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A great update / round up which I have really enjoyed reading - especially as at the moment I am unable to knit having injured my rotator cuff tendon.  It is good to see what everyone has been up to - and thank you for the updates from South Africa as well.

I love the poem and the uplifting words.  We certainly have time to stop and stare at the moment....... And here in the UK as the seasons turn, we have plenty to stare at, or look at anyway, and enjoy in our gardens, the gardens of our neighbours, the hedgerows and the fields for those of us fortunate enough to live on the edge of  the countryside.

Rebecca, I'm glad you enjoyed this month's KAS news.  

I'm sorry to hear that you've injured yourself, though.  Not being able to knit or crochet must be almost as painful as the injury itself, I suspect!  Do go easy and feel better soon.

I loved hearing your voice as you chatted with Leanne on the Podcast.  I heard TCAL and my ears perked up.  Will that be here on our forum?  I hope I am able to participate in that one :)))

Well ... back to my stripes for our KAS KAL.  Wishing you a speedy recovery ... xo

Get well soon Rebecca. Sorry to hear that you can't knit at the moment. Your KAS KAL is wonderful! 

Sorry I’m a bit late in saying thank you to you Glo for this months Snips!

You have done a great job during difficult times, the forum is so quiet and everything seems to be on hold at the moment. It was lovely to see The Snips email in my inbox....... some normality and a good read! Thanks Glo, your work is appreciated :))

Oh, I forgot to say what a lovely surprise it was to see the photo of my lovely Jess xx

Thank you Glo for this beautiful edition of Snips. Like Chris said you have done a big job during difficult times. Indeed it is silent at the forum, I am not often there too, we have to do a lot of things to prepare our home for Summer. It is going to be very warm and we have to protect ourselves by constructing sunscreens. We should have had installed an airco but because of the covid -19 outbreak it is not possible anymore. It was panned in February/March, but the airco was not delivered because of the outbreak in Japan and China.  So we have to find other solutions. Keeps us busy. Keep the good spirit up! xoxo

Anneke, good luck with your preparations for summer.  It is already extremely hot here.  We normally spend the hottest months at the cottage where we have a cooling unti but this year we aren't able to be there as much ... at least not yet.  Fingers crossed that will change and we will be able to leave the heat of the city behind ... xo

Thank you so much for your time, effort and diligence putting this edition together.    It is indeed a small indulgence to make silent time for myself to enjoy every section to its fullest.    I hadn't picked up the 'lay off the hats'' instruction before now, so will make sure not to make any more temporarily.  I have enjoyed reorganising my wool stash with all this time on my hands, and have found joy in re-acquainting myself with my aged stash wool.   The unforseen theme will be appropriate for using some of it. Take care + be safe everyone - keep the needles and hooks clicking.....

I think this may be your problem Karen:

LOL ... this happens to me occasionally too, Patricia - only it's a square I "accidentally" make ... xo

Well that's tidy - tidier than unravelled yarn!  :) 

Karen, I'm so glad you enjoy Snippets.  I, also, have been sorting through my stash and finding little gems among the tangles.  For crocheters, Amy's PoM - the Chain Stitch Square - is a super one for using up bits.  Rumor has it that Patricia's PoM for June is going to be another one that's great for using up half-square bits :))))  xo

I’d like to add my thanks as well, Gloria. I always love to read the Snippets. I’m also enjoying Leanne’s Podcast. It’s great to hear everyone’s voices and how they explain their Involvement with Kas. 



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