These two distributions were done on behalf of KAS by Mabel and Wandi one Tuesday when Joel drove the van to Orange Farm once it was loaded up ... this has enabled us to do more than two or three distributions per week during the 2016 winter season, and the result has been a big increase in numbers of blankets donated.

2016 has also been a good year for new gogo groups becoming involved, to help the flow of things and keeping us well stocked against the needs of the children.

Click HERE to see some very beautiful photos of the children receiving their blankets and toys.


This is from Athelé Oosterbroek

Phillipe loved this beautiful blanket I sewed from fabulous squares I was lucky to find at Knit-A-Square one parcel opening day. Warmed my heart to be able to take it to the village and know his winter will be warmed. Thanks to all who made this gift of love possible.— at Pafuri River Camp

Little Madeline, with her brother Tompo and a gorgeous blanket I was able to give her, thanks to all the kind hearts who knitted the squares. Her Mother, Ida, was so happy as was she!

This is Jennifer and her new baby girl on her back, who helped us when we got lost in the dark in Bende-Mutale. The father of her child disappeared before the baby was born and Jennifer is doing her best to cope with no support and no job. She was delighted when we surprised her with this blanket of squares donated by kind women from around the world who donated their squares to this marvellous charity. Jennifer reminded me that five years ago I gave her some second hand clothes on one of my visits to this village, home of my soul. Thanks to all who made it possible for me to give again.

This dear little boy, who lives in a traditional hut in very impoverished circumstances in the village of Bende-Mutale, always ran up to wave and smile at us when we drove past. He was so surprised and thrilled when we gave him this lovely blanket made from squares donated from around the world. Thanks to the ladies who made the squares and this wonderful charity that made it possible for me to brighten his day and give him a little comfort this coming winter.

Another pic - sorry, not exactly sure of location.



by Leanne Hunt

Have you ever wondered what happens to squares that don’t match the specified requirements of Knit-a-Square? I have, and today on my visit to the KAS office, I made it my business to find out.

This time, Leanne interviews Vivienne and gathers some very interesting information.  

Click HERE to read on ...



You won't believe the beauty in our BLANKET ROOM.  Christine keeps adding more and more photos of gorgeous creations and many of you are spotting your own squares and blankets!  Why not drop in and have a look.



Our APRIL THEME is becoming a bountiful banquet.

We have fruits and vegetables and yummy treats

and not a calorie in sight !

Pop in and feast your eyes on the work of our creative and canny clique of crafters as Valerie hosts




Plain Jane Square - KNIT or CROCHET


“Plain Jane” squares are the most fundamental part of what Knit-A-Square does. It takes 35 of these single-color squares to make a blanket for a child in need, and each square is treasured (even if they sometimes come out a bit wonky!)


Knitted PJ’s and a beautiful striped square by Rebecca Price (UK)


Decorated Crochet PJ’s by Christine Chiplen (UK)



A Poem by Anne Powell (Canada)

I’m just a ‘plain Jane’ square. Nothing fancy, nothing grand!

Just a ‘plain Jane’ square, made by a loving hand.

You think I’m not important? Well, think again, my friend! ‘

Cause many other ‘plain Janes’ when they’re joined end to end

Will keep an orphan warm at night, wrap ‘round them on cold days,

And tell them that they’re loved in, oh, so many ways!            


A blanket with Stripes and PJ's by Wendy (Aus)

A blanket of PJ's by Jeanne & Mireille (France)

35 knitted PJ’s by Susan D’s Earlston Wednesday Club (UK)


Look through The KAS PATTERN BOOK where other patterns are available.  Please try as many as you like.








To date we have raised:

$14494.57 in donations and shop purchases

We have now have 104 monthly subscriptions

WE'RE ON OUR WAY!  Ronda and the moderators can't thank you all enough for your generosity. The response has been overwhelming.

This really helps to give Knit-a-Square the financial stability it needs. Ronda and the team can use all their time and energy on reaching even more vulnerable and orphaned children of South Africa.



