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Couldn't really decide where this topic should be posted, but thought here might be ok, (moderators feel free to move it if another area would be better).

Anyway, I have been thinking a little about the KAS Shop and had an idea of something that could perhaps be added.

How would a donation for Stationery go?  I.e. Pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners etc?  Maybe a $5 donation? 

I was just thinking it might ease postage costs on parcels if we could send money for these to be purchased in SA, that way we can fill parcels with more squares etc?  I just find that crayons in particular can be quite weighty.

What does everyone else think, good idea or not, would it be making extra work for Ronda and the other volunteers (i.e. doing the shopping for them), or be helpful?

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Absolutely bang on, Wendy!!  These are things we all like to purchase as "slip-ins" and like me you probably grab these things when they are on sale, but they are heavy and the postage is expensive.

We have had huge success with our "Ream of Paper" at $5 in the Shop, and it would be nice to be able to purchase the things that go along with it.

I think this would be a very popular Shop item.

It is a good idea, however, I think that there may be a problem of not enough people on the ground in SA to do the shopping on our behalf. Hopefully someone from SA will be able to let us know if it would work.

Just a further thought on Shop items.

Thanks for opening this discussion, Wendy.

Perhaps members have other ideas for things they would like to be able to purchase through the Shop. 

This would be a good spot to have a conversation about what they would like to be able to buy, and Ronda and Wendy could give us some feedback on whether these are suitable or not.

Certainly anything that could be within the $5 price point will have the most appeal

Here I am again, jumping into your discussion, Wendy!

Hope you don't mind, but I would like to do a little promotion for a new item in the KAS Shop.


We have updated the "set of four notecards"   http://knit-a-square-shop.com/?product=set-of-4-note-cards


These come with an optional insert for gift giving that reads

(  )Today, I have made a purchase in the KAS Shop in your name and will be sending the following item(s)_____  to our chldren in South Africa as a gift from you

(  ) Today I made a cash donation to Knit-a-Square in your name.  these funds will be used to support our work with the children in South Africa.


To help promote these cards, we are running a contest 101 uses for the KAS Donation Cards at



We are asking everyone to come up with an idea on how they would use these cards.  I hope everyone will join in the fun and make a suggestion.  They are a terrific solution for gift giving to those hard to buy for people or when a little "thank you" is needed.

The PRIZE which will be awarded by a random draw, is a free set of Donation Cards.

No problem Anne, anything that helps promote KAS is welcome here :-)

I think this is a great idea, pencils, crayons etc when bought with reams of paper could make a 'complete gift' when using the new notecards and gift giving inserts. I feel it would be a very popular item in the shop. I am sure that the recipients of the gift, especially children, would like the idea of other children receiving colouring materials in their name (thinking of Maria's idea in the 101 ways to use the notecards discussion).

Excellent thought Christine - how nice to be able to give both items at once!

Sometimes, when I'm putting my parcel together, I don't have any more room for squares in the size allotment but I still have weight allowance left over. Adding a few pencils brings the weight up without taking up space.

But I still think this is a great idea, Wendy!

Same here Barb, but there are other slip ins I would/could send, like socks, singlets, undies, books, supplies for GoGo's (i.e. knitting needles, plastic sewing needles) and soft toys.

Pencils and crayons etc could also still easily be sent if preferred, but I just thought if they were available as a shop item it might be another option, especially if anyone wanted to just give/donate something if they don't make/send knitted or crocheted items.

Would raincoats/rain ponchos be an item for the shop. I know we used to send them over but they are variable quality as I know when I have bought them, some shops stock better cheap raincoats than others. If Ronda and co could find a good source we could pay in the shop.

Great idea Wendy.

  I like the idea that we donate postage money saved from not putting into parcels knitting needles, wool and stationary to KAS.  I also like the idea of a volunteer having the pleasure of going shopping for stationary items for a crèche or for  knitting and sewing stuff to make up a kit for a Gogo.  I wish.............!

And to all those in the UK:  5 dollars spent in the KAS shop will cost you only a little over £3 [depending on the current rate of exchange].

How about splitting the snacks for crèches donation.  I once had a lovely conversation with another Kaser on her buying the fruit and me buying the other snacks [or the other way around].  It seems a lot of money all in one go, to an OAP!

This seems like a good place to say that it would help if there was either the option of using other currencies in the shop, or to have a currency conversion to English and Australian money attached (with date of exchange rate) on the items.  I have to budget quite carefully, and the US dollars confuse me: the exchange percentage into UK pounds isn't an easy one.



The Donate button provides 2 options:

  1. One time donation
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Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

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