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Welcome to the November Challenge!


We have had our first snowfall here in Eastern Canada, and it won’t be long before shopping centres are full with Christmas decorations and all sorts of toys and games. What better time to put our crafting creativity into fun, toy-themed squares for our children!


Classic toys and games like these might be a good start.




Do you have a special memory of a favourite toy or game from your childhood? That could be a wonderful inspiration for squares!


And, don’t forget our favourite toy – crayons. Why you ask?

Why, to make crayon-coloured Plain Janes, like these beauties from Anne P., of course!


After you have had fun and games with your toy and game squares, why not try a Teddy Bear?


Our Pattern of the Month is the wonderful Teddy Hand Puppet designed in knit by Shelley Pearson and in crochet by Andrea Palmatier.

I have never made a knit toy, but I am going to give it a try this month. Won’t you join me?


You will be able to visit our Square Art Galleries here:

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KAS Reaches New Heights for Children

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Here are 6 more crayon coloured Plain Janes. 

The bottom right square is actually a deep,  rich "Cadbury" purple but it seems to look more blue on my screen! 

I have been planning my projects for this challenge for months now. This is the first one finished! Since I had never knit a toy, I decided to start with something small. It's a combination blankie/toy. It really is nothing more than a diagonal square with a head and ears, very easy! This is a free Lion Brand pattern.

Knit here

Crochet here

I do wish I had Bev's help for the face. I don't think I'll ever master embrodiery on knit fabric!

Bear square number 2.... :) - I'm a bit happier with this one. The bear is in dark purple yarn (not black) and he's all by himself with his arms outstretched, so I think he's ready for a hug. Bev, looking forward to your version :) - I did a search for teddy bear knit charts and was surprised at how few I could find, but I like this one. Gloria, I knitted the motif as I went along... that's probably why I ended up getting so cross with my first square as I kept getting horribly tangled. This was much simpler with just two balls of wool to cope with. I shortened his arms a bit too. x

Meet Spot the Doggy Puppet

Here is a little ABC Block ... it has  A   B   C on these three faces, and 1   2   3  on the other three.   It is filled with a block of foam, like that used in sofa cushions, so it is quite light-weight (it doesn't hurt if it hits you in the face), and it even bounces. (probably better not to ask how I would know such things)

I wanted to try a crocheted toy but am still not very good at following patterns, so I decided to experiment with something very simple of my own. I've called it a Roly-Poly. I know they're very basic, but I hope the children will enjoy cuddling them. 

This is my first entry for this challenge. It was actually a toy for the September challenge but well, I needed more scraps for the stuffing. I used whatever yarn scraps I could find to stuff it, and then wraped cloth around it so the scraps aren't visable, and you can't pull them through the holes. Very squishy and a little bouncy, :). It's about 5 inches in diameter.

Toy car

My 2nd  play block, which I think of as Valerie's Block, because I just loved her blanket squares with the bright circles in the middle  (http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/psychedelic-blanket?context=la...)

Let's Play Catch

Baby Puppet Blanket Combo:  The baby's arms are hollow and little fingers can fit in them through the back of the blanket (which is attached to the baby).

For various reasons I have been late coming to this challenge.  As ever I am amazed and so impressed by the creativity of the KAS team.  Here is my first Teddy, together  with some crayon colour squares.. . 



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