mentioning the windchill just to get gasps from people, hee hee hee. It really doesn't bother me to go shopping in it but then I'm not walking in it, if I was I'd look like Tweedledum or Tweedledee from Alice Through the Lookingglass...bundled up so much all you can see is their eyes, lol.  We have heated houses and cars and warm clothes, we're lucky!

Lake Superior, which is vast, has frozen over for the 2nd winter in a row so they are expecting some Spring flooding as the lake levels can't evaporate obviously under the ice cap. That being said, you Maritimers really do get clobbered with floods.  I have winced many times watching the Weather Network reports on them. In some areas I would be tempted to do those floating houses that exist in the Netherlands...the houses literally float on pads and rise up and down with storms.  Wild!  The photo I want to find I can't, of course, but here is the idea....

These are Canadian ones. (B.C.)

Here's some in Holland but I've seen pics of ones that look like regular suburban houses too.

This however, is going too far for me!

Mobile homes to me mean trailer homes with wheels not pontoons, LOL.

I just found this and thought it looked interesting.   Has anyone ever heard of this?  Or tried this?

I have to say I was trying these exercises as I was reading about them.  A few are similar to physiotherapy exercises I had suggested for me. I've bookmarked the page as I think it's very valuable.

I particularly lke this little quote. Perhaps it's obvious but it's a good reminder to me!

"Tip: Whenever you feel a little uncomfortable and start to move and shift in your chair – THAT’S a sign from your body to stand up!"

Thanks for this link as I do sit a fair amount and need to do as they say and stand every 15 minutes. Also that new way of daughter wants to get one of those chairs that uses the knees and really helps the back too, I think it's similar in intent to what this lady is saying so far as aligning the back and pelvis.

They can be pretty hard on the lower legs and knees. I think they would need to be very specifically adjusted for one person to take the weight off. I tried one a few years back and couldn't last. A friend of mine got rid of hers she was so disappointed, However with the correct adjustments they might be very good !!

Thank you very much for your insight Sue, I was rather worried about that myself, that it might put pressure on joints and bones that won't like it.  I seem to do better in a recliner type office chair.


We had to toss our old one and just got a regular office chair replacement and it's hurting my back as I type this...too harsh.

So I am rethinking that weird chair design one too!

that bottom chair gives me the shudders, reminds me of an accident hubby had years ago I was at work at the time and my son came to pick me up when I asked where his dad was he said oh hes at home doing something, well I got home no sign of hubby heard a noise upstairs and went to investigate fund hubby on floor of sons bedroom grey as anything and crying in pain the silly sod had only tried to stand on this chair to change a light bulb the chair wen one way he went the other and dislocated his knee , he managed to slide down stair son his bottom all the time saying he was going to work I told him in no uncertain terms there was no way he was going to work but to the hospital instead any way long story short he came home on crutches bruised from hip to foot and we were going on holiday in 3 days, we managed to go on holiday (coach trip to Scotland) but he couldn't do any walking the bruising lasted weeks

Wow Ann....I am still recovering from a chair of that bottom design flying out from under me 3 days ago when I was sitting on it. I can't imagine ever standing on one. The better ones have locks on the wheels...a good idea I think.  I was wincing in sympathy with your poor husband.

I had a nasty but hilarious time on one of those at work. The chair landed on the floor with me and every time I put my hand on it to lever myself up it would spin again. I couldn't rescue myself at all ! Much mirth and  a long time later all was well again. Frankly I think they are lethal at worst as Ann's poor husband can testify and a hazard to dignity at the very least. I don't know why they have them in work places at all.

For anyone wondering how those of us locked in snow and ice get around, here you go....yes it works. It's what I do!

Yes, Jeanne, this is true!!!  I've been walking like this quite a bit this winter.  I don't get where I'm going as quickly, but I've found people usually wait for me :))


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