Squares as always are what we need the most.

To make our lives easier, please only leave a tail 50 cms long. We bundle the squares into 50's and they can get into a terrible mess with very long tails.  We would appreciate it if these tails could be neatly butterflied and laid on top of the square and all other ends stitched in.

Send the squares flat with the tails neatly wound on top of the square.  Folded squares or rolled squares with the tails bound take a long time to flatten and sort.  

Neaten the ends. Some squares arrive with the end just snipped off and this may lead to a blanket unravelling.

Be creative - it is lovely to include one creative square in each blanket among the plain jane squares, so if your mood is creative do send us embroidered or other creative squares if you feel like it.  They add yet another dimension to our beautiful blankets.  And please send brightest colours, even luminous, where possible. However, all squares will be used no matter what the colour. We totally understand that using up old yarn is a common situation. Here is a link to the challenges to help with your creative sparkle, please join in! http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/categories/challenges-1/listFo...

Please include a note with your name, address, email address and a list of the contents of the package.


Yarn - please use yarn (either wool, acrylic, bamboo or cotton) which is soft or softish to touch. 

Square vests – please do not use the pattern from the website. The pattern will soon be removed and replaced with a Slip-Over pattern or a simple vest /tank top pattern, longer in body length. 

Newborn items – sorry for the confusion in this regard. We most definitely DO want newborn items, but our current stock is unbalanced in favour of small items at the moment so before the coming winter it would help enormously helpful for us to receive items in the pre-school/creche (2-8 yr) age group bearing in mind that this is the age-group to which we have greatest access.

Slip-Overs - these garments should definitely be made in soft, yielding yarn as they are either warn directly against the skin or are stretched over other items for added warmth.  They can be made thicker (with two strands of yarn) but perhaps then they should be knitted or crocheted on bigger needles. There are very specific instructions under the SLIP-OVER category on the forum.

Hats – at this point we need these items for children two years and older, again in line with our stock requirements going into winter. Please make sure that some of the hats are large enough to fit a two year old (proportionally a two year olds head is almost the size of an adult, so please keep that in mind when you are knitting/crocheting away!) – sizes medium and large preferred for the next few months.

Jerseys, cardigans, jumpers and baby clothes – again sorry for the confusion! Please keep sending these. We need them. Cardigans are perfectly acceptable in fact Ronda says “we love and adore these items”. As she explained, the very tiny sweaters as per the website pattern tend to have a high neckline which is not comfortable for very small babies. But “own” pattern items, specifically designed for infants are most welcome – plus bootees and mittens.  We have a large collection of teeny beanies at this point.


We love these! Please keep knitting them. Here is a link to the knit-a-long that we had last year: http://allfororphans.com/kascuddleknit-a-long/

Please send all of these items to OUR knit-a-square address, here is the link to our postal instructions page: http://www.knit-a-square.com/postal.html


Please ensure that NO VALUE, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE and FOR CHARITY ONLY is placed on your custom labels and parcels.  We have to pay a small mandatory handling fee on any box, so if your squares will fit, please send them in a package rather than a box.


Plastic rain ponchos - these are the most desired of all the 'slip-ins'. We will use every rain poncho sent for the children in the informal shack settlements. The rain comes in deluges and everyone in a shack would be saturated during a rain storm. The ponchos will be used during summer and winter to stay dry inside and outside. 

Stationery - pencils, erasers, sharpeners and ball point pens are most welcome. 

Toys – the toys go down an absolute treat as you would have seen from the photos on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Knitasquare . Please keep sending them!


As always KAS needs your donations, even just a small amount of money per month makes a big difference. Here is the link to our donations page. Every cent is used in South Africa to allow Ronda and our amazing volunteers to do the work that they are doing: http://www.knit-a-square.com/knit-a-square-donate.html

Two new projects: 

The first one requires funds for Ronda to buy school shoes for Africa Ablaze. Africa Ablaze are currently running a rural school shoe appeal. We do not want shoes sent because they are too heavy, expensive and will definitely incur duty. However, funds donated to KAS can be used toward this appeal, so if you feel like giving some rural children school shoes, please donate here: http://www.knit-a-square.com/knit-a-square-donate.html

The other project we are working with is Aurora Schools project, which is to try and beat the Guinness Book of World Records largest hand-made blanket which is 2500 sq metres (MASSIVE) by Mandela Day THIS year! We have promised them knitting needles and double-knit, or other suitable yarns, to get them started in March. We are getting publicity through their effort and have also promised 250 - 400 blankets to fill in IF required on the day, and also we will help them lay out and cobble together (loosely) the 35-square blankets so that they may be UNcobbled afterwards and distributed. Therefore, knitting needles and yarn are greatly needed as well as plastic and steel wool-sewing needles! (Please send these items to the usual KAS address).

