As you will all know, Ronda in South Africa needs funds to enable her and her wonderful team to continue distributing the blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys that we make and send.

We don’t like to keep asking members to contribute financially, but without the necessary funds, KAS SA would struggle to continue to help the vulnerable children.


We thought it would be a fun idea for members, and perhaps friends and family of our members, to plant a virtual ‘KAS Garden’ by donating $5 for each flower, fruit, vegetable, shrub or tree chosen.

Please choose something from the list and share with us the reason for your choice… it could be a favourite of yours, or a loved one, or perhaps a happy memory.

It may be that what you want isn’t on the list. If so, please tell us what you would like to plant. I hope we can also learn from each other, as what may be favourites in one country may not even grow in another!

It doesn’t matter at all if more than one person chooses the same flower; it will be nice to have something else in common with each other, in addition to our love for KAS.

We hope that over the next 6 weeks our garden will grow, and as it is a virtual garden, all things will grow well together, no matter what the season. The best thing is that there won’t be a bug in sight!

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Next Sunday 16th June, is Fathers Day in the UK.

My father liked scented red roses, so I am planting one in his memory in our KAS garden, and I’m also adding a poppy birdbath....

Oh my, only a couple of days left to complete our garden! Chris, could I have some Cosmos, please? (It's our township flower and the name of our local weekly newspaper).  I would also like some Chrysanthemums so that we have something blooming next fall.

Hi Anne, yes, our 6 week summer fundraiser is nearly at an end, but still time for some last minute planting!

I am very happy to do some planting for you :))



I had never heard of pretty!!

Chrysanthemums are our 'Mother's Day' flower....everywhere in the florists, garden centres, etc., always full of them at that pots, in bunches and floral arrangements.

LOVING Jane's pond.....and your very cute, poppy birdbath, Chris. I love scented roses...can never understand the attraction for those that aren't. 

Well, after 6 weeks of ’planting’ our KAS Garden, this is our last day, but it’s not too late, I  can still do some planting for you!

I would like to thank all the folk who have kindly contributed to our summer fundraiser and kept me busy gardening!
All of your donations will enable our volunteers in SA help the vulnerable children for whom who we knit and crochet.
It has been a pleasure being your gardener, ‘planting’ the wonderful array of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables, and adding garden furniture and even a cream tea!
It would appear that many of us have given thought as to what it would be like to meet in our KAS Garden; imaginations are a wonderful gift and they have certainly put the fun into fundraising! I have enjoyed ‘planting’ on your behalf, particularly when flowers were part of a special memory, or in memory of loved ones.

I would like to thank you all by planting some Protea flowers, the SA national flower, which symbolises change and transformation across cultures.

Please keep an eye on our ‘Planting a KAS Garden’ discussion for our our grand total raised and our ‘finale’ which is coming very soon.....

Thank YOU, Chris for a very fun and friendly fundraiser. It has been absolutely lovely to share memories and to read of the memories and memorials of others....and to view the flowers/plants of different parts of the world that may not be familiar or common in mine.

I look forward to, with much anticipation, the finale...but hey, no pressure.  :))  xo

Thank you Chris for all your hard work planting our garden.  I think I can say, on behalf of everyone, that you have certainly earned the

Thank you Bev and Anne for your kind comments x

Our grand total raised is a minimum of $335!

(I believe that some folk may have donated more than $5 per plant.)

Thank you everyone!

Our KAS Garden is now fully planted, I hope you will look closely and find your beautiful contributions..........

A special thank you to Andrea for creating our beautiful KAS Garden collage.

If you are wondering where our table and chairs are, complete with tea and scones, they are at the back of the KAS shop, under the shade of the cherry blossom tree, you can’t miss them, listen...... and the sound of chatting will guide you!

Thank you Chris for a beautiful floral display so I would like to buy you and Joan Humm some early birthday flowers! Jude xx

What a beautiful sight.  The photos of the children often bring tears to my eyes but, old softy that I am, I must admit that this did too. I'll pop round the back and get my cream tea before I embarrass myself further!

You are not on your own Patricia, seeing some of the photos of the children affects me in that way too. When Andrea sent me the collage (what a talented lady she is), I was able to look at each flower etc and remember who had planted them and why, (and my memory isn’t as great as it once was).

It was then that I realised that although this was a fundraiser, it was more than that, it had brought a lot of people together, all of us united in the desire to help vulnerable children, but in doing so, through flowers, we were able to share personal memories, especially of loved ones.  I have felt privileged to have been the ‘gardener’.



The Donate button provides 2 options:

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Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



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