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Thank you Ronda. Such a good thing to read. I was wondering how Hotel Hope was getting on. It has an endless stream of mums and babies in need of warmth and love. Good on you Oliver for all that you do. 

Noble gesture, Ronda! Thanks for sharing the Love and Warmth. 

Report from Athele : Exceptionally heart-warming half hour spent with dear friend and co-volunteer the hard working Estelle McLeod and new friends Violet and David, who head up the team that is

Acres of Love

They are a team of volunteers and care givers who give homes to about 200 orphans around South Africa. Please do read the captions for my pics if you're interested to know a little more about them and the 130 blankets, beanies and hand-warmers we handed over this afternoon on behalf of the team that is Knit-A-Square, who reside in over 50 countries in the world and whose collaborative efforts made this all possible. Ronda Lowrie, founder and able-Captain of this circle of Love and Grace, you should be proud of the good you made possible!  
Please visit Acres of Love's Facebook page if you'd like to know more about the beautiful work they do and their philosophy.  
Bless all the nimble and able hands that brought this joyous occasion together, all caring for children who have suffered the worst possible loss. I sure am proud to be even a tiny cog in this beautiful wheel of love.
PLEASE SHARE to let good news be known.

Estelle McLeod and I with Violet and David from Acres of Love, an inspiring NGO with donors from around the globe who make it possible for them to take care of 200 orphaned children in homes around South Africa. 

Some truly magnificent squares, beautifully assembled by Estelle      

One of the 130 ... in my lounge just before we headed off for Acres of Love. I just noticed the pic of smiling baby Logan, as a grand baby, right beside my face. How lovely that this blanket is on its way to let a child know it is loved and cared for and special, the mission of Knit-A-Square and inspiration of our darling Ronda who makes this all possible!

Another one I managed to get done this week in time for Acres of Love donation. Estelle, any and all help with names of contributors you recognize, please do name and honour and tag where possible xx

I wish Estelle McLeod's phone had managed to give a more true reflection of the soft pastel gorgeous colours of this lovely set of squares we recently received. Estelle darling please remind me of the lady's name ... I just recall she's South African ...  Estelle you truly are a STAR for edging this one so beautifully and just in time! Amazing to know that it's going on the 13th of June to a home for orphans in Cape Town, to a baby that's being given to them to care for on that day. So heart-warming to bear witness to all the links in the chain of love.


Acres of Love posted on their Facebook Page


A little bit about the Philile Foundation : Our objective is to establish early childhood development centers (pre-schools) in disadvantaged communities, running programs that are aimed at the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of children. We do this through the support of sponsors and by employing and training teachers from the local communities.

Diepsloot is a township in the north of Johannesburg and is home to about 150,000 people; many of whom live in 3m-by-2m shacks assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal.

What good work the Philie Foundation does, Great that Ronda was able to give beanies and handwarmers.

I love to hear all about organisations like this, just knowing that there are so many people who care and try to make a difference. If it weren't for KAS I woud never know that they existed.

Totally agree, Valerie. Thanks for sharing Pam.  :))

It was a busy day at JBay Recycling yesterday, July 30.  Blankets were in high demand, and they were all so colorful.  The hand-made toys were also a big hit.

Little Libraries was busy with distributions on Mandela Day.  Here are 2 from Expo Solutions.

Little library 258

Little Library 259

Last year Expo Solutions donated a little library to a school on Mandela day. This year, they donated two :-)
Because they saw the difference that a little reading corner can make in an under-resourced school. Here they are delivering their present to the children.
Thank you for helping us spread the joy of reading!

Love the work that Camille at Little Libraries is doing - it is certainly the next step forward for these children!

Ronda sent these photos and response from Sandra Pillay of Mama Ntombi :

Dear Ronda,  

The Gogos are really the backbone of our Nation.  They care for some many of their orphaned and/or abandoned grandchildren on such meagre financial means – and they never complain!  Whenever we visit them, they are always so warm and welcoming and  have the biggest smiles. Whatever little we do for them is received with such immense gratitude.   

One such granny is Gogo Ntshangase who is 106 years old!  Even at this age you will find her in her garden.  At the Luncheon we have planned on 4th October at 11.00a.m.  we will have her share snippets of her life story with us, apart from the time of praise and worship.  A young Pastor, (Pastor Khumalo) whom we are associated with will be sharing a message of encouragement from the Scriptures.    

At least once a quarter we try to plan a special treat for our Gogos to honour and bless them.  

Gogo Ntshangase, the Matriarch of Ezinketheni!


Thank you for your partnership in this ministry which makes it possible for us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the many orphaned/abandoned and neglected children and the elderly Grandmothers who care for them so sacrificially.

 God bless you!

 “Making a difference one smiling child at a time”.

 Kind regards, Sandra Pillay



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