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Please note:  some of the patterns below are older and do not include instructions for leaving tails.

Ronda has requested that we now leave a 50cm/20" tail for sewing squares together. Please butterfly the tail to the square.  Instructions for this and an illustration can be found at



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STRIPED PJ designed for Knit-a-Square by Anneke (The Netherlands)

Squares in plain colours are the backbones for creating a nice blanket.


This stitch pattern creates a gently textured square, and can easily be adapted for any yarn or gauge.


I used:

Needles number 8US/6UK/5mm and chunky yarn

cast on 32 stitches

5 rows garter stitch


Row 1. knit

Row 2. k3, purl until the last 3 stitches, k3

Row 3. knit

Row 4. k3, purl until the last 3 stitches, k3

Rows 5-8. Knit

Repeat rows 1 - 8

end with rows 1-4 and 5 rows garter stitch.

Please find here the link to the website of the Diagonal Rib Stitch Pattern: http://www.simple-knitting.com/diagonal-rib-stitch.html

Diagonal Rib Stitch Pattern:
Multiple of 4 stitches over 8 rows
Row 1 and 2 (right side and wrong side respetively): *Knit 2, Purl 2; repeat from * to end of row.
Row 3: Knit 1, *purl 2, knit 2; repeat from * until 3 stitches are left, K2, purl 1
Row 4: Purl 1, * knit 2, purl 2; repeat from * until 3 stitches remain, knit 2, purl1.
Row 5: *Purl 2, knit 2; continue pattern from * to end of row
Row 6: Same as row 5
Row 7: Same as row 4
Row 8: Same as row 3
Knitting rows 1 - 8 will create this pretty pattern.

Great website, on the left side of the page are more lovely patterns to find for the knitters amongst us.

Diagonal Beads

I received a very pretty donated square that looked like this and I have tried to work out the pattern. (Knitting the square was easier than writing the pattern - please let me know if you have a problem with it.)

I posted this pattern yesterday and Gloria found a glitch in the instructions (thanks, Glo) and then I found a typo in row 6 - so this is the corrected pattern. If you printed off the first pattern posted, please discard and print off this corrected pattern.


Pattern - Diagonal Beads

Cast on multiple of 6 stitches plus 2 extra

Row 1 - Knit

Row 2 - K1, *P5 K1, repeat from * to last stitch, P1

Row 3 - *P1 K5, repeat from * to last 2 stitches, P1 K1

Row 4 - P2, *K1 P5, repeat from * to end of row

Row 5 - K4, P 1, *K5 P1, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, K3

Row 6 - P4, K1, *P5, K1, repeat from to last 3 stitches, P3

Row 7 - K2, P1, *K5 P1. Repeat from* to last 5 stitches, K5

Continue pattern, repeating the sequence of Rows 2-7 until square measures 8 inches, ending on whatever row you are on.

Cast off in K.

I received a square like this from one of my knitters and fortunately found a pattern online (or I never would have been able to figure it out - forgot to bookmark the URL, so I can't even give credit to the pattern maker - oops)



Cast on a multiple of 8 stitches plus one extra stitch

Row 1   (right side) Knit 4, *P 1, K 7; repeat from * until 5 stitches remain, P 1, K 4

Row 2 and 8:  (Wrong side) P3, *K1, P 1, K1, P 5; repeat from * until 6 stitches remain, K 1, P 1, K 1, P 3

Row 3 and 7: K 2, *P 1, K 3; repeat from * until 3 stitches remain, P 1, K 2

Row 4 and 6: P 1, *K 1, P5, K 1, P 1. Repeat from * to end of row

Row 5: *P 1, K 7; repeat from * until 1 stitch remains, P 1

Row 8: P 3, *K 1,P 1,K 1, P 5; repeat from * until 6 stitches remain, K 1, P 1, K 1, P 3

Repeat rows 1-8 until square measures 8 inches.


I made this square using worsted weight yarn and 5mm needles.

Cast on 32 stitches

Row 1 - Knit

Row 2 - K4, *P4K6 to last 8 stitches. P4, K4

Row 3 - Knit

Row 4 - Purl

Row 5 - K3, *P6K4 to last 9 stitches, P6, K3

Row 6 - Purl

Row 7 - Knit

Repeat Rows 2-7 until square measures 8 inches.

Cast off

Birthday Cake

Pattern is 1sc 2dc all in the same stitch, skip two stitches, repeat. Next row, do the same thing in each 1sc stitch.

I used 40 chains (multiples of 3 + 1) with a US F5/3.75 hook.  I did the first cluster (1sc 2dc) in the 2nd chain from the hook.  


V-Stitch ZigZag

Pattern here:
Note: I used a US size F5/3.75mm hook and chain 45.

A number of members (including me) have found  that when knitting diagonal squares there is a tendency for them to appear 'kite-shaped'. It doesn't really matter as when they are joined they stretch and fit but it is a bit disappointing for the knitter. I thought that it was caused by the decreases resulting in a looser row end than the  increases so I tried using the 's1, k1, psso' method and found it did result in a squarer square. Here's what I wrote out for Sharon for whom it also works:

Cast on 3

S1, inc by kfb in the next stitch, knit to end of row.

Repeat until the side measures 8"

S1, k1, psso, knit to end of row

S1, k1, psso, knit to end of row

(2 corners have been made, with only 1 slipped stitch to make them more pointed) so then continue -

S2, k1, pass 2nd stitch over, knit to end

Repeat this row until 5 stitches remain

S2, k2tog, psso, k1

S1, k2tog, psso

Cut yarn and pull the stitch so that the tail is through the stitch. 

[It isn't imperative to slip the first stich of every row - it works if you don't but that's just how I do it.]

Yay - I applied  myself to this technique and it worked out beautifully - thanks ever so much for the tip.

Here's my pattern for the PERFORATED RIBBING square.   The pattern has been adapted with a couple of rows of garter stitch to make it easier when sewing square together as it's a lacy pattern.

With double knit yarn and 4mm needles cast on 43 stitches.

Work 2 rows in garter stitch (knit every stitch)

Continue in pattern as follows.

ROW 1. K2,  P1,  K1,  P1,  *yrn,  P3tog,  yrn,  P1,  K1,  P1,  repeat from * to last two stitches,  K2.

ROW 2. K2,  K1,  P1,  K1,  *P3,  K1,  P1,  K1, repeat from * to last two stitches, K2.

ROW 3. K2,  P1,  K1,  P1,  *K3,  P1,  K1, P1,  repeat from * to last two stitches, K2.

ROW 4.  As row 2.

Repeat these four rows until work measures just under 8 inches, work 2 rows in garter stitch (knit every stitch) then cast off.

Leave a 20 inch tail for sewing together and butterfly tail before sending to KAS.

Thank you for posting this pattern!

I think this would also be nice for a hat for the needy.



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