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Hello everyone,

I'm Jen. I live in Colorado, originally from the UK via Texas!

in a bid to reduce my stash I started looking for ideas and came across KAS.

I've been knitting squares ever since and have just finished my first 35.

I was inspired by a small ball of pink and green camo yarn that I had and have made all the squares using shades of pink and green that I had. I've attached a photo of the squares roughly laid out. Still need to work on the butterflies.

I have discovered that the different yarns (all worsted/aran weight) made for slightly different sizes of square so although I photographed them all together I'm thinking they may end up in different blankets when they are sewn up .. but that's OK as long as they can be used! I've made notes on tension so that I can get better at true 8"x 8"

I do have a couple of questions:

I seem to have a lot of cream/white/beige yarn in my stash .. is it OK to make plain squares from these light colours or would it be better to use them in stripes/patterns? Just thinking of keeping things looking clean!

Is it OK to mix yarn types, that is acrylic, wool/acrylic, 100%wool .. again just thinking if they get washed some squares may shrink.

Is there more demand for boy or girl blankets? I noticed a thread on pastels, would greys, blacks and blues work if mixed with some brighter reds, yellows for example?

Hope I'm not over thinking!

Back to the knitting :)



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Jen thank you so much for joining our happy band of knitters !  Your blanket is a beauty !!! Any colours, any wool or acrylic is fine. I know what you mean about keeping things clean !!  I t's up to you if you want to stripe them to look better for longer !! Do put up photos on the photos tb or in the monthly theme, we love to se what people are making .

Oh Jen, I agree with Sue!  Your squares are beautiful!  She has answered your questions, so I won't bore you by repeating it all ... LOL  I will just repeat one thing ... thank you for joining us and we would love to see your work whenever you can post photos :) xo

What a great blanket Jen. Green and pink go so well together.  Welcome to the world of KAS.  I cannot wait to see more of your work.

Here is Jen's blanket.  What great colour combinations, Jen!

Just a note - I find the easiest way to figure out tension is to make a mitred square. You automatically get the 8x8 shape with any gauge, you get the stitch count and you get a square to start with!
I stopped doing test gauges and started doing mitred squares with new yarn for any projects (test for a sweater -make a mitred square for KAS).
Ps. I like mitred squares too, so a win-win!

same for the diagonal! no worries about guage!

Personally I  avoid cream and white because I suspect the blankets will be washed rarely so stick to bright colours. But striping would make it less of a problem.

oh and re slighlty different sizes when I sew up blankets I find i can ease them along a bit so slightly different sizes arent' a problem sewing up. Its when they are majorly out it becomes a problem!

Thanks for the tip Arlene,

I just found the pattern on this site ... I've only knit mitred squares starting with max stitches and decreasing .. can't believe I didn't think to do it the other way!

Now I'm even more excited to get started on more squares... I'm just finishing my butterflies on my first batch then I'll sort out yarn for blanket #2

Have a great weekend


Beautiful work, Jen....so pretty, together.......and all that pink (one of my fave colours) is just yum!!!



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