Hello Knit a Square Friends!

I'm planning an event for my graduate school class to make squares to send to Knit a Square and we're opening up to all skill levels, so I had some questions that I couldn't find answers to on the website:

- The instruction page says that we need light yarn, however the pictures seem to have medium yarn and it even suggests to double up on thin yarn. How strict is the yarn size? Is it okay to have thicker yarn for 35 squares so that it's consistent for one blanket?

- The page also requires certain sized crochet hooks and knitting needles. How strict are these sizes? Specifically for the crochet hooks, it calls for 4.5mm (which is not common or easily found in the US where I am) or US 7 sized hook, which is confusing because the US sizes are in letters here. Is it okay to go with a 4.25 mm or 5mm sized hook?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Sheridan.

Welcome to our forum and for choosing K-A-S as your project.....much appreciated.  :))

You are free to use whatever yarn thickness you would like or is readily available. I have used 8 ply (DK), Aran and chunky. Sometimes when the DK is very thin, it is advisable to 'double up' or use for handwarmers (using a single stand, which is what I do.) I think the needle/hook sizes are guides for the thickness of the yarn you are using to get a good tension. Usually, the paper band on your yarn will provide a guide as to what size hook or needles you need. 

It doesn't matter if you knit squares of differing thickness, but it would be lovely if, when you are sending them, you could bundle them together in their different weights...just for ease of sorting for the ladies in South Africa.

Thank you, once again and I hope your  class enjoys the experience.  :))

ps If you are able, we would love you to post pics of the squares in our photo section (tab is at the top of the page) so that we can share in their progress....but there is absolutely no pressure for you to do so, if you'd rather not.  :))

Hi Bev,

Thank you for your quick response! This cleared up all of my questions! I will make sure they are bundled according to weight and I was already planning of taking lots of pictures, so I'll make sure to post them here. We're looking forward to making the squares!

Thank you again for your help!


Welcome to KAS, Sheridan, and good luck with your project.

I am moving your question into the  Helpful Hints Category where it will likely get more attention and answers.

I remember struggling with this question when I started knitting for KAS. I used up a lot of time trying for knitting gauges and such. I solved this problem with one simple decision - to knit a mitred square.

1. Simply start a mitred square with the yarn you have and any reasonable needle size. 2. Begin working with a few stitches. Place a marker at the centre when you have 4 stitches (tiny plastic hair elastics work really well)

**3. Increase 1 stitch before the centre marker, (I use knit forward back increases - kfb)
4. Next row: knit across the row and increase before the centre marker.**

Repeat these **two rows** to create a garter stitch square.
5. Measure along one side of the square as it grows.
6. When you reach 8 inches, you will know exactly how many stitches you will need to make a square for that yarn and those needles.
Now you know the number of stitches you need to cast on if you want to make Plain Jane garter stitch squares. (See the KAS pattern sections for lots of beautiful squares)

I have saved hours of time fussing over stitch gauges by making these mitred squares and they are pretty too! Happy knitting!



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