So there you are, the official 2012 wish list. Thank you all for your patience, and please remember, this is just a "wish list" a guideline for what makes our lives easier. It does not matter if you have not done these things, please still send the goods anyway they will all be used!

Just a thought – we are promised SUCH a cold winter here, if people want to pop just one undervest (singlet ?) and one pair of sox in each parcel they would be very welcome indeed.

I have about 6 vests in stock, but of course they sit here waiting for sufficient numbers to gather before I can distribute them.

The sox are flying out – they are extremely popular !

Again, sizes 3 – 10 yrs in all items are the most useful just now.

Just a little reminder for the kind people who purchase them please to remove any price tags or plastic clips - as Customs regards these a saleable products, and, therefore subject to Duty!

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Can we send things like already made blankets?? My gma has a ton of blankets and ponchos that she never knows what to do with since she took up crochet to help her quit smoking.

That seems like an excellent idea. The main thing Teresa is not to bankrupt yourself with the cost of shipping them.  Maybe check with some of the girls on the USA Group as to the best method of posting them.  The reason we focus on squares is that it gives the Soweto Township Ladies the dignity of team-working with the global knitting family and, therefore, they are not being treated like victims.  I must say I've not heard of anyone taking up crochet to quit smoking - but it sounds like a very good idea, and better than switching to chocolate!

I've found some amazing deals on Easter plushies at Walmart and Walgreens (49 cents to $1.50). My mom has been searching stores as well.

Wow, what a great treasure hunter you two are, Elyse.  I love finding bargains on plushies.  I've had to stop trying to send the larger plushies as they just weight too much but I've got some great smaller ones to send and the large ones can go to the local Thrift stores for the kids here.   I've also bought some flannelette fabric to make a few of the triangular body stuffed dolls a member here has done, they'd be very lightweight and give me a nice change-up from crocheting for a bit and be very fast to sew up too.  Plus I've got all that quilt batting/stuffing just lying there!


Just found this post and it's certainly very helpful. I'll be sure to include sox in my next mailing.  I'm especially glad to know the age group that is most in need, so I can make the right size hats.


What do you mean by "butterfly" the tail?   In a different post I read to roll the squares, so I'm a bit confused.



Hi Toby.  "butterflying the tail of yarn" means rolling up the end, neatening it, and usually people wrap the yarn tail around it in a figure eight so it looks like a butterfly when it's done.  I just wind the 40-50cm yarn tail around two of my fingers, into a small "ball" or roll of yarn, remove it and with the end of that yarn wrap around the little yarn tail bundle, and tie it.  It looks neat and like a butterfly. Sometimes people poke a plastic yarn needle through the corner of the square and figure 8 wrap the yarn tail around that, but I can't find any photos of that right now, go figure. In South Africa they don't want the dangly loose yarn ends to get all tangled together, because it takes time to undo them all.  Hope that was clearer than mud!  Ronda also prefers us to send our squares flat rather than rolled. Here's a photo of the most common butterfly way.

earthy plain janes - June challenge

Child with a Soccer BallIt really does look like a butterfly, kind of.  :)

Hi Toby, Jeanne's description is very good about "butterfly" tails.  Here's a link to a step by step photo description of how to make the butterfly. ( I'm a visual person so like to "see" rather than "read" how to do things.)


Also, Ronda would like the hats to fit an adult head.  The children's heads are quite large by the time they are 4 years old.  Plus a child can wear the hat for many years if it is bigger.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Linda and Jeanne.  Both of your replies were a great help.  I've been stumbling around this website trying to find out various things and am so glad I found this blog.  Really appreciate the photos as I only have a dial-up connection and can't video most videos.  My part of Tennessee is significantly behind the time.

If I were to wrap metal knitting needles up well would they make it thought customs?

Dawn, I reposted your question on KAS - Questions, Answers & Help and there are a couple of responses.  Please use this link : http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/metal-needles

Hope it proves helpful.

Just won the bid for 20 plastic yarn needles on e-bay with free shipping to S.A.  It should arrive in about a month. Sent to the Soweto Comfort Club as I did before.


I forgot to add to the above. It only cost $3.19 and that incl. postage to S.A. for the plastic  needles.




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