As the header on my last blog was so out of date I have started a new one for the new year.

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Can I please remind everyone about the Galaxy fund chance to win £300 to buy wool for KAS details on the discussion thread at

Please keep voting at every week. I have updated our profile picture to bring us to the top of the list again - I am sure we can do this if all of the forum will help.  You can vote every week with all and every email address that you have.  Thank you - let's get £300 of wool for KAS.  You can be anywhere in the world to vote - this is not limited to UK emails - please vote every Monday for the next 12 weeks.  Thank you

Hi Pam - Happy New Year!

New year, new blog.... it doesn't get better than that!

I will move you previous one into the "Historical Meeting You and Member's Blogs" Category so it will always be accesssible and easy to find.

Fingers crossed (and poised over the 'vote' button) that you will win the yarn

Thanks Anne, the other one was looking very dated - it is 4 years since we moved home!  You will see from other posts that Elaine and I are off to a running start this year - about 5,000 squares to be packed later this month!

Happy New Year to you and yours and much appreciation for the great contribution you make to KAS.

Thanks, Pam.  You two seem to be bigger "square magnets" than I am.  Right now I have at least 1000 in what I used to think of as my den.  Have to hang on to them for a month since my annual fundraiser at the church is coming up and I like to have a mountain of bundled squares there to tug at the heart strings and the wallets. It's not the gathering of the squares or even the fundraising that's tough - for me it's the darn packing!!!!

I know the feeling - now that we send in bulk in vacuum bags it does make it easier and two of us together definitely lightens the load when packing.  We have lost our main fundraiser since the Yours Live event was cancelled so searching now for a replacement.

Hi Pam
I'm one of the volunteers who helps open post at KAS on a Thursday morning and it is the highlight of my week! A bit like unwrapping gifts, but without the need to take them home...opening, sorting, making blanket pack of 35, admiring and exclaiming, reading the notes to co-openers are part of a wonderful morning made possible by the busy hands and generous hearts of people like you right around the world.
Of course, every week when I leave, it is with some squares that are just calling to me to be matched and juggled and rearranged on the dining room table while I scrounge around my stash of squares for the elusive 'just right' square to slot in to complete it, or like yesterday, in quite miserable weather for sunny SA saw me knitting squares on size 10 needles in baby wool to fill in the gaps in this week's blanket. Today is the fun part - putting it together.
Here's to many more square days!

Would you please all spare a thought for the passing of a lady called Ethel Williams.  I have never met Ethel - she lives quite a way from me in Wales but heard about me collecting knitting for KAS from a friend.  For five years she has knitted sacks full of lovely squares and sent them to me via this friend, who only every leaves them on my doorstep - never rings.  Today there was a sack full with a note to say that Ethel has passed away.  I have always sent Ethel newsletters and thank you cards but feel sorry that I never met her to thank her for all of her wonderful squares.  So, wherever you are, thank you Ethel and may you rest in peace.

That is sad but also lovely to know that even after her passing her squares will do dome good and they hadn't gone to waste ,Rest in peace Ethel.
Oh Pam, she was a KASAngel. I'm sure Ethel (my husband's Gran was Ethel too) will be in the Great Blanket Room doing what she likes best.

Oh, Ethel. Thank you for all the squares you knit and for blessing the children with your love. Rest in peace, dear heart.

Dear Ethel what a treasure she was. Love to her family



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