The suggestion for the KASCuddle came from Helen Flagg who developed the pattern for the knitted version. The crochet pattern was developed by Anne Powell. Originally, these were made in a smaller size, but Ronda has requested some changes and the new requirements are shown in the patterns below and supercede ALL previous ones on our various sites.


The KASCuddle is designed to be an outer garment, like a “little sleeping bag” to be used over whatever clothing the baby might be wearing.  The size (30" circumference, 35" long) will make it useful for babies up to the age of about 9 months. The ‘cuff’ or ‘collar’ can be rolled up to lay younger babies’ heads on, or rolled down as the babies grow. 


For our South African babies, it can be used both during the day when the baby is being carried, or as a sleep sack at night, when many of these babies sleep on the ground snuggled beside their caregivers. For these little ones, the KASCuddle has the advantage of staying in place at night, unlike a blanket which can be kicked off.


These are very simple garments to make, and are much needed. Have fun with them and be as creative as you wish..Feel free to experiment with colour, stripes,cables - whatever - but we recommend that this garment be made with soft “baby friendly” yarn in a close weave such as garter stitch or single crochet so there are few gaps and maximum warmth.  Both patterns call for using a two strands of worsted weight yarn



If you make a KASCuddle and post a photo in the Photo section, please consider posting a note and the photo in this discussion as well.  Our Photo section has grown so alarmingly that things are hard to find, so inserting your KASCuddle here as well will inspire others.




Finished dimensions: 30" circumference, 35" length including ribbed cuff . Note: The entire KASCuddle is worked with 2 strands of yarn



Suggested yarn: 21oz.  worsted weight yarn such as wool, acrylic-wool blend, or acrylic.

Suggested needle size: US 13 (9mm) circular needle 29 inches (70cm)







Cast on 82 stitches using the Long Tail Cast-On. 

If you are not familiar with this technique, there’s an excellent video at  www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/long-tail-cast-on  Or if you prefer to work from a diagram, check out the instructions at www.butlercountryknit.com/longtail.pdf


Step 1 the collar

Row 1: K2, P2 across the row

Row 2: P2, K2 across the row

working flat repeat rows 1 and 2 until your collar measures 5" from the cast-on edge


Step 2  joining the work in the round

Be sure to begin with 2 knit stitches when you join the ends of the collar.  If you are presented with 2 purl stitches, knit another row of P2 K2.

Once the ends of the collar are joined, continue knitting around on the circular needlethe  until the body of the Cuddle is 30 inches long


Step 3: Bind off your KASCuddle using your preferred method


Step 4: Sew the front and back together so the bottom is closed and flat..  Using a tapestry needle, weave in any tails of yarn and you’re done.









Finished dimensions: 30" circumference, 35" length including  cuff   Note: The entire KASCuddle is worked with 2 strands of yarn



Suggested yarn: 21 oz. Worsted weight yarn such as wool, acrylic-wool blend, or acrylic

Suggested hook size: 6mm


 Yarn requirements depend on  your crochet tension. After making one, you will have a better idea of how much you need.  Note: this is also a good way to use up some of the yarns in your stash by using stripes.







Chain loosely 78 chains (foundation row)

Step 1: the collar

Row 1 - SC into second chain from hook and SC across row.

Row 2: same as Row 1

Continue until work measures about 1" then measure width.  The piece should measure 30" - but since yarn weight and individual tensions vary, it is a good idea to measure at this point. This is a good place to stop and assess in case you need to adjust the number of stitches you are using.

Continue in SC until you have completed a strip 5" from beginning row. This forms the 5"x 30" cuff.


Step 2: - Join 2 ends of work with a slip stitch and continue working in SC until work

measures 35 “ long from beginning row, including collar.  End off.


Step 3: Sew the front and back together so the bottom is closed and flat..  Using a tapestry needle, weave in any tails of yarn and you’re done.










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Thanks very much for the updates Anne! I'm going to get started this week!

Excellent, Laurie..... these are fun to do.. and I understand Ronda would like to have a supply before going into the SA winter.  Do post a photo here whenyou're done.  It's such fun to see  what others are doing.

Thanks very much for the updated version. I have this lovely Aran wool which is perfect for a cuddle :)

Sounds like a very snuggly cuddle, Gita.  Do pop a photo into this discussion when you're done.... things tend to get lost in the photo section since it is now so large.

Sure, will do. The wool is in a lovely tomato red :)

I finished this cuddle yesterday evening. It took me altogether 3 evenings to knit the cuddle with the new dimensions. I also ran out of wool and had to make a plan ;)


I'm half way through a new size cuddle but have cast on 86 stitches as I'm quite a tight knitter and am using 2 strands of  a thickish yarn. Will post a photo when I've finished - these are just so addictive!

Hello.  I am new to this site and have a question re: long tail cast on.  My fingers will not allow me to do this, if I cast on with a loose stitch would this be acceptable


Anything you do is acceptable as long as the final dimensions are close to what they should be and your finished product is warm and sturdy =)!

Thanks Rachel now I can start.

Hi Elizabeth.... a loose cast-on will be fine.  Hope you have fun making your cuddle.....  I did the crochet version in the photo above in 3 days.... I was in a rush to get this discussion posted... but I wouldn't try that speed again... by the end my hands were numb....  Next one I do I will just relax and enjoy.  Hope you will post o photo of your cuddle when it's finished

I've just found a barely started UFO Cuddle from ages back and have decided to rescue it so now that's been frogged and is being redone by me to the new measurements, and in a warmer stitch too.  Hope to post a photo when it's done.  Thanks for this update. :)



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