Posting for Gloria Grandy:


This distribution was organised by Mabel ... she and Joel loaded up the KasVan one Tuesday on a very cold day in June, and delivered blankets and other warm items to more than 220 children in two day care centres in the Orange Farm area. Along with the Thahameso Distribution, Joel and Wandi visited Injabulo ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centre.

For more information and lots of lovely photos from this distribution, go to THAHAMESO DISTRIBUTION.

If you enjoy reading about the wonderful things KAS is doing in South Africa, click HERE for information and photos of many other distributions that Ronda and her team have carried out. 



Latest update from Sandra Pillay at MNCP

We have a new Team Member! Isabel Malan joined the MNCP Team today. She will be involved in using Play Therapy to assist children who have gone through trauma in their young lives - and so many of our children have - what with becoming orphaned, living in such destitute conditions and being cared for by wonderful, but aged and most illiterate grandmothers. We have given her some of the toys you sent us to use in her sessions with the children. We have one big box of toys which we are keeping as Christmas presents for the children. Isabel is also an experienced Child Evangelist and will use some of the knitted puppets that were in that box. :) 

For more information about MNCP, please visit them on Facebook.


The shelves are filling up again!!!  

Opening day is a busy day in South Africa.  We are fortunate to receive so many wonderful photographs of our volunteers in action as our parcels are opened and



Joint Aid Management

JAM SA operates in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo and the Western Cape.

• JAM SA supplies more than 50,000 children in over 1,000 day care centers with a fortified Corn, Sugar, Soya + (CSS) 50g portion of porridge every school day. The meal served in its “Red Bowls” contains 75% of the required daily nutrients for a young child’s development.

• JAM SA’s Makeover Program rehabilitates and transforms care centers into a safe, fun and healthy learning environment for vulnerable children. The program is a great way for local corporates, schools and foreign groups to make a lasting and measurable impact on the future of some of SA’s youngest and
vulnerable children. Costs are dependent on the needs of the specific center.

• JAM SA’s Agricultural Development Program in Gauteng Province helps to improve food security by training 900 small farmers with the skills, tools and experience to manage their own community gardens.

You can find information about this wonderful organization on their Facebook page ...




SUSAN (UK) is hosting this month's exciting theme!

So far, we have -

Handwarmers, Grannies,

some PJs and Bears;

Horses and Hearts,

and Bright Circles in Squares

Stripes, and a Frog with a Loveable Grin.

