To our January 2020 Theme
We all have those balls of yarn that just never seem to get used.....
they languish.... sad, lonely and forgotten 
in the bottom of a knitting bag, a storage box or crate....
waiting, just waiting,
for their moment to shine.....
Their time is NOW!
Perhaps it's the dreaded (for some of us) fun fur.....
Stylish Handwarmers
Perhaps it's a colour that never seemed to fit with the rest of your stash
Perhaps it was a different type of yarn, bought with much excitement....until you got it home......
Or, as in my case, yarn  was bought, then more yarn was bought, then more yarn was bought...and these poor little 'original' guys simply got shunted to the bottom of the stash pile.
(no, this is not my stash..haha)
Please, give them, their 'moment in the sun'...their moment on your hooks, looms or needles.
To start off this New Year, the Pattern of the Month (PoM) is.....Wendy's Slip Stitch square (one of my faves)The pattern can be found here......
Diana D. has so very kindly knitted one for me, to share with you all.....
Diana found that with the yarn she used, she required 50 stitches to make an 8 inch square. Please check your measurements when making.
As we create our squares this month...and indeed throughout this year..... let's remember our umbrella for 2020, thoughtfully created by Chris Chiplen....
Sometimes a photo can say so much more than words can express.....
Please remember these joyful faces as we knit and crochet in the year ahead.
We have the ability with our love, imaginations, needles, hooks and yarn to brighten the lives of vulnerable children in South Africa, as we make and send squares, blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys to Ronda and her wonderful team of volunteers to distribute to the children.
So let us bring JOY to as many children as we can in 2020!
Happy Knitting. Crocheting and Looming!!!

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My apologies for the lack of spacing in my intro...I'm obviously doing something wrong.....   :((

No apologies necessary Bev. Thank you to lead us into the first month of 2020. Let the search begin for those sad, and forgotten balls of yarn. I have plenty, pretty colors though. 

Thanks Diana. I shall be doing some 'scavenging' in my stash.  :))

An inspiring start to the New Year - I'm off to start excavating all those boxes, bags, drawers, etc.  If I don't reappear for some time, it will be because I'm buried under a landslide of yarn :))

Hahaha Lesley. I have visions of your legs dangling out of boxes as you stand on your head to get to the bottom.  :))

Thank you Bev for an inspiring intro, a great start to 2020!

Like you and many other members, I love working with variegated / self patterning yarn, and a I prefer using Aran for my blankets. One of my favourite yarns is popular with other members too, it is a ‘Magic Aran’. I have to stop myself from using it too often, and I have held back from using it since November 2018.... it has been sitting quietly in my stash for over a year! I always buy enough for at least 2 blankets, as I don’t like to be without it,  but finally it made it onto to my hook before Christmas, to start the new year......

I think part of its attraction is knowing, from what I have read on the forum, that the children in SA seem to like the colour orange.

Stunning blankets, Chris - I love the blend of purple with the variegated yarn. I'd never heard of Magic Aran (just googled it), but it's clearly something else I have to add to my shopping list!

Stunning blankets, Christine and TWO of them . What a start of the first day of the New Year. Precious. Gorgeous colours. 

Aran weight or worsted is what I use to knit. It's thick and snugly. Love the result every time. Thanks for these beauties, Christine. 

Thank you Diana, but I’m sorry I can’t take the credit for two, it’s only one blanket. I just did a closer view of the centre panel, as the purple didn’t show up well in the whole blanket photo.

I know # 2 is coming... Thanks again Christine. 

Wehey this is a lovely blanket Chris.   Yummy variegated wool.   You're well prepared for sure.

You will need to go shopping again, soon, Chris.... you should always have these yarns on standby.  :))

The colour combo is glorious. I am so pleased you were able to use them this month. They certainly have made a MAGICAL blanket.  :))



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