Welcome to the November theme....           


STOP says the RED light

May - SINGLE-COLOR SQUARES - PJs & Textures - Radiant Reds

GO says the GREEN

October Theme: Anything Goes

WAIT says the AMBER/YELLOW light

17 Oct.2017 MAY 2015 THEME - Shades of yellow

Standing in between.

Plain Jane (garter or  single crochet or tunisian simple stitch) squares are the 'back bone' of all our blankets and in these traffic light colours, will add brightness and fun.

Zebra crossings (pedestrian crossings) are a good excuse for some black and white striped squares......

Hand-warmers - Celebrate Africa - February 2018 - September - Diagonals are Forever and Sassy Stripes JULY 2016 THEME - OPPOSITES ATTRACT 

Road signs in South Africa are in combinations of blue, red, white, green, yellow and black....more striping and Plain Jane opportunities.

Image result for south african road signs Image result for south african road signs

Not forgetting our picture squares......

  Yellow Truck TOY STORY - CAR SQUARE Cars

May 2017 Theme - Kids Love To Learn Granny Vehicles Let's Hear It For The Boys

March - Let's Heart it for the Boys - 2 Cars February 2015 Theme - Think like a kid

And the challenge is on again, folks......

Add a song to your theme contributions and you go into a draw for 3 x $25 vouchers to spend in the KAS Shop.

HAPPY knitting, crocheting, looming.  :))

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Well, I thought I replied to you yesterday, Chris, but it seems to have disappeared...or I didn't hit reply....lol. I am hoping that next time you play 'Speedy' on your scooter, someone is there to video Andrew....haha

Fantastic square, Bev. Great song . Thanks for the memories...

Dear Bev, your beautifully stitched squares always amaze me!  This is perfect ... crisp bright colors and a great addition to a child's blanket ... xo

Hello, Youngsters!

I have just spent a wonderful time catching up on all your creative additions to the theme.   I'm always amazed at the creativity of the hats, blankets, squares, and oversize squares posted here, and today is no exception.

I've also thoroughly enjoyed the musical contributions.   So many memories, and such good tunes.

Today I have a few plain janes, jazzed up a bit by the self-striping yarn, and one car square.   The car was made using Bev's favorite technique -- Swiss Darning (Duplicate Stitch).    I've always admired Bev's perfection in using this technique, but now that I've tried it again, I am totally and completely in awe of her ability.   It is HARD!   That's why you see bits of the underneath layer showing through.   I don't know how you do it, Bev.

So now let's cruise with Smokey Robinson:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlzY6cWpoMQ

You did good, Sharon!! LOVE your car and the colours in your squares....though I think we all know someone (Glo) who will enjoy them even more....lol.

Also, LOVE your song choice....I remember this one well......Smokey by name, smokey in voice....what a fab crooner. A great trip down memory lane...thanks.

I also like this later version by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow...


Great squares, Sharon.  Good for you tackling the duplicate stitch.  I think you've done extremely well and your cute little car will be a treasure for a little one to find in their blanket.

Now Bev, how could you possibly know I would love those incredibly gorgeous blue squares?  Have I,  perhaps on occasion, let slip that blue is a particular favorite of mine?  Hehehe ... xo

Definitely NOT, Glo....I'm psychic......hahaha.....xo

I love the perfectly stitched car and the colours. Beautiful squares!

This is probably my last contribution for this month, Bev, but let me say how much I have enjoyed it!   The creativeness and variety of projects just blows my mind, each and every month.   

For the boys, I have a Big Blue Truck to stimulate their imaginations.


Woo Hoo!! This is a FAB truck...LOVING the bright colours you have chosen, Sharon.  :))

Love, love, LOVE this song, too.....had it on my list. My son has been looking at me rather oddly, whist I do a little bop....thank goodness we are not corresponding via skype or facetime....I don't think my dancing is a pretty sight....lol.

That’s a stunner Sharon...the boys are going to love this one. 



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