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We have just seen another wonderful Olympics, Rio 2016 .

We saw sportsmen and women achieving amazing results. Their dedication and team work has been  successful. We have seen pain, tears, laughter and uniting together in the name of sport.

The Olympics is very similar to KAS and the dedication within our own wonderful organisation.


Ronda is the President of our KAS 'lympics.

Event Organisers.

The South African team. Wandi, Lindi, Joel, Mabel, Estelle, Molly and all the volunteers. Without them the game could not go on. 

Referees, adjudicators and games makers - The Mods, working behind the scenes to promote our Olympic events and the stadium ( our forum ).

Our own sportswomen and men.

The forum members. You each deserve a gold medal for your dedication which results in the marvellous  creations that you send to South Africa.

Most importantly we have our spectators  - The children.

Whose smiles and eyes show their appreciation every time another distribution is made and we wrap them in our love.

Every sports person will tell you that their results started at grass roots and they practised and practised to achieve the goals. Let us, KASERs, really get into training and keep practising with the creation of squares, toys, hand warmers and hats.

The photo album can be found here :  http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/september-2016-anyone-for

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Great intro, Sharon....I'd better get in training for this month.  :))

Love the introduction Sharon. Nice to see some of my handwarmers featured, thank you.  However, I think that this month it is going to be a real challenge for me.  I'll have to get my thinking cap on.  I'll join Bev on the training step :))

Can I join you also, however I am sure you will muster something fantastic up. Olympic colours or team stripes. I know what a good sportswoman you are Joan, you have been completing your own marathon with the wonderful hand warmers. 

Great intro Sharon......as you know I'm a highly trained couch potato so I better join in with Bev and Joan's training!! I'm thinking a cuddlebug in the five Olympic colours will be taxing enough exercise to start with. Here goes, I'm under starters orders..............................

LOL Ladies.  :))

Ladies, I get exhausted just sorting through my yarn stashes! Phew, just thinking about training is making me tired...think i'll have a little nap before we start. :)))))

Oh yeah, I hear you, Louise....not long for my beddy-byes.  :))

Sorting yarn stashes is one of favourite sorts, the trouble is I end up pulling out so much to use next ... I have to out half of it back :))

I find the most frustrating thing, is that you take all the yarn out of a crate, sort, put to one side a couple of balls of yarn, but when you put the rest back you can't get the lid back on. How can that be? There is less yarn in there before you started 'sorting'!!!!!

I think that is brilliant training and to make a cuddlebug as well, you will have us all cheering from the sidelines :))

I'm hoping this blanket qualifies for this theme as it contains blue, red, green and yellow, four of the colours of the Olympic Rings.  It's a stunning blanket made by Sheila K using mitre squares.  Thanks Sheila xx

Sept 2016 Anyone For........

Fabulous blanket, thank you Shelia. Trying to work out how you have joined it- have you knitted strips in between the mitres ?



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