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I am delighted to say that today I met Amy and her husband Richard fom the USA!

When Amy contacted me some time ago to say that she would be spending some time in the UK, as her husband Richard would be working here for a while and asked if we could meet up when she was in Wales, I was thrilled! So today we arranged to meet up for lunch, and met in a pretty rural setting in the Vale of Glamorgan.  I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that we did a fair bit of chatting!

It was lovely to meet them both; Gloria has said that KAS members are simply friends that you haven't met, how true that is, we had a lot in common and the time flew by! Our meeting will be a memory that I will treasure.

I was delighted to receive a gift of some beautiful yarn from the USA, I will let you know when I use it.

Thank you Amy and Richard for spending time with me, I enjoyed meeting you both, I hope we will meet again.

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Louise, is that Amy from Texas? Yes, when KasMembers meet up there is enough hours in the day to talk yarn, knitting and crochet!

Yes Pam, Texas and what a pleasure it was too! We didn't crochet, not enough time and I'm guessing Richard would have felt left out :))

p.s. I'm Chris x

Sorry Chris, I need to re-arrange my brains from time-to-time!

This was one of the best days I have had a while. A lovely setting to meet an amazing woman with many talents.  Chris brought some of her latest projects and they are so soft, warm and beautiful.  We did share gifts of yarn.  I am excited to make a special project with my bundles.  

As Chris said we did just talk and talk and time flew by.  Richard loved the Welsh history lesson, and things to do here in Wales.

Friends indeed, and we will meet again.

Thank you for this very special day.

How wonderful you could both meet,it is lovely to put a face your name Amy :))

Wonderful to see you all together.

Lovely to see you for the first time, Amy.  :)) You are lookin' good, too, Chris.  :))

Thank you for sharing your visit with us.  xo

Jealous !! You had  a great time. Two very attractive ladies and handsome man ! How did he cope with the yarn yarning?

How fantastic for you to together in the beautiful Welsh countryside.....I'm sure you had a wonderful time.
Amy it's great to 'see' you for the first time and Chris, WOW! you are like the incredible shrinking woman, you look fab! Well done. :))

How delightful to have time with a KASister and lovely to see both of you enjoying your time together. 

Awwww, this is great to read about your meeting! I love seeing you both and I'm delighted you had such a good time. Way to go girls! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your visit with us and introducing us to Amy.  What beautiful photos!  I am delighted to meet you, Amy!  How lovely that you two were able to get together.  I can just imagine the chatting that went on.  xo

Thank you for sharing this with us, Christine. It is lovely to meet you both and put faces to names. It looks like you had a very nice day. The squares you have produced, with the gift from Amy, are lovely, Christine. I'm looking forward to seeing your squares too Amy!



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