Happy New Year! 

Welcome everyone to the KAS Monthly Themes for 2016

To bring our themes together this year under 'one umbrella' our focus is.......

Colour Their World

Our aim is to brighten the lives of the children with our squares; colour, colour, colour.... in every monthly theme!

All members can contribute.....and have fun!





 Mandela Squares

Ronda has requested that during January we make our special Mandela Squares, so that the squares reach the SA team by the end of March. This allows time for them to be included in the blankets ready for distribution to the children on Mandela Day 18th July. Even very young children recognise the colours of their SA flag and enjoy having a special Mandela square in their blanket. So let us see what we can do……





January 2016 Theme - Our Beautiful World

We live in a beautiful world, filled with colour and wonder: rainbows, sunsets, blue skies, snow-capped mountains, lakes, green grass and vast blue oceans. All around us Mother Nature reveals her beauty through the changing seasons.

In spring, the fresh green growth of leaves and delicate pink and white blossoms appear on bare branches; daffodils share their golden splendour; colourful birds are busy in the garden building their nests and fluffy white lambs frolic in the fields. In summer we enjoy the golden sunshine and gardens bursting with colourful flowers; delicate butterflies and buzzing bees can be seen enjoying their bounty. 

The summer sunshine draws us to the natural beauty of the coast, where children explore the wonders of the seaside, rock pools and wonderfully shaped sea shells just waiting to be found in the sand. The countryside has its own charm, fields ripe with crops of corn and barley; meadow flowers swaying in the breeze and the sight and sound of animals with their young.

In autumn we enjoy the trees clothed in their magnificent colours of rust, brown, red and gold that reminds us that winter is just around the corner! Perhaps for us, winter gives us the opportunity to stay in our cosy, warm homes knitting and crocheting, while outside the icy winds blow, the rain falls or snow turns our world white!

Our world is beautiful; but only Mother Nature can really show us how beautiful, so I have gathered 35 glimpses of Our Beautiful World in Mother Nature's Blanket that I hope will inspire us all to create beautiful, colourful squares for the children's blankets..........

 You can click on the images to enlarge them if you wish



The cold South African winter is hard for the many orphaned and vulnerable children who don't have adequate clothing, or the warmth and comforts of a home. So let us get busy knitting and crocheting plain or fancy squares, hats and hand warmers, inspired by Our Beautiful World, to  keep these children wrapped in warmth and help Colour Their World.  



Linda is kindly looking after the albums for Our Beautiful World theme, please click on a link below to browse:

Album 1     http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/2016-january-our-beauti...

Album 2     http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/2016-january-our-beauti...


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I love to see a field of red poppies, here's a single red poppy made especially for me by Maureen.  :))

Jan 2016 Our Beautiful World

I've had a lovely surprise today, a donation for several colourful blankets that will certainly "Colour their World" for the children who receive them.  Here's one of the blankets.

Jan 2016 Our Beautiful World

Here's another of the colourful donated blankets.....I won't add anymore as I will take up too much space!!!  LOL  :)))

Jan 2016 Our Beautiful World

Jude's "Miss Piggy" square.  She is an adorable pig, with her friendly smile and curly tail and you can see she loves apples. :))

Our Beautiful World

Miss Piggy is so cute, thank you Jude!

How cute is she!!!  Thank you, Jude. xo

A holly square. I am fond of evergreen berried shrubs, especially holly. I found these thick felt holly shapes in a large supermarket before Christmas, being sold as table confetti! I have plenty more for future themes :))

I love this, Christine.  To me it says Christmas, and since I woke up this morning to a sea of white, it fits right in.  I'm right back in Christmas mode again.  I should have left my Christmas tree up ... LOL xo

Love how you've used the background and border colours to match the holly and berries. Great square Chris. :))

This woolly sheep was made by Anne, the background square by me, a team effort for "Our beautiful World"

Jan 2016 Our Beautiful World

Louise - Is the sheep called Shaun (shorn) as in the UK Nick Park films?    He's lovely and very fluffy, so very tactile.   Enjoying all the posts in this month's theme and all the squares too.    Well done you, and well done all!

Thanks Jill, he does look like Shaun from the films, so we'll call him Shaun.



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