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I’ve never written a blog before but this calls for drastic action. I’m Karen, thirty-four-years old and I live in Gloucestershire in the UK with my husband, our three-year-old daughter and an aged cat…. and I have a problem… my UFO (or ‘work in progress’) pile is getting seriously out of hand.

After a discussion on the forum a couple of weeks ago, I decided it needed tackling. I thought I’d try to finish one project at a time, ‘rewarding’ myself by knitting five squares for KAS after each one. That way, I’ll finally get things finished whilst still knitting squares, working out which yarn is in use and which is fair game for anything else. To spur me on, I’m going to post here each time I’ve finished a project.

So, step one was to see what was languishing at the bottom of my knitting box. The evidence is posted below.


Some things only need sewing together, for example, the witch, the Christmas sock, snowman, mini Father Christmas and the two hitch-hiking penguins. The odd assortment of knitting between the snowman and the witch is part of a scarecrow; there’s a half-knitted/ part-stuffed teddy bear top right and an Ooo Ooo the monkey top left, who still needs arms and legs. I have a purple jumper I’m knitting for my daughter, where I have yet to make an arm and collar, and a very pale pink cardigan for a friend who’s expecting. Lastly, I’ve thrown in two balls of petal pink wool for another promised baby cardigan, a half-made Grace vest and on the far right, there’s a Bunty Bunny pattern again, promised to a friend.

I obviously get distracted far too easily. 

So wish me luck! I’m off to tackle the first one… I’m looking forward to being able to say I have no UFOs left (positive thinking!), having a stack of KAS squares and finally being able to find some of my knitter’s pins again. xx


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Karen originally posted this blog through the personal page blog, unfortunately, this tends to remain private and unseen - so I've asked Karen to re-create the blog on Members' Personal Blogs category so we can follow her tales of UFO's etc., - most of us can relate to it!

Below are the comments posted earlier :

Message from Bev Jeffery : 

I admire your spirit!! Best of luck...I know you can do it!!  :))

ps I look forward to seeing the growing pile of

Message from me : Confession is supposed to be good for the soul!  Good for you Karen, and, we look forward to see you breakthrough your mass of UFO's!

Message from Christine Johnson : I'm sure that it will work Karen.  You must be a dedicated KASer if you can say that you will reward yourself by making squares. I say I'll make x number of squares and then I'll make a hat or slipover but since I decided to use up all my unloved yarns I have stuck to it, well, with one or two 'rewards' into brighter wools, but I don't have the range of items that you make. All your toys are beautiful and I love your daughter's jumper. You will feel so virtuous when you've finished and I don't think it will take you very long.

Well Karen, you are not alone!!!.. and at least you intend to finish these things.  If Pam's right, and confession is good for the soul, I hereby confess that some of my UFO's have simply hit the trash barrel....

I think it is a universal condition.....  I receive a lot of donated yarn, which I pass on to the seniors who make squares for KAS here in my little town.  In almost every bag of donated yarn, I find the beginnings of someone's project.  One of the good things is, that sometimes they even leave the crochet hook attached, so I've been able to fill in some of my missing sizes.

Love your little snowman and witch, by the way.

I have just posted the following on my own KAS blog but then found your blog Karen so have re-posted here  -

After reading about other people's UFOs (UnFinished Objects) on the main forum I was in the mood to do something about the bagful I had here.  I had been given 2 Cuddles with gathered bottoms so unpicked those and gave them a straight finish to make room for little legs and sewed in lots of ends on donated squares and butterflied lots of loose ends and sewed up and stuffed a half finished teddy.  Felt much better to see them all in the "to send" box instead of the "to do"box.  Have found several other toys that I started and never  finished so they are next on the list when I am in the mood.

I must say Karen that some of your UFOs look familiar - I have a red and white soldier (Jean Greenhowe toy) that needs to be sewn up - and bits of a scarecrow too!  the scarecrow is such fun to knit but so awful to sew together isn't it - so many bits?!  I also have a scarecrow that was donated to me but it has a terribly sad face so that too is in the UFO box.

I sometimes wonder if we all swapped UFOs if we would be more likely to finish off other people's work - but that is probably even worse!

How are you getting on with the pile Karen?

Swapping UFO's sounds great - even if the logistics would make it impossible.  Ever notice how much more fun it is to help a friend with housework than to do your own??  My grandson was sick this afternoon, so while I was sitting with him, I sorted and matched a gigantic clothes basket full of socks at my daughter's house.  It was fun... even doing the black ones!...... and then I came home to contemplate my own stack of unfolded laundry, and quite happily ignored it and made a square instead.

Thanks for sharing this Karen. I think we all have the same problem. My pile of UFOs looks actually worse ;) It is two blankets which consist of lots of squares which only have to be sewn together, but I absolutely hate sewing and one KAS cuddle.

I have been attacking my UFO's and have two parcels to send in the next day or so. However I have two unfinshed cardigans damn those bands and a slipover which I am finishing now and a bunny to be sewn and stuffed. Pam well done to you! I love your sock story Anne and yes someone else's" mess" is so much easier to manage than your own!

Hello ladies! – Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. It’s a little reassuring to know I’m not alone and yes Pam A, confession is indeed good for the soul. It even felt much better just to dig everything out of my knitting box and see exactly what was there.

Pam J – I’ve made quite a few of Jean Greenhowe’s toys. I love knitting them but as you can probably tell, I’m like Gitta and not so keen on the sewing together. It always seems to take longer than I originally imagined. Part of the problem is that I don’t like to sew when my daughter is around as there are too many pins, needles and scissors for Molly’s little fingers to misappropriate! So I’m a bit restricted to evenings or when she’s at playgroup.

Anyhow, I have a progress update. We had a bit of a busy weekend and my husband, Justin, ran the 5k Race for Men on Sunday for Cancer Research (the men’s version of the Race For Life). I took Molly around the stalls while Justin was running… they had a bouncy castle, a band playing and Molly got to meet three very woolly alpacas and a not-quite-so-woolly ten-foot-long snake. She didn’t flinch – I wasn’t quite so keen!

I did, however, manage to finish my first UFO – this is Ooo Ooo the Monkey from the children’s TV programme ‘Raa Raa the Noisy Lion’.



I think he turned out quite well – there’s a picture behind of how he was ‘supposed’ to look and it’s not too bad. (The pattern is in the current Woman’s Weekly knitting and crochet special). He’s going to live on the shelf in Molly’s bedroom. For some reason she’s under the misguided impression that I’m also going to make the lion, the elephant and the crocodile – she obviously hasn’t seen the UFO pile.

Anyway, one down…. I’m off to indulge myself with five squares and to decide which project to complete next.

Ooo Ooo is just gorgeous Karen - Molly will love him for many years to come....and good luck with the lion, the elephant and the crocodile!!  Well done to Justin.

He is fabulous.Congratulations for busting that UFO.

Well done Karen!

Hi Karen,

BRAVO!! Ooo Ooo looks great.  I just hooked into your story and blog.  When I saw the picture of your UFO's I thought, ''What beautiful work! So colourful and so varied.  What a shame not to finish them and put them to use.''   

Keep it up, Karen!

He's lovely,and doubly appreciated for being a finished UFO.



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