You are invited to our “Christmas Party” right here on the Forum.

It’s a time to gather, share thoughts with our KASfriends, and have some fun.

We hope some of you who like rhyming might pen a poem (or feel free to add one you have read and loved).

Share your favourite Christmas joke or cartoon,

or your favourite recipe ,


your favourite family tradition,

a photo of your Christmas tree or your pet in holiday garb,

your Christmas wish,

your secret for surviving this very busy season,

… anything that tickles your fancy, to get us all in the holiday mood.

This is a ‘feel good’ discussion – our Christmas gift to one another. So grab a cuppa, 

put on your thinking cap (Christmassy of course!)

and join in our celebration of KAS, one another, and this joyous season.

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Thank you Ladies for looking, I remember it was about a little boy who just wanted a pencil for Christmas so that he could go to school. I thought it was from Christmas KAS last year, but I must be mistaken xxx

She is the most festive pug I have ever seen! She certainly looks warm and happy :))

What a little cutie. She certainly looks snug.

Well, I guess you all know that I love music ... especially at Christmas :)  This a cappella group has become one of my Christmas favourites.  Here is Pentatonic singing Mary, Did You Know?


Thank you, Glo!  What an incredibly beautiful song.

So glad you liked it, Anne.  I think those kids have amazing voices.  I notice that my computer auto-corrected their name.  It is NOT Pentatonic!  It is Pentatonix :)

Incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing Glo! xo

Thanks Glo for sharing this, I can understand why they are a favourite with you. xo

An amazing song, Glo...very powerful, without all the bells and whistles of musical instruments and technology....loved it.  :))

Here's the 'old chestnut' again.  I was surprised when I looked at it that it dates back to 2009, my first year in KAS

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the camp
Orphans were huddled in hovels quite damp

No stockings were hung, for the world didn’t care
There was no hope at all that St. Nick would be there.

The Gogo sat watching the kids fast asleep
And for their lost parents, she started to weep.

A small gift for each, she thought through her tears
Would bring them such joy for the whole coming year.

And she curled up beside the smallest wee tad,
“Tomorrow we’ll sing, I won’t let them be sad..”

Then outside the hut, she heard a commotion.
It sounded like hoof-beats! And full of emotion...

She peeked out the door with her heart in her throat
Saw a little old man and eight small antelope

And the strangest of vehicles - with runners not wheels
And a jolly old fellow in red head to heels.

The Go-go was panicked, didn’t know what to think.
But Santa just smiled and gave her a wink.

“Don’t be afraid - let me in if you dare
I’ve a sackful of gifts sent by Knit-a-Square.”

As he entered the shack and looked down at each kid
Fast asleep on the ground, down his cheek a tear slid.

Then he reached in his pack and pulled out for each child
A beautiful blanket of squares bright and wild.

As he bent down to cover them up from above
He whispered “This was made, for you, with great love.

All over the world, people know, and they care.
The work of their hands , with you they now share.”

He waved the Gogo goodbye, and went to the door,
Then he stopped and said “Oops - there still is one more”

And out of his sack pulled a blanket for her
Wrapped it close round her shoulders - ‘Twas as warm as fur.

As she watched from the door., and saw him depart
The warmth she was feeling, was deep in her heart.

And she heard him exclaim as the sled rose on high
Merry Christmas Soweto, from the KASfolk and I.

AP 1/12/09

Anne, this is beautiful!  Every time I read it, it tugs at my heart.  Thank you so much for sharing it.  This should definitely come out every year!  xo

Such a tear-jerker. I agree with Glo, the message must keep being repeated.



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