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Thank you Bev! I also assumed they both were made in TC....but knowing Glo....always happy with her swing needles I made a guess....and recognized a little bit "the swing needle stitch"   :-)

Instead of crochet, knitting  is your favourite way to warm the children, so here we go:

Hahaha....thank you, Anneke....soooooo cute!!!

Thank you Glo! I don't have swing needles, but wil ask my woolshop whether they are familiar wth the technique AND the swing needles.

My dear Anneke, you don't need any special 'equipment' to do the swing needle technique.  It's handy to have the swing knitting needles but I doubt you will find them anywhere except the River John Needle Company in River John, NS, Canada :))  I had a video tutorial in our pattern book somewhere but I can't seem to find it. 

Here's a link to the video I made for the RJNC a while back:

As I said, it's handy to have these particular needles.  But if you don't, you can just use circular needles or regular double-pointed needles.  With dpns, all you need to do is to place a point protector over the end you are not using and remove it each time the same way you would with the ball on the actual swing needles.

Also, you can use almost any stitch combi and come up with your own unique design.  In essence, what you're doing is knitting two rows in one direction, turning your work and knitting two rows in the other direction.  You work from two separate balls of yarn - either the same color and same yarn, or you can use two different colors and even two different yarns.  

It's just a really fun way to create a different look with your knitting!  I hope you try it because I know you would create some gorgeous pieces :o))  xo

A very happy coincidence......we went to a neighbouring town, yesterday and 'just happened' to visit a shop that sells yarn (amongst other crafts) friend, Kym had told me they had a sale on Caron Cakes. I have never seen CCs in there before.I bought my first ever two and can't wait to knit them! In some of their clearance crates they had a set of point protectors. I have never seen them before. I bought the dpns to try the swing needle technique about a year ago, but didn't know of point happy gal !!

WOW!  That is a happy coincidence, Bev.   I guess it was our day for yarning (among other things :))  I hope you like the Caron Cakes as much as I do.  They make up into the softest and warmest squares - 20% wool.  What colors do you have?

And with the swing needle technique you can use two at once!  I am so anxious to see a Caron Cake square made with your swing needles :)

BTW, I found the video and the couple of patterns I added as well.  They're all in Members' Patterns.  Silly me, I was looking in the wrong place ... xo

Sorry if I mislead you, Glo....I  thought I would use the swing needle technique for December's happy scrappies, now that I finally have got together all the 'tools' to create 'swing' squares.   :))))

The cakes I bought are, Funfetti (purples, hot pink, orange and yellow) and Red Velvet (reds and some  'beige-neutral-type' shades). I thought I would make them into long strips, so don't hold your

Thank you for including the links to swing knitting, as I couldn't remember where I had seen them, either.  :))

I love your CC color choices, Bev!!  I've used both of them and they're both beautiful. 

I made a shawl in Funfetti for the RJSK to sell to raise postage money.  I also made one using Red Velvet for a friend's birthday. Jude will remember that one 'cause she modelled!  (BTW Jude, I sewed the button on it right where you suggested ;)

I guess I'll have to wait a while to see your swing needle creations, but that's okay.  Between you and Anneke, we have something to look forward to.  Good luck, ladies ... xo

Thank you Glo! The video is perfect, now I understand how to do this. You have put a lot of effort in making the video! My yarn shop has point protectors, so I can give it a try :).....and I have double pointed needles at home :-)

I love variegated yarn and one of my favourites is the variegated aran I have used in this blanket; I love it's colours, texture and it's very reasonable price! The aran used for the two shades of teal  in the stripes is very smooth and soft.

As always, my little dog Jess is my quality control :))

WOW Chris, this is absolutely gorgeous!!  And darling Jess has a look in her eye that says, "Perfect, Mum" ... :))) xo

A gorgeous blanket, Christine. Love the colors combination. Thanks, Christine, Thanks, Jess!!



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