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How do I find out when the Office in Randburg is open?  I want to organise to drop off my squares. Thanks.

Thanks Roz.  The squares will be appreciated.  With the postal strike, the office wasn't open this week as there were only 2 parcels to pick up !

However, you should be able to drop off your squares.  The KASBarn is  usually open on Tuesdays but please call before arriving as they may not open next week, depending upon the strike.

The phone number is listed in the welcoming email from Bev on your profile page. Scroll your page for the complete welcome.

We'd love to see photos of your squares.  Could you post them in the Photo Gallery? [see top toolbar]

Thank you Linda.  My first attempt were the squares for the 'Girlie' blanket - I want to lay them out  in the 'layout' I knitted them in, and  will take and post a photo.  I had great fun.  One doesn't realise (and appreciate) how long it takes to knit 35 squares.   I'll check the 'welcome' message.


Hello,  I wanted to ask - for sister Sue that helps with the newborns - What kind of baby items would be helpful?

Hi Susan, Knit-a-Square's mandate is to help children aged 3 to 9 so we don't have a list of things for other ages.  It is only when a few baby items are received that they are given to Sister Susan.

I know the appeal of making baby items but KAS really needs squares especially right now.

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the reply.  It was mentioned that the newborns many times are wrapped in newspaper to be sent home.  That just breaks my heart.  I thought that I might include some items from the thrift store.  Just wasn't sure if receiving blankets would be appropriate or clothes.  Nothing would be done at the expense of KAS.  As you are aware the postage is quite expensive to mail to SA.  I am allowed a box that weighs 4 pounds max.  I like to pack every last ounce into that box, so if I have my 35 squares, one hat, one pair of handwarmers and a small toy, there might be room for something else.  Just thought I could send along a baby item as well.  I am truly and blessed to be a part of KAS and work diligently every day to make squares.  It is awesome to see what is being done.  The body of Christ at work!  Again thank you.

It is heart breaking Susan.  By all means, pack in what fits either a receiving blanket or clothes.  I know they will find their way to Sister Susan.  Thank you for your ongoing support of KAS.

Thank you LInda, and my pleasure.  I love being a part of KAS.

Hi. Can anyone tell me if there has been a problem recently with the website? I have not received any newsletters for a while and am having no luck getting onto the received squares page. Kascare is a wonderful charity and the Nifty Newport Knitters have been very happy to support you for many years now. Hope every is ok.

Anna, thank you to the Nifty Newport Knitters, your support is much appreciated.

A couple of months ago the website was attacked with malware which meant the entire site had to be taken down.  Sandy and Andrea are rebuilding a new site.  You will have noticed that when clicking on the website you are redirected to the forum. 

The received squares are also listed on the forum.  Please scroll down the right side of the page for the link.

A NNK parcel was received in May but if there were any other parcels it may be a while before they are on the list.  South Africa experienced a postal strike and things are just now getting back to normal.  The KAS team is hoping that there will be parcels at the post office on Monday !

I'm not sure why you aren't receiving the newsletter. Have you changed your email address ? Here's the link so you can catch up on the news :-)


Thanks for replying so quickly and sorry to hear about your problems with the website. Glad you received a parcel in May. I think we have sent another three since then and hope they arrive soon. Thanks too to everyone involved with Kascare for all the wonderful work you do.


I love knitting and think your organization is amazing. I have just signed up and my friend and I have knitted 30 squares! I will send the squares in when we get to 35, but in the meantime I wonder if I could also check is there is a contact person I could email regarding the logging of the hours I have spent knitting. I hope this is OK—it is simply that I need to log my volunteer hours for my school to keep track.

Thank you for your help,

Izzy Champion

Thank you!!



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