If you’d like to join us,

There’s time!



~~~ Just for Fun ~~~

A Challenge from Joan Humm

Joan said, "Now that I have reached the total of 250 pairs handwarmers I have decided to run a little competition.  My new goal is 300, so if you would like to guess the date and get it correct when I reach this target I will donate $50 in your name to KAS."

So we guessed ... and we guessed ... and we even tried to trick Joan into revealing a hint.  No such luck.  We had a lot of fun and in the end, when Joan reached her goal, she revealed that Amy had guessed the correct date!  

Thank you, Joan, for hosting this fun competition and for your generosity ...

... and Congratulations to Amy!

If you joined with others and offered a guess, thank you for your participation.  

If you missed it, you read up on this 'little competition'  here.

And if you would like to see all those handwarmers for yourself, you can find photos of them right here!



The August and September Squares Lists are available.

Please visit the website:

Click on 'Received Squares'

Graph “Squares” up till and including September

In August, 429 parcels were received and opened, and the contents were:

28,535 squares (equal to 815 blankets), 1,419 hats, 1,265 pairs of handwarmers, 624 toys and many other goodies (marked under column "Other" in the Squares list).

In September, 222 parcels were received and opened and the total contents were:

17,129 squares (equal to 489 blankets), 700 hats, 234 pairs of handwarmers, 299 toys and many other goodies (marked under column "Other" in the Squares list). 

The figures of September are lower than in August.  Nonetheless it is quite a number of squares and very much needed other items!


THE BLANKET ROOM is full !!!!  

Come on in and have a look at the fabulous array of blankets that have been stitched together to be distributed to the children.  Christine J does a fabulous job of keeping the Blanket Room Collection updated with photos she receives from Ronda.   See if you can spot some of your own work in this amazing collection ...

Christine writes, "If you've sent squares rather than blankets in the last few months now could be your chance to see your work ..."


Let's have a party and help Ronda


Is there anyone you would like to invite to have a cup of tea

or a mug coffee and a good chin-wag with?

A dear friend or family member perhaps?

What a fun way to share Knit-a-Square with your and family and friends!  Yes, the coffee is air (it won't keep you awake at night) and the cake is fictitious (your hips will thank you!) but the help Ronda receives from your generosity is very real indeed!


Why not reveal what you enjoy about your Tea Party Guest, and, it would make it extra special if you would post your own photos of tea, coffee, cake or anything else that adds to a party!

HERE is your special invitation to our Knit-a-Square party!!


Have you visited us on FACEBOOK lately?  We have a new Administrator!!!!

Sharon F. has very kindly accepted the task of keeping us informed and up to date through Facebook.  By all accounts, she is doing a fabulous job!  Please check us out, see what you think, and then tell all your friends!





Crochet pattern by Linda Maltby (Canada)  


Knit pattern by Carol Playford (UK)


PJ’s are the easiest squares to make, they can be knitted or crocheted. I’m sure all KAS crafters are able to make a PJ square.  They are the backbone of Knit-A-Square. It takes 35 of these squares to make a blanket for a child in need and each square is treasured. We would love to see your PJ’s so please upload your photos onto the forum.

A batch of PJ’s crocheted by Christine Chiplen (UK)


A true PJ square is all one colour but they can be made with variegated and self-patterning yarn or striped like the ones below by Bev Jeffery (Australia) & Rebecca Price (UK)


“I’m just a ‘Plain Jane’ square.  Nothing fancy, nothing grand!  Just a ‘Plain Jane’ square, made by a loving hand.  You think I’m not important?  Well, think again, my friend! ‘Cause many other ‘Plain Janes’ when they’re joined end to end will keep an orphan warm at night, wrap ‘round them on cold days, and tell them that they’re loved in, oh, so many ways!”   Anne Powell (Canada)

Blanket of PJ’s by Wendy (Australia) 


Have a look through our KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available.  Please try as many as you like.   


Are you aware of the many patterns our members have shared over the years ... for free?   Along with some pretty spectactular patterns for SQUARES, there are also patterns for TOYS and HATS !!  Each child who receives a blanket also receives a cuddly toy, a hat, and a pair of handwarmers.

Often, our team ends up with more of one thing than of another.  At the moment, if you're wondering what to make, a toy is a safe bet!  Why not take a look, try some out, and let us know what you think!



Spread the word and send Season’s Greetings with our 

KAS Christmas Cards



                               Downloadable  pdf.file which you can take to your print shop or print yourself at home :  

 4 pack of cards - $5.00 USD here

Have some hard-to-buy for people on your Christmas list?   

Our KAS Christmas cards may be the answer.

They are blank inside and have ample room for any message you wish to send. They come with a separate insert that can be used if you wish to send a gift.


The insert has a brief description of what KAS is about and then goes on to say:

My gift to you

( ) Today, I have made a purchase from the KasShop in your name and will be sending the following items ________________________________________ to our children in South Africa from you.

( ) Today, I have made a cash donation to Knit-a-Square in your name. These funds will be used to support our work with the children in South Africa.

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Another great issue, Glo.  Love your poem!

Thanks Glo, such an action pack edition :))

Another bumper edition........Thanks for all your hard work Glo.  :)))

So much to read in this edition.  I love Anne Powell's poem :)) I feel very humble in getting a mention.

Thank you. Very bright and cheerful.

Thank you Glo for another colourful, informative Snips! Happy to see PJ's as the pattern of the month and a lovely surprise to see a batch of mine :))

Chris, when ever I think of PJ's I'm reminded of the time Jude and I popped to see you in Wales and had the pleasure of seeing your beautiful, double thickness PJ's in the flesh.......the PJ PoM just had to include some of your beauties.....I tried to find the bouquet of PJ's you made sometime ago as I wanted to use that, but couldn't find it in your photo album. :)))

Fabulous, Glo.  It's light, humerous and highly informative;

This newsletter is so wonderful to read...and re-read. Thank you team for an excellent newsletter. 

Thanks, the photos and always enjoy the stories!

Thank you Glo for another fabulous read this should have been a magazine editor!!!

Thank you Linda for posting.  :))

I am off to facebook to check out KAS there, too.  :))

Excellent report and Isabel Malan literally seems to be like God's gift to the children at Mama NTombi's. I'm so glad you're keeping a stockpile of toys for Christmas giving...that makes me want to make and send more of them.  I know it's heading into summer there but still the nights are chilly and these children so much need to know they're not forgotten.  Thanks so much for this very informative report Glo!  Thank you Linda for posting it for us, it's a real treat for the eyes and the heart.



The Donate button provides 2 options:

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Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



KAS Colouring Book

Featuring 3 original illustrations by South African artists



The JULY 2020 Squares List is available.

Visit the

2020 Squares List Discussion

     for the most recent lists.

For all other Square Lists, please visit our SQUARE LISTS page.



   Planning ahead??

 See the 2020






Free Pattern for

Diagonal Square

Click here to find more free patterns from

Members Patterns - Squares




"CreateCare Global has set itself two tasks. The first is physical: to bring hope, support and comfort to children for whom poverty and loss are everyday tormentors. The second, and in our view equally important, is to spread the message to the world."

Our thanks to CreateCare Global for supporting the Square Circle Forum and helping to spread the wonderful work that KAS does.

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