This wonderful square by Patricia Underwood is just one of the many contributions to this month's theme "Four Seasons"

Susan Donaldson is bringing us Spring, summer, fall and winter all in one month.

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1. A parcel containing hand-warmers arrived from the UK recently with a customs value of 12GBP[$15.60US]. This means there are customs duties to be paid on that amount. Also KAS have 3 parcels languishing at the PO because the combined customs charges are R1500. [R1500=$105US or 80GBP] Sadly there is no possibility of KAS being able to pay this amount for 3 parcels to be released.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to write 0 or 1 as the value on the customs declaration to ensure parcels get through to KAS without hindrance.

PLEASE READ this information BEFORE sending a parcel:…/topi…/postage-information-1

You can help support KAS by making a donation

or purchasing from the KAS Shop 

2.The local Postmaster has told KAS that in late October/November we can expect massive posts to come through as there is still a BACKLOG from the July postal strike. The central depot is completely swamped and they are working around the clock. KAS is braced for the deluge! People should not be anxious about their parcels as they will reach KAS…eventually.

In July, KAS was awarded an official trademark.

While we know that KAS is global in its participation, our services are used in South Africa.  In every distribution it is noted that the blankets are created from squares that have been mailed from all over the world.  With the trademark, KAS now has tags that are sewn on each blanket.  This is done by volunteers on sorting day.

Please remember that we have beautiful artwork for digital purchase that was posted last month, too, in the KAS Shop.

Please note that, for data protection reasons Knit-a-Square is no longer naming the creches where distributions are taking place,

just the location area.

This decision has been taken after advice, and, we know that members will understand, especially when it comes to protecting the children. 

Thank you.

Mabel In Soweto - June 2018

Estelle and Athele Distribution to Children's Home

Wandi's Distribution in Soweto

Chapter 9 in the KAS Story is all about the Forum. 

The KAS Forum went live on May 18, 2009, and had 250 members within the first 24 hours, it has been growing ever since.  

To see what has come into the barn this month click HERE.

KAS is a global organization and what makes it special is when KAS crafters travel and meet up with other KAS members for crafting laughter and sharing.  It is amazing how this cause brings us together.  Gloria Grandy, in Canada,  had two visitors in September, one from the UK and the other from the USA.  Click here to read all about it.

Amy from the USA met with the River John's Square Knitters, too.

The KAS barn has been filled with lots of activity, boxes and goodies.  To see all the toys, squares and hand-warmers that have come in this month, please click KAS Barn.

We are making a virtual Fruitcake for Ronda and the children in South Africa.  We need your to help purchase all the ingredients.

This FRUITCAKE is tasty and will help raise much needed funds.  You can also get the recipe for your own baking use this holiday season.

Thanks to a very generous donation, the Shop figures for September were $948.82! Get the Motor Running was a very popular item last month, as was Pay the Office Rent.

More items will be added soon – keep those ideas coming so we can stock the shelves in time for Christmas giving.


Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!

Four new sorting tables were purchased and, according to Ronda, it has made the world of difference for everyone to have more space.

The deficit was better this month, just over $400 US. But we still do have an issue with postal fees.

From Ronda: "…one of (the) parcels is languishing at the PO waiting to be cleared of customs tariff of more than R500. There are four parcels waiting at the moment, all of which have been there for 2-4 months now. The system does not seem to be working !"

R500 is over $34 US. These costs really accumulate and add to our monthly deficit.

The September 2018 Squares List is available.

Because of the heavy workload for the small KAS Team, hats, handwarmers and toys will not be recorded anymore, but please keep sending them because they are desperately needed. In the 2018 Squares List the names of the senders, number of parcels and number of squares will be recorded. Please fill in the Packing Slip completely.

Please note that the office is inundated with packages and items on a weekly basis. The volunteers do their best, but it's impossible for them to list every single item that is sent. All efforts are made to list every parcel received. We thank you for your understanding.


The focus for 2018 and for some time to come will stay as is:

Squares for blankets, hats, handwarmers and cuddly soft toys.


In September we received a total of 4.933 squares, equal to 140 blankets.

In total 110.049 squares, equal to 3.144 blankets.

Many other items were received, such as hats, handwarmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

To see more details, please click HERE


The local Postmaster at Bryanston told us that in late October/November we can expect those MASSIVE posts to come through as there is still a backlog  from the JULY POSTAL STRIKE, this might be good news for people wondering about their parcels. For more info please click HERE



This month we share a post from January 2011 by Erica Smith.  In it she addresses Manfred Max-Neef's Fundamental Human Needs and how KAS fulfills those needs to the children in South Africa.  This page is a good reminder of the impact we are having on so many lives.

Erica Smith Post

We wish to send a very warm welcome to our newest Forum members;

Ula Hagemann



We can't wait to see photos of your contributions to KAS.

To date we have two incredible installments from Leanne.  October 4 and October 18, these give us glimpses into all the activity in the KAS Barn.  Packages arriving, Ronda being recognized and interviewed as a South African hero, blanket packs being prepped for distribution to our gogos, and an update on Leanne's personal fundraising mission by making beanies.  Click here for all the latest news.

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Wow, Amy, what an issue of Snips!  It was stellar.  Thank you.

Thanks for a great Snippets Amy!  Always exciting to read what Knit-a-Square is accomplishing.

Image result for 10 anniversary balloons free images

Amy, what a great edition! There is so much to read, love it.  Not only a great editon but I was also touched by the "Erica Smith Post".

Sorry to bother you Amy, but the link on the front page of the forum shows the September edition when I click "HERE".

Thanks Anneke, I thought I had fixed it, but now it is correct.

I always enjoy reading the snippets. Thank you, Amy.



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Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

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Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



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