Good Morning from  Massachusetts, USA. I'm new to KAS but also fairly new to crocheting. I am making squares using the stitch my mother taught me 50 years ago, I'm not even sure if it's a single or double crochet. Making squares has been a God send during this time of  "home confinement". I have a few questions:  

Is it ok to just make random squares? I am using left over yarn given to me by friends so there may be 2 of one color and 10 of another. 

The corners of my squares curl up, even if I press them them under something heavy. Am I doing something wrong when I get to the end of a row? I usually just chain one and turn. Do the curled corners pose a problem?

Also when you finally receive my squares if they are not up to par will someone let me know, I'd hate to be doing something wrong & never know it.

Well it's a sunny day here so I 'm off to do some garden work. Have a wonderful day & I look forward to hearing  from you and becoming an active & productive member.


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Hello Annette and thank you for your lovely introduction.  We're very happy to have you with us :) 

As for your question about squares, you can make as many random colors or patterns as you like so long as each square is 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm).  This is what I love about choosing yarn for my KAS squares.  I can choose one each of a whole bunch of different colors so I never get bored ... haha

I'm not the world's best crocheter so won't attempt that question.  I know there are several ladies who will be able to answer that one for you.  Thank you again for joining us ... xo

Thanks Gloria

Hello, Annette.  How lovely to read this introduction.  I am Rebecca and I am in the UK, in Leicestershire which is about half way up England and on the right hand side.  

I often use up a whole ball or two that I have found and make a lot of squares all in the same colour......... and then I am happy to have lots of odds and ends to make lots of single squares in different colours from each other.  

I am afraid that I am mostly a knitter so I am unable to help with the technical question about the corners.  I am sure one of our crocheters will be able to help you out.

Hello Annette, I'm sorry I hadn't noticed this entry earlier.    My name is Karen, and I am from the North East of England, Durham.    8" squares are very welcome in any colour, and like the other girls I prefer to have different colours on the go to mix things up a bit for myself.   It is the size you make that is most important. .   I suggest you grab yourself a coffee + have a peruse through the photos section on the top right tabs of every page, as you may find ideas and inspiration  there.    Unfortunately I cannot help with the crocheting query - as I can't do it! - but someone experienced is bound to advise you.   Good luck and enjoy your crafting, Kx

Hi Annette. I’m Marion and I live on the North Wales Coast in the U.K.
If your squares are curling and you are chaining 1 to turn at the end of a row you are Single Crocheting.

Single Crochet is quite a dense stitch and has a tendency to curl. It’s all about Tension. To rectify this I will go up a hook size to make my starting chain and the first row then switch to my normal hook to finish the rest of the square. I’m very conscious that I crochet quite tightly when starting and finishing which is why I change hook size, I used to do the same thing with my needles when I used to knit.
This might affect the size of your square so be sure to measure after about 4-5 rows. 
I hope this helps you, let me know how you get on.

Thanks very much for the help. I'm really enjoying this project. I hope you and your family are safe and doing well.



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