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AMAZING lady!!

What a wonderful lady. Also, what a good job you do withall the care you bring to her and other people like her.

Thank you for posting these photos.  I hope the grannies will have a lovely gathering!

Little library 280

This photo illustrates so perfectly two truths that we have witnessed over and over again:
- The neighbour's book is always more exciting :-)
- A book can be read upside down. Even when many are reading it together, no one seems to notice :-)

Afficher la suite
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Little Libraries
Little Libraries

Little library 279A

How cute is this? Each child sat on the floor at a mini desk in the little school that received this mini library:-)
So each of them got to read their own little book :-)
For making this possible we thank a family in Holland who wish to remain anonymous :-)

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Little Libraries

Little library 281

The teacher sat her small class in a circle, started reading a story and held the children's attention beautifully. We knew that the books had found a good home :-)
For making this little library a reality we thank the following people:
- Sandy Beamish, Debra and Reddam Durbanville who all donated books
- Patricia for the bookshelf

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Little Libraries

More news from Little Libraries:

Little library 283

The teacher read a story. With a little encouragement, she mimicked the animals gestures and sounds. 
By the end, she was amazed at how much she had enjoyed the experience. Magic happens when we move from the classroom into another reality contained within the covers of a story book. 
- Melinda for the bookshelf 
- Michael Oaks Waldorf school for the soft books
- Stephany for the board books to complete this reading corner

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I'm loving all your photos, Valerie. It's lovely to see the children with their books.

More news from J Bay Recycling:

Beautiful hot Summer's day. The kids went home with so many treasures: a skateboard, a bicycle, a fishing rod, teddies, shoes and bis smiles. Thanks so much to all our fantastic volunteers - Carla, Callum, Philip, our friends from YWAM, CSALT and JBay Primary. Well done everybody!

Recycling 25.02.2019
48 photos
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There's some rebuilding going on at J Bay :

JBay Recycling Project a partagé une publication.
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Thanks Kelly!

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Kelly Tommelein a ajouté 8 photos à l’album Recycling project 25/2/2019 — avec Philippe Roose.

Another great day JBay Recycling Project

'Will you read me a story?'
The little voice startled me. I thought of the line in The Little Prince 'If you please, draw me a sheep'... Granted, I was not lost in a desert but the little voice in a township where children only speak isiXhosa was just as unlikely...
We read the story of a boy traveling in a taxi imagining to be in a rocket, playing on a jungle gym pretending to be in a jungle - the little boy was hanging on my every word. 
And then he asked if he could read to his friends. He went on to tell the story we had just shared and translated it into isiXhosa :-) There are moments in life that catch you by surprise and fill you with great emotion - for me, this was one of them. 
For the top up we delivered to this school - in the background Little Library 13 that was delivered 5 years ago :-) we thank Bookdash for trusting us to distribute their books.
We also thank The Movement Sanctuary for their donation that enabled us to buy some new board books.

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