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Felt Finger Puppets


This is the basic pattern for my felt finger puppets - see below



A Simple Teddy Bear - Patricia Smith

I have been searching the web for an easy teddy bear pattern. This one looks perfect! I'll let you know how I do!

I only just took up knitting after decades away and a garter stitch teddy is a great idea.  When I get one done I will certainly let you know.  Thanks for this pattern, it does not look intimidating at all.

Xs and Os/Noughts and Crosses

4.50 mm hook ( gauge not important )
4 yarn colours. Divide colour B into 3 balls.

Game board:
Ch 33 . 
Row 1: With A, sc in 10 sts, change to colour B(ball 1 ), 1 sc in next st; change to colour A, sc in next 10 sts; change to colour B(ball 2), 1 sc in next st; change to colour A, sc in next 10 sts (32 sts)
Rows 2-12: repeat row 1( Do not cut off yarn)
Row 13: Change to colour B (ball 3), sc in each stitch across. End (32 sts)
Row 14: Return to the beginning of row 13. Change to colour  A, working in back loop of stitch, sc in each stitch across (32 sts)
Row 15-25: repeat row 1
Row 26: repeat row 13
Row 27: repeat row 14
Row 28-38: repeat row 1
Row 39: Change to colour B, sc in each stitch across. End.

Make a plain square.
Ch 33.  Sc in each st across. Continue in sc until square is the same length as the game board.   This will be attached to the back of the game board as a pocket to store the game pieces.
Place the plain square, wrong side up.  Place game board on top, right side up.  Sc around 3 edges to create a pocket. If adding a carrying strap do not cut off.

Carrying strap (optional):  Make a chain long enough for a comfortable length.  Join to other side.Turn. Sc in each st of chain.  Join to squares.

Game pieces
Xs ( make 10 )
Ch 10 sts.  Sc in each st ( 9 sts) End.
Place 2 into an “X” and sew together in the centre.
Os (make 5)
Ch 2.  6 sc in the second chain from hook.  Slipstitch to top of first stitch.(6 sts)
Rnd 2: Ch 1; 2 sc in each st.  Slipstitch to top of first stitch (12 sts)
Rnd 3: Ch 1; sc in next st; 2 sc in next st; repeat around circle. Slipstitch in top of first stitch. (18 sts)
Tuck in all ends.

Please include Instructions on how to play the game:

Object of the Game: To be the first player to get three (3) of their playing pieces in a row – horizontally, diagonally, or vertically.
How to play Noughts and Crosses
1)  Choose which player will be represented by X and which by O.
2)  Let player X go first. He or she may put an X in any of the nine sections of the grid.
3)  Have player O go next.
4)  Alternate until either there are three in a row of one symbol or the grid is filled and no one has won.

Finger Puppets - Mary Kristel Lokken


I started with a chain of 8 or 10 (depending on yarn), joined with a slipstitch to the first chain, and then worked stitches in rounds to make a tube until it was long enough to cover a child's finger... work stitches together at top to close. Then I used some fun yarn to make hair by attaching a tassle to the top, and embroidered eyes and mouth...

Easy and so much fun, and a great way to use up bits of funny yarn!

What I love about this pattern is a tube is incredibly easy and fast to do, it uses up snippets of yarn and the possibilities are endless for what these puppets will look like.  Bravo!  I am very encouraged by these little fellas and gals (I do think the grey one lower right is a girl, too cute eyes and lips for a guy)

 I've printed this pattern off as it's perfect if I'm working on a larger piece and getting bored. I can just whip one of these off and then return to the larger work refreshed! 



Cut the spines 1.5" and add to one side of square then join another square the othe side of spine so you have one long piece. Do this to all, if you have 8 squares you with have 4 panels.


Put 2 panels  right sides together make sure when you open pages they are all going the right way.

Sew all around and leave a gap so you can turn them to the right side. Sew up gap and iron.


Do the same to the rest, when all done put one panel on top of the other like an open book and sew down the middle of the spine. Do this twice.

Thats it.



I often see nicely printed panels of fabric in our local quilt shop and wondered what to do with them.  Now I know!  These are also perfect "quiet" books for little ones in church.  I think I'll print this off and save it for my next trip to the quilt fabric store, my daughter is always going there.

I like these much better I think than making paper books as I feel mine will last longer this way. :)

Snuggle Square (Original Pattern)


It is best suited to a knitter with some experience. You need to be familiar with increasing, knitting in the round with double pointed needles, and picking up stitches.


If there is anything in here which doesn't make sense or which is otherwise wrong or misleading, please let me know so I can either explain it or fix the pattern!


Very cute indeed.  I'm not there yet with the knitting but I love the yarn colors and particularly those big cute eyes!

Pink teddy from Marina Kohler



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The complete alphabet!



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