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Hi Aprile, I buy them from eBay and sent to myself. I then just slip them in when I send a parcel to KAS. Plastic ones are the best, like these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-40-50-Children-Kids-Plastic-Sewing-Kni...
Thank you Joan - i guess I'm confused about what we can and cant put into our parcels if they are marked "charity blanket squares" and therefore not paying Customs... but sure, if we can add sewing needles as well, then that's perfect. And i didn't even know you could get plastic needles :)
Just mark your parcels "knitted goods for charity" no need to mention squares or. Anything else you slip in Aprile.
I sometimes include a small pack of plastic sewing needles in amongst my squares .
I buy them cheaply as 'add ons' when I order from Amazon. I know they won't last as long but I can get 20 for the price of a couple of metal ones, and as Linda says there is a shortage plus, in my mind anyway, they are less likely to be noticed and would be considered less valuable than metal needles if they were.

Sorry, just realised I've replied to an old comment

Hi Modelwidow.

Thanks for your input.  :)) Yes, I find the metal ones are more expensive, too. I buy mainly plastic unless the others are on a (storewide) sale.

Hi, I know this might be a silly question, but I do need some clarity before possibly doing the wrong thing. :(

I would like to know exactly how to package the squares that I am sending? Do I just wrap them in bubble wrap and then cover with brown paper before sending? What would be the easiest (and least likely to get damaged) option?

That is fine Magdele. I am not sure you even need to use bubble wrap which might make the parcel bulkier and therefore more expensive ! Don't use clingwrap though, apparently it makes the knitting smell !!

thick plastic bag is good we have them in the uk 'bag for life' which costs 10 p. Securely taped down and the address stuck on paper works fine! Brown paper can tear off easily.

Hi Magdelie.

I see that you are in South Africa. I would think that perhaps wrapping them in a couple of layers of brown paper and  securing well with packing tape would be sufficient.....or perhaps putting in a plasitc bag first then wrapping in brown paper with lots of packing tape would work, also. As Sue has said, I think bubble wrap adds unnecessary bulk to your parcel. 

Thanks so much everyone! :D

I buy in the U.K. plastic envelopes in A3 size which can be packed with 35 squares and are very sturdy.

I've now finished sewing up my first blanket (yay!) and have it all ready to send with some other goodies. However, I know that the blankets usually have a crocheted edge but, unfortunately, I can't crochet. Therefore, would it be alright for me to include a ball of yarn and a note for the edge to be added, please?



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