This is my first time sending squares and I was wondering how many squares people send at a time.  Also I live in Canada and was wondering how much difference in cost it is to send by air mail or by boat.   

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Hi Mary. 

I usually send by seamail and the more I send at once, the cheaper it works out, but I know this is not the same for every country. Perhaps Linda, Glo or Anne (all Canadians) may be able to answer this one.  :))

I'll send them your discussion link.

Hello Mary.  I am a member of the River John Square Knitters in River John, Nova Scotia, Canada :)  We package our squares in 2kg packages and send them "small packet".  As a rule, we get about 60 squares in one package ... give or take a square or two.  It will depend on the weight of individual squares as some will weigh a bit more or less than others.

Here's a link to the Find-a-Rate site for Canada Post.

We use a kitchen scale to weigh our packages before heading off to the P.O.  I haven't been the one dropping the packages off at the P.O. lately, but I believe we are paying around $36. per 2kg package.

First-time mailing is a bit nerve-wracking ... I remember :)))  I hope this helps ... xo

Hi Gloria,

I finally have enough squares that weigh just below 2 kg.  This will be my first mailing!  I am going to be mailing them from Ontario so I know what to do at the Post Office.  I am still not sure how to package them up.  Do you pack them in a box?  There were some comments that they arrive smelly due to them getting wet during transport. Do you wrap them in something? 


Good for you, Mary!!!  I remember mailing my first parcel and how excited (and plesaed with myself ;) I was :)

If you check our "Let's Talk Shop" discussion, you will find where I've gone into detail about how we package up our squares.  I tried to copy the link for you here but I can't get it to work :(

I think there was something said about wrapping them tightly in Saran wrap that left them smelling bad when opened.  We have never used that method.  Travelling 'sea mail' they need to be protected from dampness, thus the plastic-lined paper or Ziploc bags.

Good luck! and once you've mailed them, you'll be anxiously watching the Blanket Room and Sorted in South Africa for a glimpse of your work there ... xo

Not sure how to get to “Let’s Talk Shop”.  

If you click on "Main Page" above and then look at the discussions down the center of that page, you'll see a discussion called Let's Talk Shop.  Click on that and scroll down to my post.  Sorry I can't link you to it :( ... xo

Ooooh - well done on getting your first parcel together.  You have no idea how excited you will be when you see that it has arrived, in the Squares Received section.  I know I am still really thrilled when I see mine have arrived!

Hi Mary, Glo has given you very good advise.  It is exciting yet 'terrifying' to send off that first parcel.  We, in Canada, all use seamail as airmail is too expensive and as parcels are arriving all the time in South Africa, it doesn't matter when your parcel arrives.  It will usually take about 6 to 8 weeks [but I've had parcels take 6 months ] so don't despair if it seems a long time for your parcel to appear on the Squares List.

I imagine Bev has already given you the Postage link but I'll post it just in case.  It has information on how to send your squares and also a Canadian section with a few tips.

Thank you so much Bev, Gloria and Linda that was very very helpful!  I was anxious to send out my first batch but originally I wasn’t even thinking it could be sent by seamail (I did read about the 2 kg but I assumed it would be air mail and was afraid how much it would cost).  Of course I would like to get them there sooner rather than later but I will wait until I have the 2 kg (will have to make plenty more) but around $36 is a relief.   

Thank you, Glo and Linda for your 'Canadian expertise'.  :))

Love. love, love how we are able to help each other out.....K-A-S sisters rock!!



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