The destiny of our squares lies in the hands of groups of dedicated women in South Africa.  These women have spent their lives loving and raising their children, and now their children's children. The grandmothers, Gogos, sew together each blanket of 35 squares for as little as $1 per blanket - a time consuming task, but one done with love for the children that Knit A Square SA, and we, support. 

The month of May brings a special celebration of mothers and grandmothers from many countries around the world, including South Africa - Mothers Day, May 14th.

Can we make this a special month for our lovely Gogos of K-A-S by providing funds to sew blankets, not only for the month of May, but for the following months, too? Let us come together and show our appreciation of 'our' Gogos and indeed of mothers and grandmothers everywhere, with a donation in May. 

Gogo support can be purchased  HERE  in the KAS Shop. Your downloadable gift certificate can then be given to your mother, grandmother or it can simply be the gift you give to yourself. 

It can be a purchase in memory of someone special in your own life who has provided you with some of your most treasured memories.

Your donation, however big or small, will mean so very much to our Gogos. It helps them purchase 'luxuries' such as soap and toothpaste. 

We have previously heard from Ronda about how some groups have banded together to assist their whole groups.  Here is a little excerpt from Ronda:

They are amazingly delighted with their R10/blanket donation and we have heard of one group using the money to buy an urn to serve tea on sewing days;  another group which needed a decent table; some have set up “investment” clubs and so on.  They are a canny bunch indeed, and it is a thrill to know that they are being empowered by our small contribution/s.

Let's make the month of May a universal, special celebration!




This month we are moving to Europe to meet Pam Johnson & Elaine Jones from the Welsh Marches in the UK and their charity, Knit for Life.  

Elaine Jones is the author of this truly incredible story of Knit For Life.  She says:

We both discovered KAS at around the same time – back in 2009 – and ‘met’ each other on the KAS forum.  As we both live in Shropshire, we decided to meet up in person and have been friends ever since.  At that time Elaine was just crocheting and posting a few squares at a time.  Pam, on the other hand, had embraced KAS with all her usual enthusiasm and was collecting squares from knitters around her local area, posting them to South Africa at her own expense.

Continue reading Elaine's wonderful account of KNIT FOR LIFE

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Wow, such a colorful and informative edition for April. Thank you Gloria xx

Thank you Gloria. A colourful collection of cherished cheer.

Another bumper edition of Snippets. It great to find out more about Pam and Elaine at Knit for Life, they work so hard in the UK on behalf of KAS and other charities. I'm so pleased we will be supporting the Gogos during the next few weeks. These special women deserve our appreciation for their dedication to KAS.

A special thanks to you Glo for sorting out my PoM, I've been very short of time recently, sorry! Hopefully I'll be back on track soon. Xx

So much great information here Glo.  Thanks for compiling the KAS news in one place.  Love the colorful photos.

Thank you Glo, such a bumper edition, it is so actioned packed, it is amazing what KAS achieve each month :))

Another spectacular edition of Snippets, Glo... so full of positive and uplifting news!  How lucky we are to have so many hard-working and generous members.

Thank you Glo for this great edition of Snips, there are so many wonderful things happening!

Thank you Glo. You have put together a brilliant Snips. xo

One really does get a 'warm fuzzy feeling' when you read of all the different ways our KASfriends make KAS what it is.....from Ronda and her team, to all our busy crafters, to Leanne and her fabulous 'in the moment' recounts, Joan and her tireless efforts to achieve funding and to everyone who has donated so that we can continue to love and warm 'our' precious children.

Thanks Amy for running the Toy Story theme for FOUR months...that's dedication!! I am LOVING reading about our KASfamily, too.  :))

Thanks Sharon and Louise for keeping us up to date with the much needed funding appeal. Going great!!!

Lastly, thank you to everyone for all that can be and is achieved, when we have like minded folk doing GREAT things in this world...puts a smile on my dial that's for sure.  :))

Thank you Gloria this is such a wonderful read. As others have said, a bumper edition. Special thank you to Joan too for searching for much needed funding.

I am honoured to have some of my PJ squares shown on here.  I love PJs and do a great many of them - they are great to work on when out at the cinema for example, or when being taken on a long car drive!

Great squares, Rebecca!! beautiful colours.  :))



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