As you will all know, Ronda in South Africa needs funds to enable her and her wonderful team to continue distributing the blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys that we make and send.

We don’t like to keep asking members to contribute financially, but without the necessary funds, KAS SA would struggle to continue to help the vulnerable children.


We thought it would be a fun idea for members, and perhaps friends and family of our members, to plant a virtual ‘KAS Garden’ by donating $5 for each flower, fruit, vegetable, shrub or tree chosen.

Please choose something from the list and share with us the reason for your choice… it could be a favourite of yours, or a loved one, or perhaps a happy memory.

It may be that what you want isn’t on the list. If so, please tell us what you would like to plant. I hope we can also learn from each other, as what may be favourites in one country may not even grow in another!

It doesn’t matter at all if more than one person chooses the same flower; it will be nice to have something else in common with each other, in addition to our love for KAS.

We hope that over the next 6 weeks our garden will grow, and as it is a virtual garden, all things will grow well together, no matter what the season. The best thing is that there won’t be a bug in sight!

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Hello Frances, thank you so much for joining us in this fund raiser. Pansies are delighful flowers, they remind me of little faces :))

As I dont know if you have a colour preference, I thought you might like these......


When I was a girl, we had a lovely large apple tree in our garden. The blossom was pretty, the apples delicious and the tree was great for climbing! Happy memories.

Apple tree

What a lovely idea! I have planted and donated for my namesake - 3 different Heather shrubs. I love them! 

Thank you Heather for planting your namesake in the KAS garden and of course your donation! 

Please plant tulips for me.

Hello Arlene, are these pretty tulips in your garden? I’m very happy to plant some for you in our KAS garden.


Yes, these tulips are in my garden (the hazelnut tree branch shows at the top).  The 3 orange ones smell like oranges and apricots!

Well, at the end of our first week of planting, we have raised $95!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we have 5 weeks left to plant....... the more we plant, the greater the donation for Ronda and her team, to help enable them distribute warmth, a little joy and lots of love to the children during this SA winter.

I love flowers, I am paricularly drawn to those that are scented, so I want to plant some Sweet Peas, their  scent is my favourite........ having said that I love others too! 

Sweet Peas

So our fund raising so far is now $100

Oh my!  What beauty we are gatheting ... for ourselves and ultimately for the benefit of the children!

I have a special flower I would like to add to our KAS garden.  It's not on the list, but I know our gardener will find some :))

Years ago, my mother came home from a trip and when she got off the plane she was carrying several small bouquets of yellow Freesia.  She had brought some for each of us.  I had never seen or heard of them before, but I immediately fell in love with their fragile beauty and their subtle fragrance.

So in memory of my dear mother, and her gentle kindness, I would like to plant a Freesia, please ... xo

Glo, I am very happy to plant some yellow Freesias for you, thank you for sharing your special memory.

For special occasions, my son knows how much I love Freesias and he treats me to a bunch...... a few stems and the fragrance in a room is wonderful!

Freesias in memory of your mother.......

Oh, how I love the scent of fresias!  On of my daughters had white ones in her wedding bouquet.  Hyacinths,too, have a lovely scent when they are just one or two in a pot or are scattered through a garden. However, I once visited a bulb farm in Holland, and standing down wind from a 10 acre field of blooming hyacinths is just about enough to knock you over!



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Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

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