Hello all - What do you think about linking together while we are all separated by covid-19?  

How about a KAS KAL?

What is a KAS KAL?  You ask....... Well........  KAL stands for Knit Along.  It is a time when we are all working in a similar piece of knitting and can ask each other for help, share photos of how we are doing, encourage each other........ and learn how to do some of the KAS patterns as well as using up some of our stash.

I have designed a blanket that we can all work on, one square at a time.  It will be a fun way to learn about Plain Janes, Diagonal Squares, Stripes, Framed Squares and Mitre Squares......all at our own pace, and all explained really simply, with lots of opportunity for anyone to ask for help or clarification as well.

I propose that we start this on May Day and we end it..... when we finish!  

This is suitable for all of us.  That means that some of us, who are

experienced or confident knitters may be able to get through it. 

relatively quickly.  Others who are working from home, juggling

work and kids, or just not very experienced or not very confident

about knitting may want to take a little longer to work through it.    

I hope some of you will feel able to join in - keep your eyes peeled for further information before we start!

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I'm so sorry Rebecca, but I have to give up on the KAL. I knitted 1 PJ square and it took me forever!! I'm not a knitter and my effort was passable, but not really great. I'd rather stick to crochet and be able to produce more squares more effectively.  You have a lot of good knitters participating and a lot of lovely squares already made.

I would love to participate in a CAL later in the year. I have a few health issues to deal with first.

Her is my feeble attempt at a knitted square:

Oh no, that is not feeble at all - it is lovely!  You can still send it in as part of one of your parcels once the post office is open again.

Please do not apologise, and please, please

Valerie, I agree this is a beauty of a square!  You did well.  Please do take care of yourself first ... xo

It looks better in the photo than in reality.

Well, bother!  I was certain I had another ball of orange yarn in the garage in my KAS stash...... Daughter has just checked for me as the boxes are on high shelves and my ritator cuff tendon is complaining at me today........ Nope, no orange yarn at all!

I am not going to have to change the last of the orange squares I did for PJs into a striped square, and look into getting another ball of orange yarn.

Oh well, c'est la vie!

Tish and tosh that is so annoying. Definitely need to get another orange ball of yarn. Take care. 

I am afraid that I accidentally fell onto a website with yarn for sale and let's just say I won't have any more orange (or other colour) yarn problems for a while - lol

I'm laughing out loud here, Rebecca.  A website that sells yarn - what a great place to fall ... hahaha ... xo

It would be a soft landing at least!

I must say, knitting the striped squares has been fun. I made my stripes random thicknesses and just worked in the two colours, yellow and turquoise, and the effect was really striking. Thanks Rebecca for getting me to try this instead of just sticking to the safe plain Janes! Now to sew in the ends so the squares are neat!

I am so glad you have had fun.  

I'm loving your stripes, Karla!  Good for you!  xo



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