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Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Thank you Anne for creating our KASfamily Album, I have been very fortunate in being able to meet some KASisters and I so enjoy seeing others get together too!

WOW Anne, this is great!  A real 'family album'!!!  

I, too, was fortunate to be able to meet with as many KASsisters as I did.  So many of us never meet or see each other, so this is a terrific way for us to put a face to the name!  Hello to you all and big ((HUGS)) all around :) xo

Enjoying seeing these pictures, and I'd love the chance to meet up with some KASsisters (perhaps for an occasional 'Knit and Natter') - anyone out there in the Cape Town area?

Hi Lesley,

I just checked the Members tab.  If you do a search for Cape Town, you will find 17 names!  If you search Capetown you will find 2.  Perhaps you will even think of suburbs around the area to find even more.  Maybe you will be able to find these people in your phone book and arrange a meet-up.  If that happens, be sure to let us know, and do take photos!

Thanks so much for this, Anne - I'm not familiar enough yet with the website to realise that I could do this.  I'll certainly try following it up.

**Added for Jude Sullivan **

On Wednesday 21st December, it was a super day in Purton. Sharon arrived all the way from Chelmsford Iin Essex and joined Louise, Sheila and Bernice at our Wednesday Coffee and Chat (with carols) whilst I went to collect Joan (Humm) from her holiday cottage in the next village. Joan lives in France but was here visiting her family in Swindon so we all met up and went to the pub for lunch.  Introductions were made all round and so we proceeded to exchange stories and wool amidst much laughter and delicious food.
After lunch we went to my house for our monthly knitting group which Sheila and I take in turn to host.  Our KAS sisters arrived more introductions were made, crackers were pulled, paper hats were worn dreadful cracker jokes were shared then I served tea and coffee with even more laughter! (of course not my tea making skills the cracker jokes).
I have now borrowed Estelle's idea of show and tell and everyone took part.  Louise brought the photos she had downloaded from SA so everyone could see their work in the Blanket Room discussions which was brilliant as some of our KASers don't have access to a computer.
Louise gave Joan the task of sewing in all the ends of two bags of squares and then in another act of 'generosity' gave Joan a present of wool plus another project to complete before her next visit to the UK!
Time flew by so quickly suddenly it was time to say our goodbyes.  It seemed as if we all had known each other for years and we look forward to doing it again.  Sharon and Chris Chiplen have their own car parking spaces on my drive but of course any KAS sisters are welcome to park as well.  Sharon, Chris and Joan are now honorary Purtonians and we would welcome any more KAS sisters to visit. 
In a nutshell a super day with super KAS sisters and of course I introduced Joan as our International Guest more laughter ................. 

What a happy, festive gathering this is! It's great to see you all together, I'm so glad Joan was able to visit and join in. I didn't know I was an honorary Purtonian, thank you! I think Sharon, Joan and myself need to watch out..... Louise and Jude are are amazing fundraisers and Jude might just see the potential in charging car parking fees..... :))

Ssshhh ... she is missing a trick there. ..LOL  :))

Oh this looks like it was so much fun.  Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update and great photos.  What fun you must have had.

Just wonderful to read of this event and to see all your smiling faces. 

I had an absolutely lovely day with all these ladies. It was great to finally meet up with Louise, Jude and Sharon who greeted me like a long lost sister :)

I was inundated with gifts of yarn, Jude gave me some that will be a bit of a challenge to use but no doubt I will come up with something. :)  Watch this space. lol

When Jude picked me up I asked her if I should bring my knitting but she said it was not necessary.  I soon found out that Louise had other plans for me !!  It was a pleasure sewing in all those ends Louise xx  I can't wait to see the finished blanket :)

Hopefully, the next time I am in the UK we will all be able to meet up again.  I will gird my loins in preparation for the work Louise has lined up for me :))

Thank you ladies, for such an enjoyable day xxx



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